Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Finger Lakes Off-Season Edition

Thoroughbred racing isn’t exactly bustling right now at the Finger Lake Race Track in Farmington, New York. It’s the typical Northeast this time of year — cold, windy, icy — for the most part, so many trainers take their horses down south to keep them fit during the November through April off-season when there is no live racing at their home track.

Before leaving the area for the season, many trainers will try to rehome horses who have made it clear that racing is not for them. Others may have a local farm that they can send their racing-dropouts to for some let down time before being sold.

Since there are fewer thoroughbreds in the area this time of year, it’s the slow season for local OTTB adoption organization Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds Inc. as well, but for horses remaining in New York looking for their new careers, they’re still getting the job done! For our OTTB Wishlist this week, here are three Finger Lakes horses who didn’t migrate south for the winter:

Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds Inc.

Pepe (Harlan’s Holiday – City Fire, by Carson City): 2010 16.1-hand Kentucky bred gelding

This RRP 2018 eligible gelding has reached almost War Horse status with 46 career starts. Pepe raced as recently as earlier this month in Ohio before coming back to the Finger Lakes to be let down and listed for sale. Right now he’s racing fit, but once he’s packed on a few more groceries this big-boned gelding will surely fill up the leg of a tall rider. Pepe was retired from the track sound and is ready to show you what he can do in a second career!

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Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds Inc.

Voided Contract (Zensational – Contractual, by Elusive Quality): 2013 17.0-hand Florida bred mare

Photos do not do this mighty girl justice — at 17.0-hands tall and solidly built, she’s an athletic lady and has proved it by finishing in the money 50% of the time in her 22 starts which have earned her almost $60,000 at the track. Her trainer — who also rides her — says she’s smart, safe, and eager to please as well as well-mannered. Voided Contract last raced in November and has since been enjoying some barefoot downtime prior to being listed for sale. She does have some old, set osselets but they have never given her any soundness issues during her racing career and she jogged out soundly and confidently and on frozen ground for the FLF volunteers.

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Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds Inc.

Secret Dixie Dance (Freefourinternet – Secret Gold, by Strike the Gold); 2009 15.3-hand Pennsylvania bred mare

Kind-hearted and eager to please, Secret Dixie Dance is ready to challenge your opinion of the stereotypical chestnut mare. This sweet mare is a social butterfly who loves hanging with friends — human or horse — and gets a long in lots of different turnout situations. She’s sound and without vices and looking for a new BFF to take on a new career with!

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