Why Is Boyd Martin Running Rampant Through Wellington?

Some ridiculous videos of Boyd Martin galloping about on foot through Wellington have surfaced on social media this week, which left us wondering why. Has he officially lost his marbles, quit riding, and decided to start on-foot eventing? Is he trying to be more zen and get in touch with his horses’ brains by spending time in their shoes?

Not quite, but he was putting on a show for an upcoming promo for the Wellington Eventing Showcase, which will be held the first weekend in February at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.

“I flew down on Wednesday to do a promo with Mark (Bellissimo),” Boyd said. “It was basically me ‘interviewing’ Mark, stealing his car, and other funny things.”

Evidently, the cross country course for this year’s Showcase will run through the VIP tent, which is where the inspiration for this video came from:

Mr. Boyd Martin hahah. Another reminder of why eventers are the best group. Credit: Esp_wef snapchat.

Posted by Jj Kansas Jayhawk Sillman on Thursday, January 21, 2016

But why stop there? The ridiculousness continued as Boyd ventured to the arena:

Reasons why I love eventers haha Boyd Martin everyone! Hahaha Credit: Esp_wef on Snapchat

Posted by Jj Kansas Jayhawk Sillman on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It was a Boyd takeover on the Equestrian Sport Productions Snapchat (follow them @esp_wef), and now we’re anxiously awaiting the finished product. Don’t forget, EN will be in attendance at the Wellington Eventing Showcase, so stay tuned for much more from Wellington!