Update: Oliver and William Both on Flight to Miami

As we reported yesterday, Oliver Townend and William Fox Pitt have been forced to find an alternative route to Kentucky due to massive flight cancellations in the UK caused by the Icelandic volcano that erupted last week.  Both Willaim and Olliver took equally amazing trips to Madrid, Spain, where they could catch a flight to Miami this afternoon.
According to British Eventing, Oliver took a train to London, and then another from London to Paris.  From there, due to current train strikes (silly European workers) he had to take a taxi the 900 miles from Paris to Madrid.  I’m not sure what taxi’s cost in Europe, but in New York that would cost more than the grand slam.
William, who is better connected than anyone whose name doesn’t start with ‘President’ or ‘King,’ missed the train, but took a private plane to Madrid.  William’s website explains that they commandeered a single piston plane owned by James Gibson-Fleming at 4am Monday morning by visual controls.
Willaim and Olliver are now aboard a flight to Miami, according to British Eventing.  They will take another flight to Atlanta tomorrow morning and still another to Lexington Tuesday afternoon.  The horses arrived in quarantine in the US days ago, and they are already at the KHP.
Note: A special thanks to commenter ‘lec‘ for linking to William’s site in the comment section, which really helped fill in the details.  When I retire from Eventing Nation, probably sometime after Rolex (joking), lec can take my place.
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