Woodburn Entered at Rolex

The Rolex entries list now shows that Woodburn is entered at Kentucky with Phillip.

Phillip’s Equisearch blog announced this morning that the Icelandic volcano that has grounded flights in the UK and wreaked havoc with WFP’s and Olliver’s travel plans has also prevented Woodburn from traveling to England for Badminton.  This gives Phillip 4 rides at Rolex which requires FEI approval.

We will have much more later today, but this immediately makes Phillip the clear rider favorite to win Rolex, whether on Woodburn or another horse.  If you ever spend some time around Woodburn, you will quickly realize he is an obnoxiously athletic animal who seems destined to win a 4*.  Consequently, we will use our American Idol Eventing Nation judge save to automatically advance Woodburn to round 2 of EN’s Rolex picks.
Note: Credit for breaking this story goes to roki143 on the COTH forum, and KL for sending us the heads up.  I also have to agree with blazing saddles that the real surprise here is that Phillip has a blog.
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