Monday News and Notes

Ocala CCITiffany Loudon-Meetz and Lo Fino jumped a clean round with no rails in hand to win the CCI2* and $6,000 prize money  EN’s Hannah Burnett won the CCI* riding Harbor Pilot for David.  After entering the arena tied for the lead, she had one time penalty in show jumping, but the final rider pulled three.  Sure, catch ride a horse normally ridden by your coach, an Olympic champion who also happens to be a perfectionist when it comes to horses: no pressure Hannah.
What did the CCI* course look like?  I’m glad you asked

Fallout continues from the McLain Ward and Sapphire disqualification at the FEI world cup finals.  The Cliff-Notes version of this story is that Sapphire was disqualified because of a hypersensitivity (palpation) and thermography scan conducted by FEI vets.  There was no jog involved, and there is no appeals process for such a disqualification.  The USEF, McLain, George Morris, and everyone else are furious over this incident and have been making implications of corruption in the FEI’s decision all weekend, such as George saying he felt very far from home.  Angry editorial from HJN, Second USEF statement, FEI refuses emergency US request, COTH article
Rolex will also be the dressage and show jumping test event for the WEG.  I have written about this before, but the idea here is to simulate a larger event than Rolex to help the many amazing WEG organizers and workers get everything practiced and perfect for the WEGs.
Anky’s Salerno was injured getting cast in his stall.
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