Winsome Adante’s Tuesday News & Notes from Pennfield

Photo via USEF

For the last five years Winsome Adante has held the title of highest scoring horse in the USEA of all time. There’s a lovely quote from Kim on her website:“I did my first everything on him – first Badminton, first Burghley Championships, and first Olympics”. He also won Rolex three times… He has 1355 points. Windfall II lies in second, 73.5 points behind Dan. The highest place horse currently competing is Buck’s ride, Ballynoe Castle RM, lying in 19th with 774 points. [USEA]

Adelaide starts on Thursday! Our very own ESJ will be there with all the coverage you could ever dream of!
This year it’s a part of the HSBC FEI Classic series. It counts towards next years competition series. [Uptown Eventing]

All of the details for London 2012 are being finalized. They have just announced most of the Technical officials. Of the three TDs named, two were German, and the foreign vet is US’s Dr. Kent Allen of Virginia Equine Imaging. There are 49 more positions to be filled, and they named 47. Each official named had their respective country listed. There are 21 countries represented if you count “FEI” as a country. Germany has the most officials with 10 being named (including the two TDs), followed by 7 Great Britains, and 5 Americans. [Horsetalk]

Speaking of the FEI, their General Assembly was underway today in Rio de Janiero. It’s been a relatively uneventful GA without the hot topics of the last few years. The President of the FEI, HRH Princess Haya, isn’t attending because she’s expecting in January. They’ve been working rewriting the rules for all disciplines except endurance. Go endurance. [H&H]

At the FEI Gala last night, several awards were given out, and US based eventer Nina Ligon won the rising star award for younger riders. You may remember her as the girl you’re extremely envious of, but maybe that’s just me. Dutch dressage rider Adelinde Cornelissen was given the best athlete of the year award. [H&H]

Even more on the GA… Apparently the financials for 2010 weren’t good, and the outlook for 2011 isn’t good either. It’s estimated that they’ve depleted their reserve fund by $5 million. They also passed the requirement that any new FEI registered horses shall be microchipped. [Horsetalk]

In the blogosphere, two excellent blogs were posted:

Jennie B talks about learning from the good times and not so good times over 2011. [COTH]

Imtiaz Anees shares his advice on how to manage your time more efficiently with a few quick fixes. I’m taking this advice to heart. Start three positive things, and stop 3 negative ones. [PRO]

And the Pennfield contest!!!

After Amber Kimball began feeding her mount Pennfield, she noticed a change. A horse who was once a bit high strung was suddenly changed. He was sane. He was FOCUSED. When Pennfield heard Amber’s story, they decided to launch a new ad campaign- a contest to find the “word” of each Pennfield fan. Amber’s word was FOCUSED. What’s yours?…..

The contest, to run through early 2012, will gather entries at both and on Pennfield Equine Feed Technologies’ Facebook page. Respondents are invited to sum up their own personal Pennfield difference in one word, and then write their story. The best entries will win a year’s worth of feed (one ton) for one horse, plus a professional photo shoot and the chance to be featured in a 2012 ad for Pennfield.

That’s all for now! Go eventing.

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