What It Feels Like Waiting for Rolex Entries to Go Live

Chinch is not so patiently waiting for Rolex entries to go live! @rk3de_official #rk3de #bestweekendallyear

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Waiting for Rolex entries is like waiting for Santa Claus to come — it seems like time stands still while we’re waiting to find out what big names and rising stars will be galloping across the Kentucky bluegrass. As the moment we’ve all been waiting for is about to arrive, we dare we say it’s almost better than Christmas.

Here’s a look at the cycle the EN team goes through waiting for Rolex entries to go live.

1. Patience is not our strong suit 

Seriously, once it starts getting closer to March, Rolex is just about all we can think about. Seeing riders posting photos of their entry forms on social media only fuels the fire as we desperately await the publication of the list.

2. Massive anxiety 

Names of horses and riders are spinning through your head at an alarming rate while you’re imagining your ideal Rolex entry list. Will anyone de-throne reigning champion Michael Jung? Can an American finally take the win? There’s so many possibilities … if only the list would post so you would know who will be making an appearance.

3. Obsessive compulsive refreshing

Each morning (and several times throughout the day thereafter), we load the Rolex website and begin our refreshing regimen. Every 10 minutes or so is a satisfactory refresh rate, but Chinch has been madly refreshing at a rate we’re too ashamed to admit.

4. Our inner stalker comes out in full force

We don’t have the entry list yet, but we’ve been confirming with riders all year about whether or not they will be entering. As we countdown to the moment when the entries finally post, our obsessive compulsive stalking in the results databases has already begun. We must find out every detail about the entrants’ competition history.

It surely can’t be that much longer, right? Keep it locked on EN, your official #RK3DE headquarters!