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Watch the Top Three Show Jumping Rounds from WEG

Did you miss out on the live action from the eventing finale in Normandy yesterday? Well, you’re in luck! Thanks to Universal Sports, we’ve got video of Sandra Auffarth, Michael Jung, and William Fox-Pitt show jumping for medals yesterday.

If you missed out on the highlights, you can check out both our open thread and the full recap of the day’s events. If you are a cable subscriber and have Universal Sports, be sure to check the schedule to find out when you can catch more WEG action and highlights.


Equestrian Zoning Ordinance May Affect Popular Neilson’s Hill

Newlin Township owners Missy and Jessica Ransehousen. Newlin Township owners Missy and Jessica Ransehousen.

Neilson’s Hill is a popular galloping site for racehorses, eventers, and other equine athletes who need to be at the top of their fitness game. Located in the Unionville, Pa. area, in Cheshire Hunt Country, the hill has long been a well-used location for fitness work, and it may be in jeopardy now.

According to a press release sent out from Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Services, a new Equestrian Zoning Ordinance in the Newlin Township may go into effect in September 8:

“Well over a year ago neighbors of Neilson’s Hill threatened to file a legal complaint against the owners of Laurel Hill Farm because of the alleged traffic increase on their road. What began as a traffic disagreement escalated into a major revision of the existing zoning ordinance. The Newlin Township Board of Supervisors have proposed changes that would define any horse boarding and training facility, regardless of size, as a commercial activity (versus agricultural).

Instead of enforcing the existing ordinance which is far more reasonable, Newlin township’s Board of Supervisors worked with an attorney to draft a much more rigid set of regulations, which could have serious repercussions on township equestrians and farm owners.

The new ordinance would require 3 acres first horse and 2 acres every horse thereafter vs. the current 2 acres first horse and 1 acre per horse thereafter. The new ordinance also imposes regulations for manure piles (already covered at the state level), sets potential requirements for landscaping and screenings on property perimeters, restricts hours of operation, sets rules around holding shows/clinics and seeks to enforce steep slope requirements on pasture land.”

Any equestrian facility owner who has a resident trainer will be considered to be running a commercial operation (vs. agricultural) and will be required to fall within the guidelines
of the new ordinance. Blue Hill Farm, home to Jessica Ransehousen, 3 time US Olympic Dressage team member, and her daughter Missy Ransehousen, 4* Event Rider, Pan Am team member and coach to US Paralympians, are fearful what this will do to their operation. They will be required to file for an exception under this ordinance along with smaller boarding and training facilities in the township as well.

The cost to file for an exception is $1500, and the property owner will have to appeal to the zoning board for an exception or if turned down, comply with changes to their horse property. The biggest fear with the proposed equestrian zoning ordinance is not only financial impact on sustaining private and commercial facilities, but also the potential impact on property values and the ability to attract future farm owners to the township.

Private property owners, those who only have their own horses for leisure, can be exempted from the new ordinance regulations. However, if that private property owner takes on just one boarder to offset costs or to simply help with labor, then that property owner would be in violation of the ordinance and required to apply for an exception.

In an area that prides itself on the preservation of open space where many riders have access to private land, this new ordinance threatens to set a precedent that may lead to changes in other surrounding townships. It contradicts the past efforts of Mrs. Hannum and the Cheshire Hunt Conservancy to encourage and preserve the land and countryside which makes Chester County an equestrian destination and home to many great events.

A group called Concerned Citizens of Newlin Township has formed to oppose this zoning ordinance and is seeking support through an online petition on Petition supporters do not need to be a resident of Newlin Township in order to sign, so please voice your opinion regarding this equestrian zoning ordinance, and if possible, show up in force to prevent the passing of the ordinance.”

If you are interested in signing a petition, you can visit this link. If you’re in the area, you’re also encouraged to attend the Newlin Township Meeting, held at 8 p.m. on September 8 at the Lenfest Building at the Cheslen Preserve.

WEG Happy Hour: Looking Forward to Week Two

It’s a day off from WEG competition today, but there is still plenty of action to come in the next week. Vaulting, show jumping, driving… I’m not sure I could pick a favorite among those! So many sports to watch and not nearly enough time.

In order to get you as prepared as possible for the week ahead, we’ve got the competition schedule, media coverage of the upcoming sports, and plenty of videos to keep you entertained for the day. WEG doesn’t come around often, so we plan to take in as much as we can in the next few days.

Upcoming Competitions [Schedule]

September 2: Show jumping, Vaulting

September 3: Show jumping, Vaulting

September 4: Driving, Show jumping, Vaulting

September 5: Driving, Vaulting

September 6: Driving, Show jumping, Polo (exhibition)

September 7: Driving, Show jumping

Discipline Coverage Links

Photos: Jumping warmup at d’Ornano Stadium

Practical information for jumping competition

Record number of nations to compete in driving competition

Horse & Hound: Emily Ham’s Driving Blog

Meet the U.S. Vaulting Team

Meet the U.S. Show Jumping Team

Video Collection

Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Kentucky Classique Intermediate Water Jump

A big event at Kentucky Horse Park wrapped up this weekend: the Kentucky Classique Horse Trials. Running divisions from Beginner Novice to Advanced Intermediate, the weekend was sure to be a busy one. Judging by my social media feeds, it looks like all of the competitors had a grand time, and a few even brought home some gorgeous ribbons and a few bragging rights.

RNS Video has once again brought us some fantastic video from a key fence on course for the Intermediate riders. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from these videos that show multiple riders attempting the same fence, so please enjoy and be sure to check out RNS Video’s other offerings on their YouTube channel.

Three Big Takeaways from This Year’s WEG

Kim Severson and Fernhill Fearless. Photo by Jenni Autry. Kim Severson and Fernhill Fearless. Photo by Jenni Autry.

While we’re nursing our WEG hangover (and binging even more as more disciplines begin competition this week!), it’s a good time to reflect on the past week and all of its ups and downs. What are some things that we learned and can take forward into the coming years? What were some of the best moments we saw at WEG? We’ve got some reflections from a wild week, and we want to hear yours! Post your thoughts in the comments and let us know what you’re taking away from this year’s WEG.

1. If nothing else, this sport will humble you.

Humility is something that is best practiced regularly, but sometimes life has a way of (harshly) reminding us that we are only human. I have a hard time thinking of a sport that is more humbling than this. It teaches us to never take for granted the opportunities we are given, and to continue to grow and learn so that we can come out stronger after a tough day. Eventing truly is the manifestation of “the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.”

Take Buck Davidson, for example. In recent years, the man has spent countless hours honing his skills and building a stable of worthy contenders for the upper levels. Fast forward to this year, and he’s truly seen the fruits of his hard work come to fruition. While his run at WEG may have come to a premature end, he can still look back and know that he’s worked hard for where he is today, and we know he will go back to the drawing board and work on ways to come back swinging even harder.

Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Photo by Leslie Wylie.

2. A working team is vital on the world stage.

As tough as it must have been to watch their teammates continue on in competition, it was so encouraging to see them out cheering on their peers and supporting their team in the face of adversity. After Pierre Michelet’s cross country course claimed its share of victims on Saturday, the faces of those who had not completed the course could still be seen in the stands or behind the scenes, lending a helping hand and never failing to smile or offer an encouraging word.

In the pressure cooker that is the World Equestrian Games, it’s important to have a working support system. Team Great Britain comes to mind, who had the unenviable task of maintaining their position to take home a medal without their teammate, Harry Meade. The team pulled it out, laying down performances under pressure that would cause even the toughest out there to catch a case of nerves.

At the end of the day, the North American teams are heading home intact and closer for the experience they’ve had, and this can only be improved upon in the future.

Game faces: Coach David and Sinead head to the start box. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Game faces: Coach David and Sinead head to the start box. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

3. Work hard to play hard.

I’ve no doubt that each and every member of our North American teams is coming home with a fierce determination to get back to work. While the horses will enjoy some vacation time, the riders will be back to the daily grind, always working and choosing to reach farther in order to improve.

As David O’Connor said after the Games this weekend, it takes awhile for the cylinders to click on all levels. The Games this year give the U.S. a good jumping off point to start from with the Olympics in focus now. While both the U.S. and Canada have their work cut out for them with a team qualification on the line at the Pan American Games in 2015, you can bet that both teams will get right to it.

In order for the U.S. to continue to grow as a presence on the world stage, there must be a solid leader in place who can correctly assess situations and make adjustments accordingly. David O’Connor took the reins as the Chef d’Equipe and has methodically implemented programs that he believes will lead to success. David believes in this program, and he had some very insightful things to say in a post-WEG interview with EN.

What do you think, EN? What lessons did you learn this weekend? What observations did you make? Discuss in the comments below!

Capt. Mark Phillips Previews Burghley

While the dust  from the eventing portion of WEG settles down, we’ve got another big weekend upcoming. Burghley starts this week! We’ve got a strong American contingent sent to contest one of the biggest tracks on the eventing scene, and Kate will be on the scene to bring us all of the latest action as it happens. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it won’t be a #ArmageddonBurghley, but she’s still packing all of the rain gear she owns just to be safe.

Capt. Mark Phillips, the course designer for Burghley, has done a wonderful fence-by-fence preview of the cross country course, which looks big and bad as it should be. This week, we’ve got another preview from Capt. Phillips as he looks to the week ahead.

“Here at Burghley, the cross country’s always big – it’s Burghley,” Capt. Phillips says in the video. “I try to make it fair, safe as I can to give the horses every chance to jump the fences. But it’s big, which in a way sort of works because the riders think it’s big; they respect the fences, respect the course, and hopefully give their horses time and the best chance to jump the fences.”

Burghley also published a neat fly-through video of the cross country course, so if you are keen to get the “rider’s eye” view, be sure to check this video out as well.

Check out Capt. Phillips fence-by-fence preview here, as well as our breakdown of the entries for this year’s strong and large field. Go Burghley!

Burghley Links: [Website] [Entry List] [Course Preview]


That’s All She Wrote: WEG Eventing Final Social Media Wrap-up

Selena O'Hanlon with Foxwood High and his owners, John and Judy Rumble. Photo via O'Hanlon Eventing on Facebook. Selena O'Hanlon with Foxwood High and his owners, John and Judy Rumble. Photo via O'Hanlon Eventing on Facebook.

It’s the end of a very interesting week in Normandy, and our weary eventers, both four-legged and two, are packing up and headed home for a much deserved rest. While I’m sure Buck, Boyd, and Co. will have multiple rides at various events coming up, we can definitely count on our rockstar North American horses getting a well-earned vacation. I can’t imagine how body sore and tired all of our athletes are, and on behalf of all of Eventing Nation, I want to thank each and every one of the riders, grooms, owners, spectators, journalists, organizers, judges, and everyone else who made this week so spectacular.

While Team USA may not have come away with the result they were hoping for, it’s worthwhile to take a moment and remember that all of our athletes are coming home safe and sound, which unfortunately is more than you can say for some others who competed this weekend. Take a moment, hug your horse, thank your coach, and kick on as we welcome our eventers back from storming Normandy.

The eventers may be heading home, but apparently the party is just getting started in Normandy!

Gin & Juice wishing her friends good luck in the show jumping today. Photo via Hawley Bennett on Instagram.

Gin & Juice wishing her friends good luck in the show jumping today. Photo via Hawley Bennett on Instagram.


Clearly, teamwork makes the dream work in Camp USA – let’s give Emma and Kathleen a huge round of applause (and probably a glass or two of wine!) for chipping in to help pack today.

SM Lindsey FB

Peter Barry gets ready to show jump. Photo via Hawley Bennettt on Facebook.

Peter Barry gets ready to show jump. Photo via Hawley Bennettt on Facebook.

Why do we get the sneaking suspicion that The French Princess enjoyed his stay in his birthplace so much that he wants to stay? Too bad, Tate, America loves you too much!


Tate says "Au revoir, France!" Photo via Meg Kep on Facebook.

Tate says “Au revoir, France!” Photo via Meg Kep on Facebook.

Jock Paget stayed on the grounds to cheer on his fellow New Zealand team members, but the rest of Clifton Eventing packed up and headed home to prepare for Burghley. Here’s what they had to say on the weekend:

SM Jock FB

Meanwhile, Boyd Martin is being hailed as the latest superhero. I mean, he’s got enough metal in his body by now that the comparison could probably stick by now!

SM Boyd AmberSM Boyd FBAnd, last but not least, we say good-bye to Meg, who has been keeping us entertained with selfies and shenanigans during her time in France. It wouldn’t be a social media sign-off without one last Meg moment.

Meg, Lindsey, and Kendyl enjoying some quick food before show jumping. Photo via Meg Kep on Facebook.

Meg, Lindsey, and Kendyl enjoying some quick food before show jumping. Photo via Meg Kep on Facebook.

Cheers to the end of a tough week, and many congratulations to Team Germany, Sandra Auffarth, and all of the other medalists this weekend. Don’t worry, the North Americans will be back to take home some hardware sooner than you think.

WEG Show Jumping Open Thread: Sandra Auffarth Wins Individual Gold, Germany Takes Team Gold

We’ve reached the end of an intense and dramatic week for eventing, and now the grand finale is upon us. All of the remaining U.S. and Canadian horses have passed the jog, after some tense moments, and 60 horses will move forward to show jump in reverse order of standing. Optimum time is 93 seconds.

Follow along here for all of the action as it happens. Currently, one rail separates the top five, so don’t expect the finish of a crazy WEG to be anything but extraordinary.

All Things WEG: Website | Definite Entries | WEG Facebook | @normandie2014 | EN’s Coverage | EN’s Preview | FEI TV | Live Scores | Course Map | Start List

11:11 a.m. EST: Stay tuned for a full recap from the final day of WEG eventing!

11:10 a.m. EST: Sandra’s round:

11:07 a.m. EST: Team standings for the podium: GER – Gold, GBR – Silver, NED – Bronze

11:06 a.m. EST: Your final individual standings:


11:04 a.m. EST: Sandra is your new individual gold medalist! What a year for Germany.

Sandra 2

11:01 a.m. EST: William has knocked a rail, allowing Sandra Auffarth to step in to take the individual gold.


11:00 a.m. EST: Gold: Germany

10:58 a.m. EST: Sandra Auffarth and Opgun Louvo also turn in a clear round! Germany goes 5-6 for clear rounds today – incredible!


10:56 a.m. EST: Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST (his SECOND STRING HORSE) turn in a perfect clear round to finish no worse than bronze on a 52.3!


10:55 a.m. EST:

10:54 a.m. EST:

10:51 a.m. EST: Andrew Nicholson and Nereo seem to have some disagreements on course, and they drop into 9th with 12 faults. Boyd moves up to 8th.


10:50 a.m. EST:

10:49 a.m. EST:

10:48 a.m. EST:

10:47 a.m. EST:

10:46 a.m. EST: The crowd goes positively mad for Maxime Livio and Qalao Des Mers, who have a stunning clear round to help France finish in fourth and get their Rio qualification.


10:42 a.m. EST: Boyd has a late rail in the treble and rubs the last three quite hard, but he’s guaranteed a top-10 finish on a score of 63.9.


10:40 a.m. EST:

10:37 a.m. EST:

10:33 a.m. EST: Nicola Wilson and Annie Clover competing individually for Great Britain have a refusal and a total of 28 penalties. They drop into 25th on a score of 92.0.


10:31 a.m. EST: Paul Tapner and Kilronan have two down for a 74.6. They drop down into 16th place overall.


10:29 a.m. EST: Tina Cook and De Novo News have two down but Great Britain remains in silver medal position.


10:28 a.m. EST:

10:25 a.m. EST: Zara Phillips and High Kingdom are clear for Great Britain!


10:24 a.m. EST:

10:20 a.m. EST: The Netherlands are guaranteed at least bronze after Tim Lips and Keyflow N.O.P’s round!


10:17 a.m. EST: Elaine Pen and Sharon White need to be friends! #TeamOrange #FashionPolice


10:16 a.m. EST: More info on Ingrid’s controversy with a potential stop on cross country:

10:14 a.m. EST: Ingrid Klimke and FRH Escada JS are clear for Germany!


10:08 a.m. EST: Sam Watson and Horseware Bushman have a heartbreaking refusal and come home with 21 faults. Barely, by the skin of their teeth, Ireland is still in sixth place as a team and will obtain their Rio qualification.


10:06 a.m. EST: Fenyas Elegance jumping strong for Aoife Clark. They finish with just four faults for a total of 84.3 and keeping Ireland in the hunt for a Rio qualification.

10:03 a.m. EST: The crowd noise is deafening for French rider Rodolphe Scherer and Makara De Montiege after a clear round!


10:02 a.m. EST:

10:01 a.m. EST:

9:57 a.m. EST: Jessie Phoenix and Pavarotti have four rails down to finish on a 99.6 for her weekend. My video cut out right as she went in, so apologies for no photos or GIFs!

9:50 a.m. EST: That’s what a veteran looks like! Kim Severson channels Fernhill Fearless unique jumping style and delivers a flawless clear round! She finishes on a 91.2.

Screenshot_12 Kim

9:47 a.m. EST:

9:45 a.m. EST: Ruy Fonseca (BRA) and Tom Bombadill Too have six rails down. The horse looked very keen to go today!


9:39 a.m. EST: Merel Blom and Rumour Has It give us our first clear round in awhile! She’ll finish on a 94.6.


9:36 a.m. EST: Tubber Rebel looking a bit out of steam for Dag Albert, but Dag did a wonderful job of getting him around.


9:33 a.m. EST:

9:29 a.m. EST: Huge cheers for Sweden’s Malin Petersen and Sofarsogood!


9:27 a.m. EST: Tate got a huge welcome from the crowd when he entered the arena.

9:25 a.m. EST: Sinead Halpin and Manoir de Carneville had two unlucky rails down for a weekend total of 114.4. Tate looked fighting fit today and got a bit hasty in the treble, causing one down in the middle.


9:22 a.m. EST: Selena O’Hanlon add 16 penalties for a total weekend score of 125.1. Foxwood High looked a bit tired today but tried his best.


9:20 a.m. EST: China’s Alex Hua Tian and Harbour Pilot C have a hairy moment on course.


9:17 a.m. EST: Peter Tersgov Flarup (DEN) and CTS Twin Peaks


9:15 a.m. EST: Poles are falling throughout the course, and the crowd and atmosphere is definitely getting some of these horses up. Crowd is cheering after the treble. #showjumpettiquettelessons

9:13 a.m. EST: Cool camera angle for Brazil’s Gabriel Figueiredo Silva Cury and Grass Valley.


9:11 a.m. EST:

9:06 a.m. EST: Peter Barry and Kilrodan Abbott are first out for Canada. He’s got a clear round to finish on a 131.1!

Screenshot_5 Peter

9:03 a.m. EST: Lynn Symansky are first out for the U.S. – Donner has just one unlucky rail for a final score of 135.4.


8:56 a.m. EST:

8:54 a.m. EST: Dirk Schrade and Hop and Skip, for Germany, are the first clear round of the day!


8:49 a.m. EST:

8:44 a.m. EST:


8:40 a.m. EST: An unfortunate refusal and subsequent fall for Russia’s Igor Atrokhov and Indigo Pyreneen.


8:35 a.m. EST: Two down and some time for Martin Maivald (CZE) and Gomba. Lots of oohs and ahhs from the crowd this morning!


8:32 a.m. EST: We’ll find out!

8:30 a.m. EST:

8:25 a.m. EST: Click here to check out EN’s Twitter page for photos of each jump on course today!

Photo via EN's Twitter page.

Photo via EN’s Twitter page.



Sunday Links from

Hawley and Ginny share a quiet moment. Photo courtesy of Hawley Bennett. Hawley and Ginny share a quiet moment. Photo courtesy of Hawley Bennett.

Well, well, well. What a day yesterday, huh? I know I’m probably not the only one whose sleep schedule is entirely sideways by now! It’s definitely been a trying week at WEG, and the big finale in the eventing segment will take place this morning. Let’s all take a moment to hug our horses and thank our local event organizers, coaches, mentors, grooms, and everyone else who is so invaluable to this sport. We will fondly remember Harry Meade’s lovely horse, Wild Lone, and we will move forward and continue to work towards our goals as a team. Go Eventing.

North American Weekend Events:

Town Hill Farm H.T. [Website]

Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Fall H.T. [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Chattahoochee Hills CIC1*/2* & H.T. [Website] [Times] [Live Scores]

Silverwood Farm H.T. [Website]

Corona del Sol Heat Buster H.T.  [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

The Event at Woodland Stallion Station  [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

KY Classique H.T. [Website] [Times]

FEI Global Weekend Events:

Queensland International 3DE (AUS) CCI2*/1*, CIC3*/2*/1*  [Website]

Mexico City (MEX) CIC/CCI1*

Durazno (URU) CCI2*/1*, CIC2*

Firle Place International (GBR) CIC1*  [Website] [Entry Status]

Schwaiganger (GER) CIC2*/1*

Turnier (GER) CIC1*  [Website]

Sunday Links:

U.S. Reiners Dominate Final WEG Competition

Show jumper Ben Maher withdraws Cella from WEG

California Chrome Gets Back to Work

Practical Horseman’s Postcard from the WEG Dressage Freestyle

Sunday Video:

Weekend Welcome: Meanwhile, Back in the States…

Intermediate water jump at Loudoun PCHT. Photo via Jane Sleeper. Intermediate water jump at Loudoun PCHT. Photo via Jane Sleeper.

While all of the insanity is ensuing over in Normandy, we can’t forget about the rest of us back stateside who are getting ready to compete this weekend. Several events are running (hey, if you need some extra motivation, just think “mini-WEG”!), and we’ve got a quick rundown for you:

Chatt Hills has divisions running from Beginner Novice to CIC2* this weekend. Michael Pollard is competing on his home turf this weekend and currently holds the lead in the CIC2* aboard Kyra. The pair scored a 43.6 in the dressage to lead over Tiffany Loudon-Metze and Hap, followed by Will Faudree and Celeste.

Chattahoochee Hills CIC1*/2* & H.T. [Website] [Times] [Live Scores]


In the Advanced division, Ellie MacPhail and RF Eloquence lead after dressage on a score of 32.9. Hallie Coon and Namaste are in second on a 37.4 and Libby Head continues her preparation for Pau in third place on a score of 41.2.


In Virginia, the Loudoun Pony Club HT is running Beginner Novice through Intermediate divisions. Kelly Beaver and Sempre Fino scored a 31.1 to lead the Open Intermediate division after dressage. Whitney Mahloch and her talented Military Mind are in second on a 32.2, lying in a tie with Justine Dutton and Jollybo. Kelly and Sempre Fino have enjoyed some top placings at this level this year, so expect to defend that lead as the weekend progresses.

Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Fall H.T. [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]


WEG Cross Country Open Thread: Boyd Martin Into 9th

It’s cross country day at WEG, EN! Fortunately, the weather looks to be a bit drier than we’ve seen so far, so hopefully the ground will firm up a bit for the horses and riders who are getting ready to tackle Pierre Michelet’s course. Don’t forget, fences 20 & 23 have been removed from course, in turn taking off a minute from the optimum time. The optimum time is now 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

All Things WEG: Website | Definite Entries | WEG Facebook | @normandie2014 | EN’s Coverage | EN’s Preview | FEI TV | Live Scores | Course Preview

12:37 a.m. EST: Team standings have been updated.


10:25 a.m. EST: That’s a wrap on cross country – here are your team standings going into the final day. Stay tuned for the full recap!


10:24 a.m. EST: William will take gold medal positioning into show jumping, but with virtually no breathing room. Here are your top 10 after a wild cross country day!


10:23 a.m. EST: Sandra Auffarth have 16.8 time to take silver position going into show jumping tomorrow. What a ride through the last water!

Sandra 2

10:20 a.m. EST: Andrew Nicholson worked his tail off to get Nereo home with 7.2 time for fourth place.

10:17 a.m. EST: Sandra and Opgun Louvo survive a hairy moment at the first water.


10:15 a.m. EST: We found Harry! #wheresHarry


10:12 a.m. EST:  The Silver Fox is on course and looking full of run. Overnight leaders Sandra Auffarth and Opgun Louvo are also off and running.


10:11 a.m. EST: Harry Meade and Wild Lone come home clear with 26.4 time. He did not appear one time on the screen.

10:08 a.m. EST: Harry Meade is clear through 29 – still has not made an appearance on our screen. #nobigdeal

10:08 a.m. EST:

10:05 a.m. EST: John Kyle: “It really would be nice to see Harry Meade!”

10:02 a.m. EST: Aoife Clark and Fenyas Elegance are clear for Ireland with 16.8 time.


10:00 a.m. EST: Andreas Ostholt has been returned to fifth place, the elimination has been revoked.

9:58 a.m. EST: Selena becomes the latest victim at the fish in the final water with a refusal.

Selana 2

9:55 a.m. EST: As John Kyle has pointed out, Selena may not be the quickest but she needs to make it home for her team’s sake.


9:52 a.m. EST: Selena O’Hanlon and Foxwood High looking strong in the early going.


9:49 a.m. EST: Selena O’Hanlon and Foxwood High are the last pair on course for Canada.

9:48 a.m. EST:

9:42 a.m. EST: Paul Tapner is having a fantastic round with Kilronan. They’re over time now but the horse looks like he’s still got some left in the tank.


9:40 a.m. EST:

9:35 a.m. EST:

9:32 a.m. EST: Live scores are showing Andreas Ostholt as eliminated.

9:31 a.m. EST: Unfortunately, the camera stopped showing Boyd, but he’s come home clear with just 13.6 for fifth place on a 59.9!


9:28 a.m. EST: Boyd is clear through 29.

9:26 a.m. EST: Karin Donckers (BEL) and Fletcha Van’t Verahof make a textbook run through 4 & 5.


8:23 a.m. EST: Tricky distance at 4 and 5 but Boyd gets it done.


8:22 a.m. EST: Boyd Martin and Shamwari 4 are now on course.

9:20 a.m. EST: Andreas Ostholt have a sticky ride through the final water but blaze home with 10.4 time for fourth place.

Andreas 2

9:18 a.m. EST: Jonelle Price comes home with just 4.0 time penalties and goes into bronze position! She’s the only Kiwi to finish, and she’s got the fastest time today.

9:13 a.m. EST: Andreas Ostholt and So Is Et are out for Germany. Pats for So Is Et as he gets it done.


9:10 a.m. EST:

9:08 a.m. EST: Jonelle Price and Classic Moet are on course as New Zealand individuals and are looking strong so far. They take out the flag at fence 4 but are safely through.


9:05 a.m. EST:

9:02 a.m. EST: Stuart Tinney and Pluto Mio are having a lovely go for Australia.


8:59 a.m. EST:

8:55 a.m. EST: Both Jacek Jeruzal and Denis Mesples have had falls on course. The fall from Denis caused a brief hold, but both riders are back up on their feet.

Denis Mesples falls from Oregon De La Vigne

Denis Mesples falls from Oregon De La Vigne

8:53 a.m. EST: Hawley’s score has been updated to an E for three refusals.


8:48 a.m. EST: Jock Paget has decided to retire .

8:43 a.m. EST: Jock Paget and Clifton Promise are on course.

8:38 a.m. EST:

8:35 a.m. EST: Hawley is listed with 100 jumping penalties – will confirm this score once more information is available.

8:33 a.m. EST: Live scores are showing another 20 for Hawley at fence 30, the final water. That combination has caused a lot of problems today.

8:30 a.m. EST: Ruy Fonseca (BRA) and Tom Bombadill Too on course now and looking professional.


8:29 a.m. EST: Hawley and Gin & Juice pick up a runout at fence 16, in the second water. Same location as Donner’s runout.

8:27 a.m. EST: Team Italy officially out of contention now, as Stefano Fioavanti and Nodin D’Orval retired while being held.

8:25 a.m. EST: Hawley has been sent back on her way.

8:24 a.m. EST:

8:20 a.m. EST: Correction – riders still being held. Apologies – the live feed is skipping about a bit.

8:13 a.m. EST: A look at Hawley and Gin & Juice’s trouble at the first water.


8:11 a.m. EST: Ginny puts on the brakes at the drop down at fence 9, then uncharacteristically refuses the jump into the water. Hawley was then flagged down and is now being held.

8:08 a.m. EST: Hawley Bennett is on course. Quickly chooses the alternate route at 4 and successfully jumps through.

8:03 a.m. EST: Maxime Livio goes into third place on 58.5 after a lovely round. They were really hustling; took the long route at the final water and still came home with a quick round. Reports of a horse fall at fence 30 for Anna Hilton and Matrix W.


7:58 a.m. EST:

7:56 a.m. EST: Lynn and Donner also picked up a refusal at 27, a big corner.

7:52 a.m. EST: Lynn and Donner have a runout at fence 15, at the Land Rover Water. Saumur winner Maxime Livio is now on course.


7:48 a.m. EST: Lynn Symansky and Donner are on course and getting lots of love from the crowd.


7:47 a.m. EST:

7:46 a.m. EST:

7:43 a.m. EST: Peter Thomsen and Horsewares Barny turning for home, back on after the long hold.


7:39 a.m. EST: Camila Spears and Portersize Just a Jiff literally banked the first water earlier on course.

7:34 a.m. EST: Chainsaws are out!


7:26 a.m. EST: Camila Spears and Portersize Just a Jiff are held at fence 29 while the C element of fence 30 is repaired from Lucy’s fall.

7:25 a.m. EST: Lucy Jackson and Willy Do have a tumble at the final water. The Kiwis are just not having their day today.

7:20 a.m. EST: Apologies for no images of Kim – camera only stayed on them for a couple of seconds between fences. They are home and are in 18th with 20 penalties at fence 30 and 20.4 time.

7:18 a.m. EST: Live scores reflect that Kim picked up 20 at the final water. No video.

7:15 a.m. EST: Ollie has a frightening glance off at 27. He continued on but retired after another stop at the last water.

Ollie 2

7:15 a.m. EST: No video of Kim yet, but live scores show them clear through 19.

7:11 a.m. EST: Ollie Townend and Black Tie make quick work of the Land Rover Water.


7:09 a.m. EST: How fun is this guy to watch?

Rodolphe 2

7:08 a.m. EST:

7:08 a.m. EST: French rider Rodolphe Scherer having a ball out on course today.

Rodlphe salute



7:00 a.m. EST:

6:56 a.m. EST: Nicola and Annie Clover turn in one of the best looking rides of the day with 18 time for third place.


6:51 a.m. EST: Nicola Wilson smartly through the bounce after the Land Rover Water.


6:50 a.m. EST:

6:46 a.m. EST:

6:44 a.m. EST: Ingrid Klimke’s refusal at 9 (the first water) has been taken away.

6:42 a.m. EST: Tim Price and Wesko are walking home with Tim off his horse. Not sure what went wrong but the live scores have them eliminated at the last. New Zealand now join the USA and Belgium as out of medal contention.

6:27 a.m. EST: Ingrid Klimke survives a scary moment at the first water and then picks up a refusal. Clear on the attempt at the alternate route and she continues on her way.


6:25 a.m. EST:

6:29 a.m. EST:

6:27 a.m. EST: Another sticky ride through the final water, but William gets the job done and is on his way home clear. He comes home 32 seconds over time, adding 12.8 to his score. 50.3 to stay in the lead.


6:23 a.m. EST: William’s Conquerors as ridden by “William the Conqueror,” according to commentator John Kyle.


6:22 a.m. EST: William and Chilli Morning clear through the second water so far.

6:17 a.m. EST: William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning are away and on course.


6:16 a.m. EST:

6:13 a.m. EST: Jessie is home clear with 33.6 time penalties and a huge smile. Team Canada is still very much intact.


6:10 a.m. EST: Jessie and Pavarotti have yet to appear on our screen, but the live scores report they are clear through 30 so far.

6:07 a.m. EST: A very well-ridden moment for Elaine Pen and Vira, riding for the Netherlands.


6:06 a.m. EST: Jessie Phoenix and Pavarotti are on course for Canada.

5:59 a.m. EST: Italy’s Evelina Bertoli nd Leitrim Orient Express are given a refusal at 9A:


5:48 a.m. EST:

5:55 a.m. EST: We couldn’t agree more!

5:52 a.m. EST:

5:51 a.m. EST: That’s a very shiny helmet you have there, Cedric! #FashionPolice


5:48 a.m. EST: Belgium is also out of medal contention.

5:45 a.m. EST: Cedric Lyard and Cadeau Du Roi getting a ton of love from their home crowd and are having a scrappy round.


5:42 a.m. EST: Phillip and Trading Aces have to climb their way through fence 24. Phillip stayed on and attempted to re-present, but Oscar did not want to play anymore. With that, the USA is officially out of medal contention with two riders retired.


5:39 a.m. EST: Although still going slow, the rides are improving as the day goes on.

5:37 a.m. EST: So far so good for Phillip and Oscar.


5:34 a.m. EST: The third U.S. pair is on course: Phillip Dutton and Trading Aces. Let’s go Phillip! He looks to be setting a sensible time so far.


5:31 a.m. EST:

5:29 a.m. EST: A quick look at the standings:


5:28 a.m. EST:

5:26 a.m. EST: Sinead and Tate are home with 20 jumping and 35.6 time. Sinead does her traditional fist pump at the finish.


5:24 a.m. EST:

5:23 a.m. EST: Sinead approaching the final water. She’s had to work very hard today. She scraps her way through the water – fierce determination!

5:17 a.m. EST: Sinead and Tate have a runout at fence 4 – very uncharacteristic for this horse.


5:15 a.m. EST: Sinead and Tate are on course!

5:14 a.m. EST: Here’s a look at Toddy’s fall.

Mark fall

5:09 a.m. EST: 11.6 time penalties for Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST.

5:07 a.m. EST:

5:04 a.m. EST: Mark Todd has fallen from Leonidas II at the bank in the final water. A very strange looking fall, and it looked like he might save it. This element causing a lot of problems today.

5:02 a.m. EST: fischerRocana FST is full of run for Michael Jung. John Kyle wondering if perhaps she’s trying to go a bit faster than he’d like, as they’ve had a few disagreements.


4:59 a.m. EST: Mark Todd hangs on tight and gets the job done at fence 11 ABC.


4:57 a.m. EST: Jerzy Krukowski and Apokalipsa M are eliminated after Jerzy goes off the side at fence 7.


4:55 a.m. EST: Mark Todd and Leonidas II on course now.


4:52 a.m. EST: Another hairy moment for Zara and High Kingdom, but they’ve gotten home with one of the quickest times of the day – 36 seconds over.

Zara 3

4:50 a.m. EST:

4:47 a.m. EST: Zara has a great save moment at 17 & 18 but she pulls it off and gallops on.

Zara 2

4:45 a.m. EST: Zara riding with a vengeance today and getting the job done.


4:42 a.m. EST: Three pairs out of five home clear with time. Sam Griffiths, Sam Watson, and Giovanni Ugolotti.

4:41 a.m. EST: Zara Phillips has her game face on.


4:29 a.m. EST: Peter has finished with 20 penalties (it appears his circle was not penalized) and about two minutes worth of time. But look at that smile!


4:36 a.m. EST: They’re still on course – Canada is still a complete team at this point! Kilrodan Abbott still galloping with ears pricked.


4:34 a.m. EST: Peter Barry circled in between 15 B and C – not sure yet if he was given a 20.

4:31 a.m. EST: The Netherlands also down to a team of three now after Andrew Heffernan and Boleybawn Ace have a runout at fence 30C. They have chosen to retire.


4:29 a.m. EST:

4:27 a.m. EST: Canada’s trailblazers, Peter Barry and Kilrodan Abbott, pick up a glance off at fence 5. Clear on second attempt.


4:24 a.m. EST:

4:23 a.m. EST: Sam Griffiths had a very scrappy ride through the final water, which has caused problems for nearly every rider so far. Paulank Brokagh is also looking quite tired coming towards home.


4:17 a.m. EST: Belgium’s Joris Van Springel and Lully Des Aulnes have had a fall at the final water complex.


4:14 a.m. EST: Pascal Leroy (FRA) riding well through the second water complex.


4:10 a.m. EST: Buck and Reggie have retired at the end of the course after two very tired looking refusals at the final water complex. A big shame, as they were looking brilliant earlier on. This is going to be a tough course.

4:09 a.m. EST: Buck and Reggie are almost home. The ground is definitely taking the gas out of Reggie’s tank, so Buck is nursing him home a bit.

4:05 a.m. EST: Reggie is jumping superbly for Buck. The spectators are really showing the love too – wait until there’s a French rider out there! They’re doing exactly what they need to be doing as trail blazers.


4:01 a.m. EST: And Buck and Reggie are on the trail!


4:00 a.m. EST:

WEG Happy Hour: Charlotte Makes it Three for Three, Para-Dressage Wraps Up

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro on another victory lap. Photo via the Normandie 2014 Instagram. Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro on another victory lap. Photo via the Normandie 2014 Instagram.

Well, well, well – whoever said “the third time’s a charm” must have been thinking of Charlotte Dujardin, who is definitely having a charmed weekend in Normandy. Charlotte and Valegro went to town on their freestyle test today, handily winning the division with a score of 92.161%.

d’Ornano stadium was absolutely packed for the Freestyle competition today, and dancing to music from How to Train Your Dragon, Charlotte did not disappoint the crowd. Neither did the other riders, however, as a full-on performance was put on by all riders today.

Germany’s Helen Langehanenberg, riding, Damon Hill NRW, scored an 88.286% for silver, putting the question in the crowd’s mind that perhaps this was the score to beat. Helen will no doubt be thrilled with her performance today.

Helen Langehanenberg  and Charlotte Dujardin in their final warm-up moments. Photo via Normandie 2014 on Twitter.

Helen Langehanenberg and Charlotte Dujardin in their final warm-up moments. Photo via Normandie 2014 on Twitter.

Riding for the Netherlands, Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival N.O.P. will take home a shiny bronze medal for their stellar efforts. This pair earned an 85.714% to medal with breathing room over fourth placed Kristina Sprehe (GER) and Desperados FRH.

We must also give a warm shout-out to the USA’s own Laura Graves, who laid down an 82.036% with Verdades to finish in fifth overall.

The U.S.’ other pair, veteran Steffan Peters with Legolas 92, finished their weekend in 10th place overall on a score of 77.321%.

Dressage Coverage Links

Normandy Discipline Page

Charlotte Dujardin Wins World Title

Dutch Rider Becomes a Sensation

The Para-Dressage riders also held their freestyle competition today. In the Grade IV competition, Belgium’s Michele George and FBW Rainman took home the gold medal, scoring a 78.650% to scrape out the win over Great Britain’s Sophia Wells and Valerius, who were close behind in silver on a 78.050%. The Netherlands’ Frank Hosmar and Alphaville N.O.P wound up with bronze after scoring a 75.950%.

In the Grade III competition, Sanne Voets and Vedet PB N.O.P., representing the Netherlands, are new owners of a gold medal after scoring a 77.450%. Germany’s Hannelore Brenner and Women of the World will take home silver on a score of 76.200%, and Annika Lykke Risum (DEN) and Aros A Fenris round out the podium with a score of 73.050%.

Para-Dressage Coverage Links

Normandy Discipline Page

Freestyle Recap


WEG Friday Afternoon Dressage Open Thread: 46.3 for Boyd Martin and Shamwari

It’s day two of dressage here at WEG! We’ll be bringing you live updates from the competition each day, so keep refreshing this page for all of the insanity (or as much insanity as there can be in dressage!) coming down the pipe.

All Things WEG: Website | Definite Entries | WEG Facebook | @normandie2014 | EN’s Coverage | EN’s Preview | FEI TV | Live Scores

11:17 a.m. EST: Here are your team standings after dressage. USA! USA! USA!


11:13 a.m. EST: And here are your top 10 going into cross country. Phillip Dutton is holding down a tie for ninth place for Team USA. As we’ve said many, many times, this will be anything but a dressage competition. 39.7 points separate the whole field. The top 20 is separated by 12 penalties. Full recap coming your way soon!


11:10 a.m. EST: And Sandra brings down the house! She’s gotten a 10 from the judge at C for her final halt! A 35.0 and into the lead she goes!

Sandra Changes

11:07 a.m. EST:

11:05 a.m. EST: Sandra Auffarth and Opgun Louvo have their game faces on.


11:04 a.m. EST: 45.5 and 14th place for New Zealand’s Andrew Nicholson and Nereo. Sandra Auffarth and Opgun Louvo are the final pair for the day.

11:00 a.m. EST: Slight bobble in the counter canter, quickly corrected by Andrew but scores reflected it.


10:59 a.m. EST:

10:57 a.m. EST: Andrew trending above 80% to start.

10:56 a.m. EST: Andrew Nicholson, the New Zealand anchor, and Nereo are heading in. What does the Silver Fox have up his sleeve today?


10:48 a.m. EST: Harry scores a 56.3, still leaving Team USA in bronze position.

10:46 a.m. EST: Big smiles from Harry after finishing his test.


10:43 a.m. EST: Harry must score a 51.2 or better to help Great Britain overtake the USA in the team standings.

10:39 a.m. EST: Fan favorite Harry Meade and Wild Lone will canter down centerline next. “This is such a fairy story,” says Lucy Jackson. This pair was third at Badminton this year.



10:35 a.m. EST: Not the most perfect halt, but would you look at those quarter marks? #FashionPolice Albert Hermoso Farras and Hito CP for Spain.


10:32 a.m. EST: Fenyas Elegance wanted nothing to do with the little white box today. Aoife looked supremely disappointed walking out, but this pair is still a promising one and will come out swinging tomorrow.

Aoife 2

10:29 a.m. EST:

10:28 a.m. EST: Fenyas Elegance was clawing her way back up with the scores but then had a minor red-headed mare moment.

10:26 a.m. EST: Ireland’s “Three Star Queens” are in the ring now: Aoife Clark and Fenyas Elegance. Scores are coming in a bit lower than anticipated, guest commentator Lucy Jackson speculating that perhaps the mare is a bit too low in the poll and overbent.


10:21 a.m. EST: Selena’s relationship with her horses is always apparent and infectious. Big pats for Foxwood High. They’ve scored a 49.5 for 28th place.


10:19 a.m. EST: Foxwood High looking relaxed for Selena. Remember, this horse just moved up to CCI4* at Rolex this year (1oth place).


10:17 a.m. EST: We’re underway with Canada’s final pair, Selena O’Hanlon and Foxwood High.


10:07 a.m. EST:

10:06 a.m. EST:

10:03 a.m. EST: Tim Lips (NED) and Keyflown O.P. looking polished. Loving the pops of color. #FashionPolice


10:02 a.m. EST: Boyd chats with EN on his test.

9:55 a.m. EST: Italy’s Vittoria Panizzon has withdrawn Borough Pennyz just before her dressage time. No word yet on reason.

9:54 a.m. EST: Look at all of that national pride!


9:49 a.m. EST:

9:47 a.m. EST: Dag Albert and Tubber Rebel riding for Sweden.


9:44 a.m. EST: This field could not get any more tightly bunched. Now it’s 20 penalties between 1st and 56th place. 37.2 separate the whole field currently.

9:44 a.m. EST: Screenshot_11

9:38 a.m. EST: In the ring for Australia, Paul Tapner and Kilronan are showing off. What are everyone’s thoughts on white ear bonnets for greys? We can’t decide what color would look best. #FashionPolice


9:34 a.m. EST: The home crowd is really into this dressage competition. It’s great to see!


9:32 a.m. EST:

9:29 a.m. EST: French pair Jean Teulere and Matelot Du Grand Val are off to a lovely start.


9:26 a.m. EST: Karin looks thrilled with a wonderfully accurate and smooth test for Belgium. A 42.3 and sixth place for this pair.


9:23 a.m. EST: Karin Donckers and Fletcha Van’t Verahof are having a lovely go at their test.


9:18 a.m. EST: Boyd and Shamwari struggled with their rhythm in the canter work and had a couple of extra changes coming back up the centerline. We know this horse can dominate cross country, but nevertheless this was a solid showing for Team USA. Boyd goes into 16th on a 46.5.


9:16 a.m. EST: Shamwari wanted to pop through his left shoulder on the first counter-canter loop. Softer on the next pass through.

9:14 a.m. EST: Shamwari simply floats.


9:13 a.m. EST: Boyd is ready to go! Boyd received one 9 and two 8s for his entry.


9:07 a.m. EST: Reports that fences 20 & 23 have been removed from the cross country course. Course preview here.

9:03 a.m. EST: Nicolas Wettstein and Nadeville Merze score a 63.2 for 69th place. A bit of a disappointing score, but he looked pleased walking out. Heading into a short break, and when we come back we’ll have Boyd Martin and Shamwari 4 to dance.


9:02 a.m. EST:

9:01 a.m. EST: Nicolas Wettstein (ECU) and Nadeville Merze fighting their way up with the judges.

8:57 a.m. EST: Nicolas Wettstein and Nadeville Merz of Equador now in the ring.

8:54 a.m. EST: Another first-timer at this championship level, Laszlo Egyed and My Win of Hungary, score a 66.7. Love seeing all these helmets!

8:44 a.m. EST: 22-year-old Elmo Jankari and Duchess Desiree of Finland lose some points on the changes but overall a promising debut on the world stage from a young rider, earning a 51.3.

8:36 a.m. EST: Germany’s Andreas Ostholt looks quite happy with his test on So Is Et. Despite an error, the pair scores a 46.3 to move into 14th place.


8:32 a.m. EST:

8:30 a.m. EST: Jonelle Price looking quite pleased with her test on Classic Moet for New Zealand.


8:27 a.m. EST:

8:16 a.m. EST:

8:11 a.m. EST: Australia’s Stuart Tinney and Pluto Mio underway now. Trending right around upper 60s, low 70s currently.


8:07 a.m. EST: We love eventing geeks!

8:04 a.m. EST: French pair Denis Mesples and Oregon De La Vigne kick us off for the afternoon sessions.


WEG Friday Morning Dressage Open Thread: Donner Raring to Go for Team USA

It’s day two of dressage here at WEG! We’ll be bringing you live updates from the competition each day, so keep refreshing this page for all of the insanity (or as much insanity as there can be in dressage!) coming down the pipe.

All Things WEG: Website | Definite Entries | WEG Facebook | @normandie2014 | EN’s Coverage | EN’s Preview | FEI TV | Live Scores

6:50 a.m. EST: One American in the top 10 with Boyd still to come. That top 10 is looking fierce! We’re off to the lunch break now and will conclude dressage with our afternoon open thread at 8 a.m. EST.


6:48 a.m. EST: Another great test from Germany coming from Dirk Schrade and Hop and Skip.


6:44 a.m. EST:

6:42 a.m. EST: Jock and Clifton Promise have scored a 38! Just the second we’ve seen in the 30s. Jock tells Promise he’s a good boy and looks elated.

Jock 2

6:38 a.m. EST:

6:36 a.m. EST: So great to see Jock back at it on such a big stage. Getting some lovely marks so far.


6:33 a.m. EST:

6:29 a.m. EST: What a lovely mare. And just eight years old. Poland’s Jacek Jeruzal riding Flandia 2.


6:28 a.m. EST: How cute (and spot on) is this? Video by Gamal Awad.

6:26 a.m. EST: 20 penalties separate 1st from 46th place currently. #notadressageshow

6:19 a.m. EST: Eveline Bodenmuller and Jiva De La Brasserie CH attacked their medium trot.


6:14 a.m. EST: Another powerhouse Great Britain rider, Kristina Cook and De Novo News are underway. Looking quite relaxed.


6:06 a.m. EST:

6:01 a.m. EST: The Brazilian team is delighted after a lovely test from Ruy. 44.2 and eighth place!


5:56 a.m. EST: Brazil’s Ruy Fonseca and Tom Bombadill Too (how fun is that horse’s name to say? Try it) in the ring now and trending nicely for top 10.


5:52 a.m. EST:

5:48 a.m. EST: We’re back for the final group before the lunch break. Ireland’s Joseph Murphy and Electric Cruise are in the ring.


5:35 a.m. EST: Lovely test from Hawley and Gin & Juice. Should slide them into the top 15. Hawley looks pleased with her mare’s effort. [UPDATE] 14th place on a 47.8. Team Canada will be quite pleased! Second coffee break of the morning commencing now.


5:33 a.m. EST: Ginny is looking focused – this pair really puts on a sparkling show.


5:30 a.m. EST: Heads up Canada! Hawley Bennett-Awad and Gin & Juice are circling!

5:26 a.m. EST:

5:21 a.m. EST:

5:15 a.m. EST: Italy’s Stefano Fioravanti is the seventh helmeted rider we’ve seen today. Already trending towards more helmets than we saw yesterday! #mindyourmelon


5:14 a.m. EST:

5:10 a.m. EST:

5:07 a.m. EST: Lynn talks with EN about her test today.

5:01 a.m. EST: Shane Rose’s Taurus looks quite tense today but Shane does a good job keeping a lid on it.


4:57 a.m. EST: Qalao Des Mers another who isn’t a fan of crowd noise. Too bad he’s in front of his home crowd – big cheers for this pair! They go into ninth place with a 45.3.



4:54 a.m. EST:

4:51 a.m. EST: Riding for the home team, Maxime Livio and Qalao Des Mers are underway now. Who else has a thing for Selle Francais?


4:37 a.m. EST: The leaderboard remains relatively unchanged after the first group this morning. Plenty still to come, though! #watchoutWilly


4:33 a.m. EST: We all know Donner is not a fan of crowd noise, so he naturally came a bit undone after the final halt! Lynn will take a 53.0 into cross country tomorrow.

Lynn Symansky and Donner


4:31 a.m. EST: Nice looking changes from Donner so far. Lynn is doing a wonderful job of keeping him focused today.


4:29 a.m. EST: Lynn really went for it on her medium trot.


4:27 a.m. EST: USA cheering on Lynn and Donner, who are down centerline now!


4:24 a.m. EST:

4:23 a.m. EST: Hawley Bennett-Awad and Gin & Juice taking in the sights. This Canadian pair will ride at the end of the second group this morning.

Via the Hawley Bennett Eventing Facebook page.

Via the Hawley Bennett Eventing Facebook page.

4:21 a.m. EST: FYI!

4:20 a.m. EST: The only rider for South Africa, Alexander Peternell and Ash in the ring now. Lovely looking horse, but struggling to receive the judges’ approval.


4:12 a.m. EST: Another veteran German pair, Peter Thomsen and Horseware’s Barny. Peter is a definitely one that we amateurs can look up to!


4:08 a.m. EST: Lots of emotion for Sebastien’s connections!


4:07 a.m. EST: We feel you, Cobie!

4:03 a.m. EST: What an elegant horse Tarango De Lully CH is! Ridden by Switzerland’s Sebastien Poirier.


4:00 a.m. EST: Irish represent!


3:56 a.m. EST: Ireland’s Camila Speirs and Portersize Just a Jiff are underway now. This little horse is also giving his all, he just isn’t as big of a mover as some others we’ve seen.


3:54 a.m. EST: Lucy looked positively thrilled with her debut at WEG. She will go into equal sixth with Phillip Dutton on 43.6.

3:50 a.m. EST: Willy Do is trying his little heart out for New Zealand’s Lucy Jackson. This pair are putting in a lovely test so far. Very relaxed.


3:48 a.m. EST:

3:44 a.m. EST: Kim and Sparky have gone in for the individual test! Sparky is a bit up today, but if anyone can rein him in, it’s veteran rider Kim.

Kim Severson and Fernhill Fearless


3:37 a.m. EST: Good morning, Laine!

3:36 a.m. EST:

Brave in the extended canter, hope that gets him better marks. Neat first change. The horse looks a bit overawed by the surroundings.
— Event Riders Assoc (@EventRidersAssc) August 29, 2014

3:32 a.m. EST: And we’re underway! Oliver Townend and Black Tie are first in and look ready to get their weekend started.

3:15 a.m. EST: The sun is shining bright here at Haras du Pin, a welcome change from yesterday’s gloom and rain. Everyone is in cheery spirits and we’re looking forward to watching two Team USA riders lead off today’s competition — Kim Severson and Fernhill Fearless are second to go and Lynn Symansky and Donner are eighth on the schedule. William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning currently hold the lead on a score of 37.5 with two German riders on his heels, Michael Jung in second on a 40.7 and Ingrid Klimke in third on a 41.2.

WEG Happy Hour: UAE Triumps in Endurance, Reiners Get a Second Chance

Another exciting (albeit muddy!) day is wrapping up in Normandy, with more medals decided and others being hotly contested. Before we get started, though, we must send our sincerest condolences to Costa Rican endurance rider Claudia Romero Chacon, whose horse Dorado suffered a fatal fall 400 meters from the first checkpoint on course today.

Claudia was also injured and was taken to a hospital, but was conscious. The FEI released the following information:

“The FEI has conducted an immediate investigation into the circumstances of this tragic incident and the investigation shows that the horse struck a tree at the side of the track in a forested area. The horse sustained a head injury and died instantly. There are no signs that the horse slipped prior to the impact.

“She is in a serious but stable condition. Sadly her horse was killed instantly in the incident. There were two unrelated incidents in which two riders sustained minor injuries:

  • Isha Judd (URU) suffered a fractured right femur in a fall.
  • Alberto Morales Morales (CRC) was taken to hospital for observation after complaining of neck pain having completed the first loop.”

HE Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohd Al Maktoum and Yamamah took home the individual honors, representing the United Arab Emirates, in the endurance race today, with an average speed of 19.68. Their total time was 8:08:28. The horse’s average cool-down time was 1:54, which is incredible considering the efforts made on such a grueling trek.

The Netherlands take home silver, with rider Marijke Visser and Laiza de Jalima coming home with a time of 8:19:07. Qatar’s Abdulrahman Saad A.S Al Sulaiteen and Koheilan Kincso bring up bronze with a total time of 8:56:23 and an average speed of 17.92.

Endurance Coverage Links:

Normandy Discipline Page

Germany Out of the Race

You Know You’re an Endurance Fan When…

The reining competitors continued their individual competition today, vying for a chance to qualify for the individual final held on Saturday. The riders who were placed 15th through 20th were able to have a second chance to qualify for the final competition, and Troy Heikes and Lil Gun Dunit were able to get back in contention as individuals for the U.S. after scoring a 220.

The start list is now available for Saturday’s individual final. Be sure to cheer on your favorites as they vie for the medals one last time!

Reining Coverage Links:

Normandy Discipline Page

Second Individual Day Recap

Portrait of the Day: Shawn Flarida


WEG Eventing Afternoon Dressage Open Thread: Fox-Pitt Takes Command, USA in Fifth for Team Standings

Welcome to the afternoon session of dressage at WEG! We’ll be bringing you live updates from the competition each day, so keep refreshing this page for all of the insanity (or as much insanity as there can be in dressage!) coming down the pipe today.

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11:18 a.m. EST: And that’s a wrap for day one! Stay tuned for a full recap, and we’ll be back tomorrow with more live action!

11:16 a.m. EST: Here are your top 10 after the first day of dressage completes. For the team standings, Great Britain on top, followed by Germany and New Zealand. The Netherlands are in fourth, and the USA are in fifth. Canada still has two more riders to go tomorrow and is in eighth overall.


Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

11:15 a.m. EST: What a turnout today!

11:14 a.m. EST: The last rider of the day is in the ring! Denmark’s Peter Tersgov Flarup and CTS Twin Peaks will close out competition for the day.


11:13 a.m. EST: Big cheers for Rodolphe. Our thoughts are with him and his family.

11:10 a.m. EST: With the last rider circling, our helmet count for the day is at 10, including all three USA riders. Roughly half of the horses had on ear bonnets. More # fun to come after day two!

11:09 a.m. EST: We can’t wait!

11:05 a.m. EST: Finishing up our day one with the second to last ride, French rider Rodolphe Scherer and the lovely Makara Demontiege.


10:59 a.m. EST: Where can we get some?

10:57 a.m. EST: Individual rider for Finland Sanna Siltakorpi and Lucky Accord trending for top 10 currently.


10:55 a.m. EST:

10:50 a.m. EST: Chinese individual rider Alex Hua Tian and Harbour Pilot C in the ring now. Trending for 13th currently.


10:48 a.m. EST:

10:44 a.m. EST: More clarification on the spur rule.

10:41 a.m. EST: Riding as a GBR individual, Nicola Wilson and Annie Clover earning some nice marks.


10:39 a.m. EST: In case anyone was wondering Ingrid Klimke’s lack of spurs (or perhaps they were black and hard to see?).

10:33 a.m. EST: As CZE’s Martin Maivald and Gomba begin their test, we’re seeing some more clouds rolling in. More #WoodstockWEG on tap?


10:32 a.m. EST:

10:29 a.m. EST: New hashtag alert! #WoodstockWEG

10:25 a.m. EST: Next up, Australia’s Bill Levett and Shannondale Titan.


10:22 a.m. EST: Big pats for FRH Escada. Not quite enough to catch the leaders, but still a 41.2 and third place!


10:21 a.m. EST: We’ve dispatched Chinch to WFP’s yard, but have a sinking feeling he might get turned away without the formula you seek.

10:20 a.m. EST:

10:18 a.m. EST: Ingrid Klimke and FRH Escada JS in the right now. Trending solidly for second place currently.


10:14 a.m. EST:

10:10 a.m. EST:

10:09 a.m. EST: Almost finished for the day, and here are your top 10 going into the final break of the day. Eight more to go after this last break.


10:07 a.m. EST: What a way to come back! Tim Price and Wesko get off to a shaky start but take a breath and fight their way back to score a 42.2 to go into third place!


10:05 a.m. EST: Me first!

10:02 a.m. EST: Luhmühlen winners Tim Price and Wesko not off to the best of starts so far, but have clawed their way back up to the 70s.


9:57 a.m. EST: Poland’s Marta Dziak-Gierlicz and Vacat JP go for the big canter.


9:54 a.m. EST: We don’t think we can allow that to happen!

9:53 a.m. EST:

9:52 a.m. EST: Weather is looking much brighter at Haras du Pin.


9:47 a.m. EST: Yes, it is quite tall! #FashionPolice


9:43 a.m. EST: William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning take the lead from Michael Jung with a score of 37.3. We’ve broken into the 30s!

9:41 a.m. EST: Did you expect anything else? William and Chilli Morning have shown us how it’s done!


9:40 a.m. EST: William grabbing a lot of 8s out there. Looking good so far.


9:36 a.m. EST:

9:34 a.m. EST:

9:33 a.m. EST: Well done, Sarah!

9:29 a.m. EST: The EN Fashion Police (ok, that’s not really a thing, but it definitely should be) are loving this shadbelly on Spain’s Cristina Pinedo Sendagorta, riding Helena XII.


9:25 a.m. EST: Gabriel Figueiredo Silva Cury and former Mark Todd mount Grass Valley are in the ring now.

Grass Valley

9:20 a.m. EST: Cheering on Team USA!


9:16 a.m. EST: Ireland’s Sarah Ennis and Horseware Stellor Rebound looking polished. Sarah is rocking the tan breeches today.


9:12 a.m. EST: Elaine Pen’s thoughts on cross country.

9:05 a.m. EST: Your top 10 going into the first break of the afternoon.


9:02 a.m. EST: They lost their rhythm in the canter work, which will drop them down more than they’d surely like, but Jessie was still beaming at the final salute. A 50.2 for 7th place – strong start for Canada!

Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti


8:58 a.m. EST: Next up for Canada, Jessie Phoenix and Pavarotti. Looking keen yet relaxed, trending in third/fourth place currently.


8:56 a.m. EST: Elaine scores a 42.3 to go into second place. Michael Jung still has a bit of breathing room on his 40.7.

Elaine Pen and Vira

8:52 a.m. EST: Elaine Pen (NED) and Vira are really showing off. Currently trending a 70.33%, which would be good for third.


8:47 a.m. EST: Here’s another who’s raring to get out on Pierre Michelet’s course on Saturday. Italy’s Evelina Bertoli and Leitrim Orient Express.


8:44 a.m.: Looks like the sun is finally peeking through!

8:40 a.m. EST: Malin did a good job keeping the lid on Sofarsogood, who clearly has his sights set on cross country. 61.3 for their score.


8:38 a.m. EST: Phillip shares his thoughts with EN.

8:37 a.m. EST: Boyd and Lindsey look on during Phillip’s test.

Via USEF Eventing High Performance Facebook page.

Via USEF Eventing High Performance Facebook page.

8:35 a.m. EST:

8:34 a.m. EST: Look at that smile! Sweden’s Malin Petersen is rocking the helmet aboard Sofarsogood.


8:32 a.m. EST: Solid start for Australia so far.

 8:28 a.m. EST: Christopher Burton (AUS) and TS Jamaimo putting in a workmanlike and obedient test. Don’t count this guy out – he won the Adelaide CCI4* with this horse on a CATCH RIDE.

Chris Burton

8:25 a.m. EST: Cedric will go into third after scoring a 47.3 on home turf.

8:21 a.m. EST: Phillip getting plenty of media love.

8:20 a.m. EST: France’s second team rider, Cedric Lyard and Cadeau Du Roi look poised to put in a very competitive performance today.


8:11 a.m. EST: Belgium’s Constantin Van Rijckevorsel and Goodwins Reef make a very stately picture.


8:10 a.m. EST: Too much star power in one shot! Michael Jung waiting for Mark Todd to finish his interview.

8:05 a.m. EST: Phillip has absolutely thrown down in the sandbox this morning. John Kyle says “This is really, really good.” They’ve scored a 43.8 to go into second!

Phillip Dutton and Trading Aces. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Phillip Dutton and Trading Aces. Photo by Jenni Autry.


8:03 a.m. EST:

8:02 a.m. EST: And Phillip is in the ring.


8:00 a.m. EST: Boyd is cheering on his mate!


7:57 a.m. EST: Now those are some hungry WEG fans!

WEG Morning Dressage Open Thread: Michael Jung Holds Lead, USA in Top Four

Welcome to the first morning of WEG competition! We’ll be bringing you live updates from the competition each day, so keep refreshing this page for all of the insanity (or as much insanity as there can be in dressage!) coming down the pipe today.

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6:52 a.m. EST: We’ll be back at 8 a.m. EST with a new open thread for the afternoon session. Phillip Dutton and Trading Aces are first up after the break.

6:51 a.m. EST: Your top 10 going into the lunch break. Team USA is holding their own in the top four! Sinead is the best of the individual competitors so far. Live scores here.



6:48 a.m. EST: Russia’s Igor Atrokhov and Indigo Pyreneen, an Anglo Arab, have finished their test as the final pair before the lunch break.


6:47 a.m. EST: What a great looking family!

6:43 a.m. EST: Frederico Mexia De Almbda and Play the Joker, riding for Portugal as individuals, slide into the top 10 with a 56.8. Just one more to go before the lunch break.


6:20 a.m. EST: Well-played, Tate!

6:19 a.m. EST: Their score of 50.8 is good enough to push them into fourth place — maybe not the flawless test of a lifetime Sinead was hoping for but this ain’t a dressage show and they’re certainly within striking distance. Sinead looked like she was beating herself up hard walking out of the arena but her team looks happy! Screenshot_20(1) 6:17 a.m. EST: Lovely test with the exception of an unfortunate and, at this championship level, costly error at the end.

Sinead Halpin and Manoir de Carneville 2


6:13 a.m. EST: Sinead and Tate now in the ring, competing as individuals for Team USA. Come’on, Tate, you’re in your homeland — show ‘em what you’re made of.

6:09 a.m. EST: Belarus rider Alena Tseliapushkina (what a last name!) and Passat struggled with tension through their test for a 62.2. From Sally Spickard over on the Live Blog: Untitled Passat(2) 6:04 a.m. EST: Francisco Seabra and Zarthago of Portugal, yet another first-time four-star pair, earn a 63.7. Francisco 5:56 a.m. EST: Austria’s lone wolf Harald Siegel and Luis W have a hard act to follow. Not only is this the horse’s first four-star — he has to follow Mark Todd and Michael Jung into the ring!

5:48 a.m. EST: One of our Live Blog participants pointed out an exciting fun fact: Untitled Hop on over to the blog to chat in realtime with other diehard eventing fans who are watching the FEI livestream at the crack of dawn. 5:46 a.m. EST: The leaderboard at the second break. Untitled

5:37 a.m. EST: The crowd went wild when his scores were announced. #superstar unnamed 5:35 a.m. EST: And then along came Michael Jung, who moves into the lead ON HIS SECOND STRING HORSE. michael

5:35 a.m. EST: Mark Todd and his handsome Leonidas II move into second on a score of 49.2. Mark Todd and Leonidas II

5:25 a.m. EST: Here comes Toddy!


5:16 a.m. EST: Buck still clinging to the lead. USA! USA! But strap in, folks — some heavy hitters coming up, with Mark Todd and Michael Jung next in the ring back-to-back. Some post-test photos from the USEF Eventing High Performance Facebook page: Untitled 5:10 a.m. EST: Switzerland’s Jasmin Gambirasio and Thats It, another first-time four-star pair, earn a score of 66. jasmin 5:03 a.m. EST: Britain’s Zara Phillips and High Kingdom just finishing their test, sneaking past Maria on a score of 54.7 to move into third. Announcer John Kyle on the worsening conditions: “It’s just turned a bit miserable here.”

Zara Phillips and High Kingdom

zara gif

4:58 a.m. EST: Maria Pinedo and Windsor H have a pleasant, accurate test to move into third on a score of 54.8. This is their first attempt at the four-star level. windsor h

4:53 a.m. EST: Some sad news coming in from the endurance competition. From a just-released statement:

A horse and rider suffered a fall during the first loop of the Endurance competition at Sartilly (FRA) shortly after 8:30 a.m. today. Costa Rican rider Claudia Romero Chacon and Dorado (no 50) fell 400 metres before the first check point on the course. Tragically the horse was fatally injured in the fall. The rider was also injured in the fall, but was conscious when she was taken to hospital by ambulance. An update on her condition will be issued as soon as it is available.

4:44 a.m. EST: Next session starting up!

4:39 a.m. EST: Spectators looking a bit grumpy in the rain. unnamed 4:36 a.m. EST: Buck and Reggie lead on a score of 48.7 at the first break. Untitled 4:29 a.m. EST: A “fine Irish mist” coming down on the heads of Sam Watson and Horseware Bushman for Ireland, who earn a 59.8 to put them in sixth position at the first break. sam watson 4:25 a.m. EST: Peter Barry and Kilrodan Abbott kick things off for the Canadian team, earning a score of 60.7. Peter salute

4:15 a.m. EST:

4:13 a.m. EST: Andrew Heffernan and Boleybawn Ace of the Netherlands score a 55. This is their first attempt at the 4-star level. Andrew 4:08 a.m. EST: Giovanni Ugolatti and Stilo Kontika of Italy score a 60. unnamed

3:55 a.m. EST: Sam Griffiths and Paulank Brockagh now in the ring. After winning Badminton in the slop earlier this year, the mud here may work in this pair’s favor. They earn a score of 53.3.

3:53 a.m. EST: French rider Pascal Leroy and Minos De Petra finish on a score of 55.

Pascal Leroy Walk Pirouette

3:37 a.m. EST: And the first American score is on the board! Buck and Reggie finish on a penalty score of 48.7. A smooth, solid test from a veteran U.S. horse/rider combination who’ll be Team USA’s trailblazer cross-country on Saturday. John Kyle has just called the U.S. team the “strongest in a long time.”


3:33 a.m. EST:

Buck Davidson and Balleynoe Castle RM

Buck Davidson and Balleynoe Castle RM 2

Images courtesy of FEI TV.

Images courtesy of FEI TV.

 3:29 a.m. EST: Buck And Reggie is ready to go in!



Team and Individual Announcements Emerging for WEG

Kim Severson and Fernhill Fearless. Photo by Jenni Autry. Kim Severson and Fernhill Fearless. Photo by Jenni Autry.

On the heels of a mostly successful first horse inspection for the eventers in Normandy, the team and individual riders are being announced for their respective countries. As we announced earlier this week, the U.S. has already named their designations. We will continue to update this post as more announcements come in. Dressage kicks off at 9:30 am local time/3:30 am EST. You can view the ride times by clicking here.

We will also have a live blog and an open thread running for all phases of competition, so stop by if you’re braving the night hours and catch up on all things WEG.

#WEG2014: WebsiteSchedule & ResultsEN’s CoverageEN’s Guide to EventingFEI TVFEI TV’s YouTubeWEG FacebookEN’s InstagramFantasy Eventing,@eventingnation

United States


Buck Davidson and Carl and BallyNoe Castle RM

Phillip Dutton and Trading Aces

Boyd Martin and Shamwari 4

Lynn Symansky and Donner


Sinead Halpin and Manoir de Carneville

Kim Severson and Fernhill Fearless

Sam Griffiths and Paulank Brockagh at Badminton. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Sam Griffiths and Paulank Brockagh at Badminton. Photo by Jenni Autry.



Sam Griffiths and Paulank Brockagh

Chris Burton and TS Jamaimo

Shane Rose and Taurus

Paul Tapner and Kilronan

Note: Shane Rose was originally slated to ride CP Qualified, but has gone with his alternate horse, Taurus, after CP Qualified came up with a minor hoof injury.


Bill Levett and Shannondale Titan

Stuart Tinney and Pluto Mio

Harry Meade and Wild Lone at Badminton. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Harry Meade and Wild Lone at Badminton. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Great Britain


Tina Cook and De Novo News

Harry Meade and Wild Lone

Zara Phillips and High Kingdom

William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning


Oliver Townend and Black Tie II

Nicola Wilson and Annie Clover

Aoife and Ellie at Blenheim. Photo by Samantha Clark.

Aoife and Ellie at Blenheim. Photo by Samantha Clark.



Aoife Clark with Fenya’s Elegance

Sarah Ennis with Horseware Stellor Rebound

Joseph Murphy with Electric Cruise

Sam Watson with Horseware Bushman


Camilla Speirs and Portersize Just a Jiff

Clare Abbott with Euro Prince

Crown Talisman Sold to Nick Gauntlett

Doug Payne and Crown Talisman. Photo by Sally Spickard. Doug Payne and Crown Talisman. Photo by Sally Spickard.

Doug Payne has just announced the sale of one of the top horses in his barn, Crown Talisman, to UK eventer Nick Gauntlett. Doug and Crown Talisman had enjoyed success together at the three-star level, and the horse was slated to compete in his first CCI4* at Pau this fall, thanks to a Land Rover Competition Grant.

Nick Gauntlett is a successful international event rider, and will utilize his wealth of international competition experience to continue producing the 2003 Thoroughbred/Holsteiner gelding.

Doug posted the following statement in his blog:

This is a post I never, in a million, years envisioned writing; however, here I am typing away.

A few weeks back Jess and I met with a good friend and supporter to get some advice about a lot of raw land available for sale just behind the farm which we currently rent. Without much in the way of financial resources the inexpensive acreage looked appealing on the surface. That evening, after checking out the land, we started looking into comparable property in the area to better evaluate our options and the prospects of development. While Jess and I had searched online before, we were shocked to find what appears to be perfect farm. The question then becomes how in the world could we afford it!

Two days later I received a call from Liz Millikin on behalf of Joanne Bridgman (both Agents) asking whether I’d ever consider parting with Tali. My initial thought, was not a chance. After discussing with Jess and sleeping on it, I decided if it meant we could buy the farm I’d have to consider it. A week or so later Nick Gauntlett arrived at our place in Raleigh.

I’m as attached to him as much as I’ve ever been to a horse. He has been with me now for 6 years from his very first event to Saumur this spring. The thought of selling him has literally woke me up multiple times during the past few weeks. However, after speaking to a number of people I respect both in and out of the horse world, I’m confident this is the right decision. Certainly doesn’t make it an easy one!

I’m comforted by the fact that after getting to know Nick, his riding style and care of his horses I know Tali will have a great future. I will always be his biggest fan and hope nothing but the best for the two of them. I’ll be rooting for them at Rio!

We would like to wish Nick and “Tali” the best of luck in their new endeavors, and while we are certainly sad to see a top prospect parted with, we know that the horse will be in excellent hands for his future.

You can read more about Doug and Jess’ new farm in Apex, Nc. via the PRO Blog here.

WEG Happy Hour: Two Americans in Grand Prix Special Top 10, Dujardin Wins Again

The top 30 riders from the Grand Prix competition moved forward to the Grand Prix Special today, and it was the Charlotte Dujardin game again as she and Valegro claimed the top prize. Despite having a few errors in her test, Charlotte and Valegro earned an 86.120% to win over Germany’s Helen Langehanenberg and Damon Hill NRW, who earned an 84.468%.

Images courtesy of FEI TV.

Images courtesy of FEI TV.

Germany also picked up third position with Kristina Sprehe and Desperados FRH, who scored a 79.762%.

The U.S. had a good day today, and first time WEG rider Laura Graves and Verdades slid into the top 10 in eighth position after scoring a 77.157%. Steffan Peters with Legolas 92 scored a 75.742% for 10th place overall; both will move into the Freestyle competition on Friday.


Dressage Coverage Links:

Normandy Discipline Page

Individual Marks (for the numbers nerds out there!)

Valegro Wins Again

Horse & Hound Talks with Carl Hester

Sophie Wells’ Dressage Blog

Para-dressage horses and riders also competed today, with Hannelore Brenner and Women of the World continuing their domination in the Grade III competition to clinch the individual gold medal. This is a sentimental championship year for Hannelore, who has said that this may well be her last championship attempt with her 19-year-old mare.

The top seven riders from the Grade III competition will move into the Freestyle competition on Friday:

  1. Hannelore Brennan (GER) – Women Of The World
  2. Sanne Voets (NED) – Vedet PB N.O.P
  3. Susanne Jensby Sunesen (DEN) – Thy’s Que Faire
  4. Ann Cathrin Lubbe (NOR) – Porsborggaardens Donatello
  5. Annika Lykke Risum (DEN) – Aros A Fenris
  6. Roberta Sheffield (CAN) – Bindro T
  7. Steffen Zeibig (GER) – Feel Good 4

Para-Dressage Coverage Links:

Normandy Discipline Page

Grade III Recap

Another Victory for Lee Pearson

Para-Dressage Results and Individual Marks

Interview with Natasha Baker:

Chez Phillip Episode Four:

Wednesday Video from KPP: WEG Day Four Preview

It’s finally here – eventing time at #WEG2014! While the dressage, para-dressage, and reining competitions will continue, the endurance and eventing phases will begin, bringing us to what we’ve all been waiting for here at EN.

As Jenni reported earlier, 98 horses have passed the first horse inspection and will be moving on to the dressage phase tomorrow. In case you’re looking for broadcast information, here’s some vital information for you:

Universal Sports Broadcast Schedule

FEI TV Broadcast Schedule


Social Media Corral: U.S. and Canadian Horses Pass First Horse Inspection

We’ll have a full recap on the jog later on today, if our poor EN souls can find suitable WiFi, but in the meantime, let’s get three cheers for our North Americans for passing the first horse inspection with flying colors!

I’ve been following social media this morning, eager to get the word on the U.S. and Canadian riders as they trotted up for the first time at WEG. The U.S. has drawn first to go, and so were the first to jog down the strip.

USA! USA! Photo via USEF Eventing High Performance on Facebook.

USA! USA! Photo via USEF Eventing High Performance on Facebook.

Being the first team drawn, the U.S. riders will also be out early on the cross country course on Saturday, which is great news as far as the footing is concerned. Once the riders are able to walk the course with David O’Connor, the order of go will be determined.

Speaking of the cross country course…

The U.S. riders looked sharp in navy blazers and dark denim, which made for a classic and understated look. Just look at that backdrop!

Photo via Lynn Symansky Equestrian Facebook page.

Photo via Lynn Symansky Equestrian Facebook page.

No word received yet on whether or not Buck wore his lucky socks, but we can only assume that they were the first thing he packed!

Photo via the USEF Eventing High Performance Facebook page.

Photo via the USEF Eventing High Performance Facebook page.

Meanwhile, the Canadian riders strutted their stuff down the strip for the first time, also passing with flying colors.

Somehow we feel like Ginny's favorite activity is not waiting. Photo via Hawley Bennett on Facebook.

Somehow we feel like Ginny’s favorite activity is not waiting. Photo via Hawley Bennett on Facebook.

The Canadians also looked sharp in their jog outfits. While Eventing NZ tweeted that the outfits were “unusual,” I think they’re quite festive and bring a great, fresh feel to jog day.

Photo via Hawley Bennett on Instagram.

Photo via Hawley Bennett on Instagram.

In some sad news, Ludwig Svennerstall’s horse, Alexander, was sent to the holding box after jogging and has subsequently been withdrawn from competition.

It looks like Mark Todd had a bit of a misadventure during his trip down the lane:

Stay tuned for many more sights and sounds from Normandy. Also, we’ve installed the fancy Twitter widget on the main page, so you can keep up with all things WEG in real time by checking in there. The jog is still in progress, and we wish all horses and riders the best of luck as we prepare for the first day of eventing competition.


WEG Wake-Up: Behind the Scenes and Day Two Highlights

If you are not an FEI TV subscriber, the FEI Channel and Universal Sports are doing a wonderful job of providing highlights and a look behind the scenes at WEG this year. It helps those of us who are stuck at home to feel more in the loop, so many thanks to the FEI and Universal Sports for helping us be even less productive at work than we already were!

We shared episodes one through four of the Behind the Scenes show hosted by Julie Labailly, and now Julie is back with more adventures in Caen. In the latest episode, Julie goes looking for the perfect reining outfit to cheer on the reining fans. Lesson learned? Always wear a cowboy hat!

We also learn how to properly cheer like a true reining fan – trust me, I want to check out one of these competitions simply for that reason!

Also shared on the FEI Channel yesterday were highlights from day two of competition. Be sure to tune in for scenes from Team USA’s gold medal winning runs, as well as from Charlotte Dujardin’s winning Grand Prix ride in the dressage.

Universal Sports has some more highlights from Team USA’s reining triumph yesterday. Anyone getting a hankering to pick up reining after watching this a few times?

Germany once again has stamped themselves firmly as a powerhouse in the dressage world, taking home team gold despite the best efforts of Great Britain and Charlotte Dujardin. Now, the question is, can we beat them in eventing?

Today, dressage riders will move on to the Individual Grand Prix Special, while the Para-Dressage riders will contest the second round of team and individual competition. Stay tuned for much more from France, including a recap of the first horse inspection for the eventing horses!