Who Jumped it Best? Millbrook Open Preliminary XC Edition

told you there would be more from Millbrook this week!

On Saturday after the Advanced cross country wrapped up and the organizers and volunteers were able to take a well-deserved lunch break, the Preliminary divisions for the Millbrook Horse Trials got underway for the afternoon. This fence, the Trevor Zoo Picnic Table (by the way, did you now there is a zoo literally next door to the horse trials? And they have a live stream of several animal enclosures, including their red panda. You’re welcome), was the thirteenth obstacle on course and rode fabulously for all the riders that passed by me.

There are a couple things I really enjoy about snapping photos for a Who Jumped it Best? For one, sometimes I can find a fence where I can sit down and that’s really nice after a morning of walking from fence to fence photographing the other divisions. In this case I was able to sit on the nearby Advanced table (which I’m always mind-blown about how wide it really is when I get near.) And secondly, since I’m sitting at the same fence for a number of riders I always end up chatting with the fence judges, who are always positively lovely. Hi guys!

Anyway, you know the drill — cast your vote in the poll at the bottom of this post for the combination who you think presents the best overall picture.

#MHT2021: [Website] [Final Scores] [EN’s Coverage]

Skyler Decker and Cooley Monsoon. Photo by Abby Powell.

Nicole Aden and Illustrator. Photo by Abby Powell.

Miiki Kuchta and Special Reserve. Photo by Abby Powell.

Ema Klugman and RF Redfern. Photo by Abby Powell.

Danielle Poulsen and Emmelie. Photo by Abby Powell.

Arielle Aharoni an Furst Queen. Photo by Abby Powell.