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Snowmageddon got you down? Not Ruth Hewitt & Kathryn Poos, they made an Equestrian Snowman!

Happy “Day After Snowmageddon” Eventing Nation! I know a lot of y’all up north have been suffering through enjoying the winter weather that brought all the white stuff, but unfortunately none of the locals at the Aiken gas station managed to fulfill their dreams and see a snowstorm. Strangely, everybody down here seems to think snow would be really fun, despite me assuring them that a) they wouldn’t have power for a week and b) everything would close just because of the shock. If Virginia schools close on the forecast of more than a few inches, can you imagine the havoc that would be wreaked in South Carolina with a foot or two??

Events This Weekend:

Red Hills International  [Website] [Ride Times]

Full Gallop [Website] [Entry Status]

Southern Pines I [Website] [Entry Status]

Flintridge [Website]

News From Around the Globe:

Have you heard enough about the EHV-1 outbreak? No? Here’s your chance to hear more. The Horse is offering a live “ask the vet” online session at 8PM EST tonight, with all your questions answered. Click here to sign up, and submit your questions. [EHV-1 Live Chat]

Speaking of EHV-1, it is no longer confined to Florida, but now is present in Utah. Utah State Veterinarian is now confirming 7 cases in the state, but the outbreak remains confined to Cache county, and eight separate barns within that. Two horses of the seven have already been euthanized due to complications from the disease. [EHV-1 Spreads to Utah]

Another reason why I wish I was able to apparate in England with my horse as needed: Burghley Horse Trials is opening their grounds to the public for a sponsored ride around the cross country course. While even the bravest of riders aren’t allowed to jump the infamous jumps, you do get to ride right up close and see just how bafflingly huge they are from the back of a horse. The ride is open to anybody 5 years of age and up, and with a minimum donation of £30, it’s a real treat to follow in the hoofprints of Mary King and William Fox-Pitt and the like! Bonus points for clicking on this link, because of the ridiculously cute kid. [Tour Burghley XC Course on Horseback]

A new surgery has opened channels for hope of a cure for kissing spine. This minimally invasive surgery is still in the experimental mode, but seems to have had beneficial reactions for all of the horses that it has been performed on. Radiographs taken of European horses six weeks after surgery indicate that space, which was so lacking between points on the spine, was actually opening up, apparently reversing the “kissing” syndrome. [Possible Kissing Spine Cure]

Kelli Temple was recently injured in a fall while cross country schooling a young horse a few weeks ago. Kelli sustained several hip fractures, but was able to avoid surgery. She has had other riders chip in to keep her horses going, and despite the doctor’s warnings of “no riding”, she intends to compete this coming weekend at Full Gallop, despite some lingering pain. Eventers are well known for their inability to follow doctors orders, and boy is Kelli made of tough stuff! I would not want to be sitting the trot or jumping with a fractured hip. [Kelli Temple Injured, On the Mend]

The internet made Socks the moonwalking pony famous, but did you know he has a hairstylist? That’s right, not everything in that ad was computer generated. Socks was indeed taught some of the moves of the moonwalk (although he can’t actually do it fully) and he was also outfitted with extensions to make him look his Hollywood best. Dear lord, what is this world coming to. [Up Close and Personal with Socks the Moonwalking Pony]

Are you competing at Rolex this year??!! Not only are you awesome in my book, but you could be cool enough to test a new product for Tipperary Equestrian, as they are currently seeking riders who will be competing at the Rolex CCI4* to try this new secret product! If you are interested, please contact Caitlin McConnell at [email protected] or call 1-800-313-8842.


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