What Does Buck Do In His Spare Time?

Matthew Kiener kindly sent us this piece about Buck Davidson’s involvement in the canine rescue efforts of FlyPups.  We talk a lot about Buck and his innumerable horses competing each weekend, but what does he do when he isn’t in the saddle or hustling back on his four-wheeler?  Many thanks to Matthew for sharing another side of Buck with us!

buck and caroline

From Matthew:

What does Buck Davidson do in his spare time?  Wait, Buck has “spare” time?

It’s true, Buck doesn’t have many hours left after riding, teaching a gazillion students, competing copious numbers of horses, and planning being there for Andrea as she plans their wedding.  Still, Buck enjoys a round of golf to unwind and as a ritual before big events, and he serves on the board of directors for FlyPups, Inc. a nonprofit organization that relocates dogs from desperate situations to non-kill shelters and forever homes.

Buck was on hand Thursday, at Ocala International Airport to aid in loading dogs for their flight to Eleventh Hour Rescue, a non-kill shelter in NJ.  He is seen here with FlyPups founder & pilot, Matthew Kiener, Matt’s wife Jessica, and Dale, Brennan, & Snickers (two four-month old German Shepard’s & a Pomeranian).

Photo by

Photo by Vicki Holland

A little about FlyPups…

Shelters, primarily in the southern states, routinely euthanize healthy dogs and puppies simply because of overcrowding.  While the number of dogs euthanized each day is tragic, what’s worse is the knowledge that many of these dogs would be welcomed into loving homes if only they could be relocated.  FlyPups transports dogs from desperate situations to new lives.

The utilization of aircraft to transport dogs decreases the travel time in some cases from days on the road to hours in the air. Often the dogs being transported, while safe to travel, have been through circumstances rendering them fragile and the stresses of a lengthy road trip could compromise their physical and emotional health. Our desire is to deliver these dogs safely and efficiently to those shelters prepared to welcome them as they begin their new lives.

FlyPups, Inc. is a nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers, and is funded solely by donations. To learn more about FlyPups and this transport visit www.FlyPups.org and “LIKE” their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Flypups.

FlyPups …to the rescue!

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