Win a $500 Gift Card from SmartPak!

What would YOU do with a $500 gift card from SmartPak? That may be my new all-time favorite philosophical question. But that gift card could be yours, literally, just for answering a quick few questions on the SmartPak website. The contest is open through Sunday, April 26, and the winner will be announced via social media on May 6.

Ahhhhhhhhhh dang … this makes me miss the big SmartPak tent at Kentucky! All those sales, all those discounts to splurge on. No kidding dispatch from #work-from-home-life: when I’ve run out of clean(ish) pajama pants I’ve pulled on some Piper tights and that’s my quarantine athleisure go-to. It’s basically Lululemon for horse people. Be active in them or just lie on the couch watching Netflix in them, #YOLO!

Nation Media hearts SmartPak — these guys have been with us from the get-go and we consider them our #1 supporters. This company has REVOLUTIONIZED the equestrian retail market¬†and now, with their live retail presence curtailed, it’s time for us to show them OUR support in turn. Enter this $500 giveaway, yes, but also just go to the SmartPak site and place an order.

Go Shopping. And Go Eventing (Someday!)