West Coast Collegiate Eventing League

Amelia Clyatt sent us this information about collegiate eventing on the West Coast.  It sounds like a great opportunity for college students who compete while in school.  The prospect of a true Intercollegiate Eventing League is even more exciting.  Thanks to Amelia for writing, and thank you for reading.  If you have something to share with Eventing Nation, send it to [email protected].


From Amelia:

U.C. Davis Event Team at Twin Rivers. Top row, from left: Sierra Eisler, Aine Minihane, Karissa Oliver. Bottom row, from left: Nikki Bahlman, Amelia Clyatt (myself), Juli Sandoval.

Hey there Eventing Nation,


I wanted to talk to you about something really new and really exciting: organized collegiate eventing. Some of you may have heard of the West Coast Collegiate Eventing League (WCCEL), a league that was founded about two years ago by the UC Davis Event Team.


We ran our first WCCEL show of the season at the Twin Rivers Winter Horse Trials. It was very successful, with 4 teams competing. All participants gave positive feedback, and many are interested in becoming more involved. The basic competition structure is this: competitions take place at existing, USEA recognized events. Riders come with a school team of 3 or 4 or are put into scratch teams. Their scores from the competition are tallied, and prizes and ribbons donated from corporate and local sponsors are awarded to the Top Team and Reserve Team, as well as the Top Individual and Reserve Individual.


After some extensive discussion and brainstorming, as well as collaboration with the Clemson Event Team, we are turning WCCEL into the Intercollegiate Eventing League (IEL), a national organization for collegiate eventers. It is coordinated by Amelia Clyatt on the West Coast and Leigh Casaceli on the East Coast, supported by the UC Davis Event Team and the Clemson Event Team. Our group of dedicated collegiate riders are working behind it to get it up and running.


The goal of the IEL is to unite college eventers in organized competition. It is about community, competition, and fun. Eventual ambitions include scholarship opportunities, a national competition, etc. For now, look forward to more news on this fledging organization, and expect us at the Twin Rivers Spring 3-Day & H.T., as well as the Spring Event at Woodside.


For more information or to get involved, please contact:

Amelia Clyatt   [email protected]

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