2028 Olympic Talent Watch: ‘Maeve the Brave’ Is Coming For Us All

The 2028 U.S. Eventing Team is already out there somewhere, and it’s up to us all to nurture their talent and their big dreams. “2028 Olympic Talent Watch” is an (adorable) new series in which we identify junior eventers who are already exhibiting the heart and the guts to lead American eventing to glory in the (distant) future. Any short-stirrup riders you know come to mind? Email us their story at [email protected] This week’s edition features Maeve Callahan, age 10.

Photo courtesy of the Callihan family.

California duo Maeve “the Brave” Callahan and Lady Viking turned heads last year, tackling their Introductory courses with signature focus and determination and earning the USEA 2017 Area VI Intro Junior Champion award.

Maeve, age 10, and her flea bitten grey Quarter Horse “Freya” currently compete at the Introductory, with an eye a move-up to Beginner Novice later this year. She trains with Auburn Excell and Rebecca Farley of Excell Equestrian in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Photo courtesy of the Callihan family.

In addition to riding, Maeve is a talented child actor, associated with the South Coast Repertory Acting Conservatory in Costa Mesa. She had her acting debut in A Christmas Carol this winter, in which she performed the role of Tiny Tim.

Currently, Mauve is sidelined with a foot injury — no fun for an active kid! We wish her a swift recovery and happy return to the saddle soon!

Photo courtesy of the Callihan family.