What Happens When X + Y > Z?

Skybreaker looking large and handsome before an outing! Skybreaker looking large and handsome before an outing!

For those of you who know me, or have seen hunk number one and hunk number two, you would know that I have enormous horses. Believe it or not, I never went out of my way to find two Tyrannosaurus rex to ride, and yet these two large bays are dictating my life right now. Personally, I enjoy riding a large horse. I have nothing against a smaller horse, but the large ones lure me in. Of course, a larger, or longer horse can be challenging for obvious reasons. And yet, not until fairly recently have my horses enormous statures proven to be a challenge. All of a sudden, after years of slowly walking them up mountains, I am left with not only two T Rex, but two T Rex with an outrageous amount of strength. So now I am wondering what happens when X + Y > Z?

Didn’t you know, Eventing Nation is now offering math tutoring?! Stay tuned for more on how to sign up and who will be offering their services. For now, I want to return to this equation. “X” stands for Valonia, “Y” stands for Skybreaker, and “Z” stands for yours truly. So, again, I ask, what happens when Valonia’s strength plus Skybreaker’s strength becomes exponentially greater than my strength? Answer: Time to renew, or apply for a gym membership!

Valonia, aka The Beast

Valonia, aka The Beast

Obviously, these two beasts always have been, and will continue to be stronger than I am. That’s just physics. I have been told that I am too small to ride these horses. Several people have told me to my face that I would benefit from gaining fifteen pounds.  People whisper and people point, but I crave the challenge. I could care less what people think about this particular situation and whether or not little Lila can ride such gargantuan horses. What I am concerned about, or becoming more aware of is the power and strength that both horses are acquiring. I never, EVER want to say that I cannot physically handle riding Skybreaker, or Valonia because I am not strong enough, or big enough.

I have created this strength and power and now I must deal with it. I have been waiting years for these horses to get to the point where they are strong enough to sit and lift, and to be able to canter like normal horses. I have waited this long for them to be as strong as they are now, and I certainly do not want to be the reason why they cannot move forward in their training. They are becoming harder to sit to, because of the size and buoyancy of their gaits and they require a serious amount of core strength, whether I am jumping or flatting. Thirty minutes of sitting trot on either horse is equivalent to “ab-arobics.”

So, what do I need to do in order to shift this heavily unbalanced equation? I personally detest the gym, or any simulated outdoor exercising, but I do have options. I am going to start either power walking, hiking, jogging, swimming (weather permitted), or kayaking . I’ve always been seriously interested in rock climbing. I can’t wait to start biking, and I’m looking into joining a women’s soccer club!


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