Will American Pharoah Win the Belmont? Bromont Eventers Weigh In

Everyone knows that it’s terrible idea to hang one’s hopes and dreams on a horse — especially a 3-year-old, kinda-broke thoroughbred that would rather be playing grab-tail with his buddies in a field than getting shooed around a track.

And yet our nation does it, over and over and over again. We hold our breath when a horse wins the first two legs of the Triple Crown then get our hearts raked across the rocky shoals of the Belmont. Will American Pharoah follow suit, or could he accomplish tomorrow what some believe is now an impossible feat?

Being here at Bromont, surrounded by horse people, I decided to ask around:

Eventers are, indeed, a (mostly) hopeful breed of people — and here’s hoping that hope pays off.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in. Which response in the video did you agree with?

Go racing.