Weekend Winners: Rocking Horse II, Paradise Farm, Fresno County Horse Park

Lots of winter eventing action afoot this weekend, from Rocking Horse in Ocala and Paradise Farm in Aiken to the first FEI event of the year at Fresno County Horse Park in California. That amounts to several dozen blue ribbons — each of whom we think is deserving of a shout-out!

An extra congrats in is order for our lowest scoring finishers in the country of the weekend, Stephanie Cauffman and Lamondale Florinia, who posted a 20.7 to win the Open Training-A division at Rocking Horse.

Hey look who’s got the ride on her mum’s four-star horse? Really neat to see Taylor McFall getting on so well with High Times at Fresno County Horse Park — they finished 1st in the Jr. Training Rider division.

Your weekend winners:

Rocking Horse Winter II H.T. [Results]
Advanced Test A: Felix Vogg & Cayenne (28.9)
Advanced Test B: Selena O’Hanlon & Foxwood High (28.3)
Intermediate Rider: Elizabeth Bierman & Highland Storm (44.2)
Open Intermediate-A: Lynn Symansky & Under Suspection (26.3)
Open Intermediate-B: Leslie Law & First Class (32.7)
Open Intermediate-C: William Coleman & Off The Record (30.5)
Open Preliminary-A: Robin Walker & SBT Clover Road (26.5)
Open Preliminary-B: Brittany Kart & Filomena (30.9)
Open Preliminary Friday A-1 Day: Mike Huber & Deauville Beekhoeve (30.5)
Open Preliminary Friday B-1 Day: William Coleman & Cooley Mahgeeta (29.6)
Preliminary Horse: Leslie Law & Rock on Cooley (29.7)
Preliminary Rider-A: Donna Miller & HC Celtic Mark (35.4)
Preliminary Rider-B: Sami Crandell & Fernhill Chaos (34.6)
Jr. Training Rider: Corey Jarman & O’Meara (32.5)
Open Training-A: Stephanie Cauffman & Lamondale Florinia (20.7)
Open Training-B: Elisa Wallace & Munson Slew (24.8)
Open Training-C: William Zuschlag & Go Happy (23.2)
Sr. Training Rider-A: Lauren Chumley & Atlanta B (35.4)
Sr. Training Rider-B: Lauren Chumley & Santa Barbara Dash (26.5)
Training Horse-A: Nicole Hatley & Aspen (28.6)
Training Horse-B: Samantha McCleerey & Fernhill B First (26.6)
Jr. Novice Rider: Sophia Pivero & Cupido SE Z (29.8)
Novice Horse-A: Cole Horn & MBF Cooley Permission To Land (25.7)
Novice Horse-B: Ellen Doughty-Hume & Two Step Program (27.1)
Open Novice: Kendyl Tracy & HSH Golden Boy (28.1)
Sr. Novice Rider-A: Lydia Anderson & Russell’s Reserve (27.9)
Sr. Novice Rider-B: Carol Tresan & Knight Skye’s Zensation (26.9)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider: Maddie Heckaman & Incredibly (35.3)
Open Beginner Novice-A: Anna Loschiavo & Fernhill Hole Shot (27.5)
Open Beginner Novice-B: Abigail Dennis & Remarkable-54 (27.5)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Julie Gilbert & Canadian Exchange (27.3)

So this happened today! Salty finished once again on his dressage score this time making the big leap from 8th to 4th…

Posted by Donna Miller on Saturday, February 16, 2019

Paradise Farm H.T. [Results]
Open Preliminary – Friday: Elizabeth Bortuzzo & Belongs To Teufer (27.4)
Open Preliminary: Colleen Rutledge & Cooley Ironic (26.6)
Preliminary Rider – Friday: Olivia Hayes & Astrana De La Galerna (32.7)
Preliminary Rider: Samantha Hay & Tre Jolie (30.4)
Preliminary/Training – Friday: Kim Severson & Exclusively Cooley (27.2)
Open Training – Friday-A: Lillian Heard & Dassett Olympus (29.5)
Open Training – Friday-B: Daryl Layfield-Insley & LF Florida Georgia Line (31.7)
Open Training – Friday-C: Michael Pendleton & Copper Classic (30.0)
Open Training: Kevin Keane & HH Ontario (25.5)
Training Rider – Friday-A: Jack Curtis & Playmate III (33.3)
Training Rider – Friday-B: Sam Curtis & Cooley Cut Copy (34.1)
Training Rider: Susan Gallagher & Chacco Chip (36.0)
Novice Rider – Friday-A: Sally Rosen & Mayson (27.1)
Novice Rider – Friday-B: Madison Gilbert & Dylano Q (30.7)
Novice Rider-A: Anna Billings & Wexford Cruise (26.0)
Novice Rider-B: Kathleen Bertuna & Millye’s Mojave (30.2)
Open Novice – Friday-A: Lindsay Beer & Billy Shamrock (22.6)
Open Novice – Friday-B: Bennett Camp-Crowder & Sherran (26.7)
Open Novice – Friday-C: Booli Selmayr & EEF Sampson (26.4)
Open Novice: Susan Thomas & FGF Actively Engaged (31.4)
Beginner Novice Rider – Friday: Sara Stone & For Goodness Sake (30.8)
Beginner Novice Rider: Caroline Nagrodsky & Spartacus (32.8)
Open Beginner Novice – Friday-A: Alison Eastman-Lawler & Lexington II (32.3)
Open Beginner Novice – Friday-B: Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride & Slick Moves (28.5)
Open Beginner Novice: Michele Kuchta & Sparking Cider (33.0)
Starter – Friday: Aaron S Hill & Denali (34.7)
Starter: Elizabeth Bagsby & Out of the Rain (45.0)

Fresno County Horse Park CCI & H.T. [Results]
CCI3*-Short: Tamra Smith & Danito (37.2)
CCI2*-Short: Alexis Helffrich & M Creme De La Creme SE (34.3)
Advanced: Amber Levine & Carry On (63.0)
Open Intermediate: Auburn Excell Brady & BSP Tuxedo (44.5)
Open Preliminary: Kelsey Holmes & NZB The Chosen One (30.6)
Preliminary Rider: Jeanette Gilbert & The Alchemist (36.6)
Jr. Training Rider: Taylor Mcfall & High Times (25.0)
Open Training: Rebecca Braitling & Dassett Ricochet (26.0)
Sr. Training Rider: Jaclyn Thomas & Aella (36.9)
Training Horse: Madison Temkin & MVP Madbum (22.4)
Jr. Novice Rider: Sophia Merz & Bird Is The Word (23.3)
Open Novice: Amber Levine & I’M Jaguar (24.1)
Sr. Novice Rider: Miranda Olagaray & Tanqueray (27.1)
Jr. Beg. Novice Rider A: Paige Priest & Charlotte (29.7)
Jr. Beg. Novice Rider B: Hailey Weber & SE Gin Fizz (33.9)
Open Beginner Novice: Amber Levine & Chicago (29.4)
Sr. Beg. Novice Rider: Linda Carley Rosen & REHY USA (24.3)
Introductory: Noelle Dever & Mercedes (40.8)

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Best pony EVER!!

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Arnell Sporthorse’s Dassett Ricochet kicked off the year with a win in the Open Training Tough Mudder. These weather…

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Congrats to all! Go Eventing.