Weekend Winners: Genesse Valley, IEA, Archer, GMHA, Middleburg, NJ Region PC, Ocala, Poplar Place, Unionville

Phew! It was a really doozy of a weekend for eventing with nine recognized events taking place throughout the country, from Florida to Vermont to Wyoming and what feels like everywhere in between. We’d like to send a special shoutout the very patient competitors of the Area I Championships that took place at GMHA this weekend. These were the postponed 2020 championships — the 2021 Area I Championships will take place later this year in conjunction with GMHA’s September H.T.

This weekend’s Unofficial Low Score Award was earned by Maya Chinana and Popstar, who won the Open Beginner Novice at Unionville on a score of 21.1. Way to go, Maya!

Genesee Valley Hunt Club H.T.: Final Scores

Training Novice A: Erica Plazony and Mr Mac N Reddy To Rap (40.1)
Novice A: Kari Roberts and Dakar (33.3)
Novice B: Claire Mulligan and Silent Glider (32.9)
Beginner Novice A: Eden Dedrick and Excel Star Darcy (31.1)
Beginner Novice B: Jennifer Treacy and Jolly Harbour (28.9)
Intro A: Suzanne Chang and Brogan (32.8)
Intro B: Joy Tomlinson and Sam’s Alive (34.2)
Intro C: Aubrey Dickens and Jane Doe (36.1)

IEA H.T. (Edinburgh, In.): Final Scores

Intermediate/Preliminary-Open HT: Dan Kreitl and Horales (31.1)
Preliminary-Open HT: Carrie Mulks and Riddle Master (28.8)
Modified-Open HT: Julie Bryer and Fernhill Dynamic (26.5)
Open Training A: Jane Papke and Robinstown Ballivor (32.1)
Open Training B: Hannah Boyd and Billy Mcclusky (29.3)
Open Training C: Christina Kelly and Real Deal Lady (34.7)
Training 3 Day: Brooke Kahl and Nata Montada Scf (31.9)
Novice Junior: Ashley Fern and Silver Sprite (26.4)
Open Novice A: Gina Pletch and Wapz Too Legit (24.1)
Open Novice B: Katie Wainscott and Battle Ready (28.3)
Open Novice C: Shannon Austin and Southern Violence (32.6)
Open Novice D: Renee Senter and Regina (27.6)
Novice 3 Day: Madeline Bletzacker and Drummer Boy (25.2)
Beginner Novice Junior A: Libbey Shellenberger and Chibi (27.8)
Beginner Novice Junior B: Emma Buckley and Olivander GS (30.0)
Open Beginner Novice A: Megan Edwards and Global Dynasty (28.5)
Open Beginner Novice B: Corinna Garcia and Lyric (21.8)
Open Beginner Novice C: Corinna Garcia and Cratus (27.0)
Open Beginner Novice D: Katherine Rutherford and Amazingly Lucky (30.6)
Open Beginner Novice E: Madeleine Vonfrankenberg and Monet’s Masterpiece (28.8)
Open Starter A: Rachel Miles and Casanova (22.5)
Open Starter B: Christy Schlough and Vanquish (28.3)
Open Starter C: Heather Kuenzi and Teddy (33.9)

The Spring Event at Archer: Final Scores

Intermediate/Preliminary: Travis Atkinson and Don Darco (51.4)
Open Preliminary: Rebecca Mortensen and International Anthem (25.7)
Modified/Training: Erin Hofmann and UBQuiet (31.8)
Open Training: Rose Schild and Acording to Morgan (32.4)
Open Novice A: Victoria Poulton and Starlingh (23.3)
Open Novice B: Lindsay Wagner and Jenson (22.6)
Open Beginner Novice A: Ashley Carr and Mercury Rising (25.6)
Open Beginner Novice B: Madeline Backus and Baratheon (33.4)
Starter A: Shelly Graham and Thumbelina (33.9)
Starter B: Wendy Williams and P.S. King of Hearts (35.6)

GMHA H.T. and Area I Championships: Final Scores

Junior Young Riders Open Preliminary: Annabelle Sprague and Da Vinci Code (48.2)
Open Preliminary: Lila Gendal and Honor Society (38.2)
Open Preliminary – Championships: Booli Selmayr and Quality Touchdown (30.6)
Junior Training: Analise San Clemente and Delight (28.3)
Open Training: Danielle Downing and Caribe PCH (32.6)
Training Horse – Championships: Katie Murphy and Joshua Tree (30.9)
Training Rider: Audrey Littlefield and Prince Renan (28.6)
Training Rider – Championships: Mickey Rathbun and Bramble (32.4)
Junior Novice: Eliza Quigley and Kwibus (27.6)
Novice Horse – Championships: Alyssa Birt and Jack (31.0)
Novice Rider-A: Nancy Read and Carolina PCH (33.3)
Novice Rider-B: Mary Bielefeld and Swan’s Starry Starry Night (35.2)
Novice Rider – Championships: Melissa Alaimo and Fascinating Rhythm (30.0)
Open Novice-A: Marcia Kulak and Gran Torino (27.9)
Open Novice-B: Marcia Kulak and Nimbalina (24.1)
Beginner Novice Horse – Championships: Jennifer Fitch and Caraway Daireng Romance (27.3)
Beginner Novice Rider-A: Gabriella Curtin and Oceana (30.3)
Beginner Novice Rider-B: Amelia Pitts and KC’s Spellbound (30.8)
Beginner Novice Rider – Championships: Anneka Paelinck and Maleficent (30.0)
Junior Beginner Novice: Margaret Doherty and Bring It On (30.0)
Open Beginner Novice-A: Leigh Casaceli and Mina (28.3)
Open Beginner Novice-B: Chelsea Canedy and Little Einstien (24.7)
Open Beginner Novice-C: Cali Oliver and Primitive Promise (30.8)

The Middleburg H.T.: Final Scores

Open Preliminary 1: Kurt Martin and D.A. Shannondale Cushla (27.8)
Open Preliminary 2: Martin Douzant and Olympus (31.7)
Preliminary Rider: Kiera Kenny and FE Chardonnay (35.4)
Open Training 1: Daniel Clasing and Butts Arthur (32.9)
Training Rider: Susan Gehris and Steddy Eddy (27.5)
Open Training 2: Martin Douzant and Harthill Diamond (26.4)
Open Training 3: Adelaide French and Rockview Mr. Diamond (31.9)
Open Training 4: Arden Wildasin and Il Vici (28.1)
Open Novice 1: Skyeler Voss and Black Sea Baron (23.3)
Open Novice 2: Brittany Hebets and Westwoods (30.5)
Open Novice 3: Sara Schulman and Cooley Chromatic (28.8)
Novice Senior: Stephanie Senserini and Monbeg Icon (26.9)
Novice Jr: Samantha Homeyer and Sparrow’s Galway Bay (30.2)
Open Beginner Novice 1: Lisa Hannan and Lowenbrau (25.3)
Open Beginner Novice 2: Emily Beshear and Waffle (32.6)
Beginner Novice Junior: Brooke McColl and Chastian’s Morning Mocha (26.1)
Beginner Novice Rider 1: Stephen Fulton and DB Cooper (26.1)
Beginner Novice Rider 2: Nikki Thomas and Kinsale (37.5)

New Jersey Region’s H.T.: Final Scores

Modified: Caroline Martin and HsH Redfield Poynstown Marshall (26.5)
Open Training: Lee Maher and Redfield Opium of the Paddocks (28.6)
Training: Abby Maude and Lucky Bucky (36.4)
Novice: Aimee Carson and HMF Christine (27.4)
Open Novice: Kira Cibak and October Tryst (25.7)
Beginner Novice: McKenzie Jones and Creekland’s Chaco Canyon (30.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Rosemary Lauezzari and A Pennie For Your Thoughts (32.3)

Ocala Summer I H.T.: Final Scores

Intermediate/Preliminary: Elisa Wallace and Riot Gear (26.2)
Open Preliminary: Jonathan Holling and Juczt My Style S (32.5)
Preliminary Rider: Jackson Dillard and Layla Q (28.7)
Open Modified: Tik Maynard and Galileo (29.2)
Modified Rider: Stephanie Sills and Mille Neuf Cent (29.8)
Open Training: Joe Meyer and Ardeo Harlequin (29.5)
Training Rider: Tracey Corey and Byrnwyck West (32.6)
Novice Rider: Katia Martynuk and Adiesta Moon (27.1)
Open Novice: Jonathan Holling and Fernhill Copain (22.9)
Beginner Novice Rider: Audrey Bennett and Bad to the Bone (26.7)
Open Beginner Novice: Lily Barlow and Frolic (30.6)

Poplar Place June H.T.: Final Scores

Open Intermediate: Kiersten Miller and Mama Mia (32.5)
Open Preliminary: Heidi Hewlett Crowell and Tinraher Diamond (31.5)
Modified: Waylon Roberts and CS Carrera (30.9)
Junior Training Rider: Breeana Robinette and Cape Kimberly (28.5)
Open Training: Waylon Roberts and Beaulieu’s Cecelia (32.9)
Senior Training Rider: Molly Peavy and Clearly It’s Dublin (33.4)
Training/Novice: William Hoos and Jacey’s Humble Boy (37.3)
Junior Novice Rider: Tessa Geven and Vintage Bhoy (25.7)
Open Novice: William Hoos and Metalbridge Prince (24.8)
Senior Novice Rider: Malin Eriksson and WHF Wilhelmina (30.7)
Junior Beginner Novice Rider: Hudsyn Bagwell and Ardeo Mermus Hill (32.2)
Open Beginner Novice: Julie Lingle and Bourbon Flight (24.2)
Senior Beginner Novice Rider: Ashley Vance and Cloudline Rugby (31.7)
Starter: Alexandria Clenney and Checkmate Z (35.5)

Unionville H.T.: Final Scores

Open Intermediate: Jennifer Brannigan and Twilightslastgleam (30.5)
Junior Young Open Preliminary: Cassie Sanger and Redfield Fyre (31.4)
Open Preliminary: Jennifer Brannigan and Keepsake (25.0)
Preliminary Rider: Anne Hambleton and Should Expect (36.4)
Junior Open Training: Elle Stephenson and VS McCuan Civil Liberty (32.4)
Open Training A: Phillip Dutton and Lincoln’s Address (27.1)
Open Training B: Bruce Davidson and Sambuko (28.1)
Training Rider: Casey Poe and HHS Tiger Lily (28.1)
Junior Open Novice: Marina Cassou and Castleturvin Mungo (49.7)
Novice Rider: Gail Rockwood and Indigo Blue (34.5)
Open Novice A: Phillip Dutton and BE Capricorn (25.7)
Open Novice B: Maddie Lichten and EHF Casiro Royale (24.8)
Beginner Novice Rider: Megan Nock and Breezy (35.0)
Junior Open Beginner Novice: Isabel Lopez and Beau’s Emergence (31.1)
Open Beginner Novice: Maya Chinana and Popstar (21.1)