Weekly OTTB Wishlist Presented by Cosequin: Another Bunch of Greys

Here’s a surefire way to brighten up your week: just take a peek at these three gorgeous greys that could be yours! It’s been a hot second since we put together an all-grey wishlist, but these lovey light-colored OTTBs were all simply too irresistible not to feature. If you’re not afraid of a little purple shampoo, consider one of these eligible OTTBs, all ready to transition a new career if you’ll give them the chance:

Starla. Photo via CANTER PA.

Starla (IN SUMMATION – RICHARD’S CHICK, BY CONGRATS): 2014 16.1-hand Florida-bred mare

Yes, this girl’s Jockey Club registered name is simply “Starla” — how cute is that? And she looks simply adorable as well; somehow her photos make her look like a pony; though she’s actually 16.1-hands tall. Starla is moderately raced with 29 starts, most recently running last month, and has not limitations for a second career. Her trainer likes to work horses away from the track, so Starla already has a great start away from the backside. She is said to be an easy-keeper and has been ridden in open fields and turned out with both mares and geldings. You can see from her jog video that she is relaxed and polite and seems to have a great brain. Starla looks like a fun one to bring along!

Located in Erie, Pennsylvania.

View Starla on CANTER Pennsylvania.

Hackensack Hill. Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Hackensack Hill (CONGAREE – JERSEY QUEEN, BY WISEMAN’S FERRY): 2015 16.0-hand Florida-bred gelding

Hackensack Hill is a lovebug who’ll make his next person very happy with all the cuddles he’s ready to give. After 28 starts and over $38,000 earned, he’s retiring sound but slow and looking for a partner in crime to give him a chance to excel at something new. Hackensack looks like he has envious gaits — his jog videos are short clips, but they showed that he tracks up nicely and has the potential to develop a fancy floaty trot.  He’s currently hanging out at his trainer’s farm while he awaits someone to come scoop him up.

Located in Farmington, New York.

View Hackensack Hill on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Hainted. Photo via CANTER MD.

Hainted (FLASHBACK – LADY ARTEMIS, BY AWESOME AGAIN): 2016 16.1-hand Maryland-bred mare

Holy dapples! This three-year-old filly is simply stunning. While her dapples may not last, her nice conformation will and should also lend itself nicely to sport. Hainted is lightly raced, with just 7 starts, and simply isn’t a talented enough racehorse to make it worth her trainer’s while to keep her going. She is sound and ready to take on a new career. She does have some old osselets a.k.a. “track jewlery” but nothing outside the normal scope of an ex-racehorse and her current x-rays available to view for prospective buyers.

Located at Laurel Park, Maryland.

View Hainted on CANTER MD.