WEG! We Get a Ride Up the Hill

Golf cart after golf cart passed us old ladies and who stops for us but the chief course builder and course designer. They gave us a ride up Heartbreak.

It’s an amazing course but to be honest we couldn’t find out how to walk it because it looks like you’re wandering around in a construction yard. We actually had a caterpillar tractor clinking along next to us while we squeezed over next to the string.

So with a little intrepid walking and asking a lot of volunteer-looking people, we found most of the course and watched several teams try to figure out the puzzle of the water jump which was very entertaining.

We decided we knew where the start was, where the waters were, and most importantly where the beer was so we are all set for Saturday’s cross-country. The above picture is Moe’s Bar B Q in Forest City which was absolutely 100 percent awesome and tasted like heaven to us.

Oh and we shopped. Oh and we waiting in line for our bus. It looked really bad when we wandered over to the pickup place, with a very VERY long line over a block long, but it moved fast and we got on our bus after only a 16 minute 45 second wait (yes, I timed it.)

If you’re aren’t having a good time you aren’t trying. Hit that trade fair for some shopping therapy and find your way out to the water jumps, it will be fine. See ya out there! And wait for the good stuff.

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