What’s Your Horse Gifting You This Holiday Season? FEI’s Definitive Guide

Photo courtesy of the FEI.

Holiday gift giving season has set in, or as my mother calls it, “ho ho hell.” The FEI has read the tea leaves and they’ve predicted what your horse will kindly be gifting you. Find your birth month to discover your “prize.” Consider this your Holiday horsey horoscope.

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January: Vet bills

February: Messy stable

March: Mud everywhere

April: Participation rosette

May: Sympathy from other riders

June: Lost Shoe

July: Ripped Rugs

August: Stress

September: Poop in a bucket

October: Hay in places it shouldn’t be

November: Slimy kisses

December: Sneeze in face

Tag your friends and let them know what they can expect. Go eventing.