Where in the World was Wellington Eventing?

Photo by Abigail Powell Photo by Abigail Powell

Well, technically it was in Wellington, Florida, of course, but thanks to the excellent livestream coverage from Chronicle of the Horse eventing fans were able to watch from around the globe. Commentator Dom Schramm was again very interactive with the livestream viewers via social media and asked folks to tweet in with where they were watching and what they were doing using #EventingShowcase.

Of course, there were viewers from right here in the USA and across North America, myself included:


And we had viewers from overseas:


We had people splitting their time and getting a little work done while viewing:


Or, well, at least tried to get some work done:


Humans and animals alike enjoyed the stream:


As well as perhaps the youngest viewer:

Huge congratulations to Boyd Martin for making it two for two and to all the competitors for the grand display of amazing riding and horsemanship this weekend. Once again, thank you to the Chronicle of the Horse for virtually transporting us all to sunny Florida and to the Wellington Eventing Showcase organizers for such an amazing event. Eventing fans around the world are most appreciative:

Where did you watch from? Let us know in the comments!