What the State You Live In Says About You

Buzzfeed posted a quirky piece yesterday concerning the US and our perceptions of those states.  Sure, a lot of it reflects worn out stereotypes…but you have to admit stereotypes have some small basis in truth.  Nonetheless, it’s a humorous way to spend 15 minutes if you take the time to read it.

As for my own state, I think it’s pretty spot-on.  “People from Kentucky love talking about how much they love Kentucky.”  Ayup.  Guilty.  And proud of it.  We Kentuckians LOVE our state, love our horses, love our basketball, our bourbon, our blue, our bluegrass.  We love it and we want the whole world to know how much we love it.  The state may be behind the times in many ways, but its citizens have embraced the internet and all of its ability to spread your voice to the farthest flung reaches of the earth.  Don’t believe me?  Create a fake twitter account and say something bad about Coach Cal.  You’ll get a predictable, and numerable, response. Kentucky fans are always around, always on guard, and always ready to stand up for their state.  It’s a feeling born into every member of the commonwealth– that feeling that makes you tear up at a proper rendition of My Old Kentucky Home, that makes even the non-horsiest feel a sense of pride on Derby Day.  Yes, we love to talk about our state, because we just can’t help it; we love it that much.

So, what do you think about what Buzzfeed says about your state?  Is Vermont all about maple syrup?  Should the state of Illinois really be named “Chicago” instead (maybe.).   Check it out here.


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