Win a Pair of Pipers!

win pipers

Does your tack room scream “Hoarders: Saddle Pad Edition?” Do you have enough ponies for your very own parade?

We understand. In fact, we celebrate you! And so do our friends at SmartPak.

After all, as eventers we know riding’s too fun to have just one discipline.

To celebrate wonderful horsey things that are simply too fun to have just one of — and ROLEX! — SmartPak’s helping us give away six pairs of their new Piper Britches.

Why do you want these? Color, baby. As eventers, we don’t live in a black and white world (black and blue, sometimes, but definitely not black and white). The Pipers now come in a veritable rainbow of fabric shades and snazzy trim: anthracite with electric coral, black and white, blue jeans with brown, charcoal with light grey, iron with champagne, merlot with dark grey, military green with black, navy with emerald, and wheat with teal. Check out all the colors at the Rolex booth.

The low-rise Pipers are fashion forward, even as you lean forward. The contoured two-inch waistband eliminates unflattering gapping. (Imagine George Morris’ zingers about plumber’s crack?). These schooling britches also have cute and functional jeans-style pockets.

piper pockets

For at chance at winning a pair of Pipers, send us photographic evidence of your horsey addiction collection. Snap a pic of all your bits, barn cats, items signed by WFP, etc. As usual, The Nation will vote on winners. Three Eventing Nation “collectors” will win a pair of Pipers, because they’re too fun to have just one.

Send your image to [email protected] with the subject line, “I am not a hoarder.”

Deadline: April 28, 5 pm. (This way, you can include any additions to your collection that you buy at Rolex!)

And to make you feel better about your collection, watch this clip from TLC’s  “Hoarding: Buried Alive – Toy Horses,” in which Deborah painfully resists parting with her beloved Breyers.


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