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Tuesday Videos from SpectraVET: Watch Indoor Eventing from Stuttgart German Masters

A few rounds from last week’s Indoor Derby at the Stuttgart German Masters are beginning to pop up, and we’re enjoying reliving the action from an exciting night of competition. The course was set at 2* level for competitors, who rode everything from seasoned four-star horses to younger horses who were newer to the level.

As we know, French rider Sidney Dufresne took home the win, followed closely by Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST.  You can check out Sidney’s winning round below:

Das Highlight gestern Abend war ganz klar das Indoor Derby! Der Franzose Sidney Dufresne Eventing mit Looping de Buissy…

Posted by on Thursday, November 19, 2015

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SmartPak Presents: “If Horses Were People … at Mealtime”

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new episode of “If Horses Were People” from our friends at SmartPak, but this new video is worth the wait! What is your horse like at mealtime? We’re positive you’ll identify with one of these scenarios … and if not, this only Part I of this series!

Enjoy, and many thanks to SmartPak for sharing another hilarious video.

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin

I’ll admit it: I’m a big time social media stalker. I’ve come to terms with it, and really I’m mostly stalking people’s horses, which makes me feel more secure about it. My point is, a lot of new OTTBs are popping up on my timeline, which is so exciting and also a reminder that the tracks are closing down for the winter. This means that it’s a great time to go bargain shopping for a new horse if you’re ready to take one on.

Here are a few of our favorite OTTB listings from the past week! Don’t forget to email if one of these horses becomes yours!

Photo courtesy of the Maker's Mark Secretariat Center.

Photo courtesy of the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

This guy popped up on my Facebook last night, and I was instantly taken with his lovely gaits and nice attitude. Lion Fish (Student CouncilTyne, by Awesome Again) is a 2011 gelding with just one start (and one win!) under his belt at Churchill Downs. Lion Fish stands 16.2 hands high and is said to be the prince everyone has been looking for. This is a seriously athletic guy who is just oozing with potential — don’t forget to watch the video on his page!

Lion Fish on Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center

Photo via Finger Lakes Finest.

Photo via Finger Lakes Finest.

If you’re looking for tall, dark and handsome, look no further than Tony D (Touch GoldParty Cited, by Alleged), who sold for $400,000 as a yearling but won just once in 23 starts. A 2010 model standing 17 hands, Tony D is said to have a kind attitude and a great build and natural movement to make him a great fit for the sport horse world.

Tony D on Finger Lakes Finest

Photo used with permission from CANTER PA.

Photo used with permission from CANTER PA.

Lastly this week is this beautiful girl, Quiet Prediction, available through CANTER PA. Quiet Prediction (Real QuietCozzmic Wonder, by Cozzene) has a great sire in Real Quiet and is super athletic and ready to move on to a sporting home. Quiet Prediction raced 14 times, winning second and just about $29,000 during her career. She last raced in April of 2015, so she’s had some time to come down from her racing fitness a bit.

Quiet Prediction on CANTER PA

Sunday Video: Shamwari Gets Back to Work

Look who’s out stretching his legs, EN! That’s right — one of the stars of Boyd Martin’s barn, Shamwari 4, is back in work and looking happy to be back to it. We haven’t seen much of Shamwari, a 13-year-old Hanoverian owned by the Shamwari 4 Syndicate, since WEG in 2014 and we aren’t sure of Boyd’s plans for him just yet. Regardless, it’s good to see him out and about!

On Sibling Rivalry and Starting Out Young

Ben Noonan and Covergirl Angel at Queeny Park Horse Trials. Photo by Kick On Photo. Ben Noonan and Covergirl Angel at Queeny Park Horse Trials. Photo by Kick On Photo.

There’s something special about seeing a driven and talented kid who is just starting out in the sport of eventing. There’s something even more special when you meet a pair of siblings who are each fiercely dedicated to their sport of choice — it’s a feeling that makes you sit up and pay attention and think, “I should probably remember these names for the future.”

That’s what happened when I met Ben and Bridget Noonan while competing my young horse at Heritage Park in Olathe, Ks. this fall. I had seen this duo earlier in the year during a photography job and was impressed by what seemed to be great attitudes and a willingness to learn.

But then I asked Ben, 11, how he thought his Starter cross country course rode while we were waiting in the warm-up for show jumping. He immediately launched into a Boyd Martin-esque analysis of his course, telling me how his horse — whom he had just gotten the month before — handled each question and what he thought he could improve on going forward. I was blown away by his educated answer so much that I could only respond with, “Yeah, me too.”

Ben’s sister, Bridget, is the same way. At 15, she’s also started her eventing career on an Appendix Quarter Horse named I Did It Ina Minute (“Mikey”), a saintly horse who is a jack of all trades and a perfect educator for a young rider. Bridget is as poised and well spoken as her younger brother, and the impression these two kids left stayed with me as I thought about the up and coming generation of the sport and what it takes to truly become a student of eventing.

The Noonan siblings have had the privilege of growing up on a hunter/jumper farm, Noonan Farms, in Chesterfield, Mo. This has afforded them the opportunity of learning to ride anything and everything that comes their way, and they’ve worked hard to produce the horses chosen to take them into the eventing world.

Bridget Noonan and I Did It Ina Minute at Queeny Park. Photo by Kick On Photo.

Bridget Noonan and I Did It Ina Minute at Queeny Park. Photo by Kick On Photo.

Training with Ellen Sadler at Capitol Farms, these kids know the meaning of hard work and the importance of humility in a sport that’s quick to remind you of just how lowly you are. They got their start with eventing just a few years ago, wanting to combine a love of dressage with the exciting addition of jumping.

“When we first started, Ben loved dressage,” Bridget recalled. “We’d be in the arena, and Ben would be running around doing half-passes and pirouettes on foot. He was really fascinated by it. We wanted to combine the love of dressage with jumping.”

“I actually was terrified of jumping at first,” Ben said. “We went to a cross country schooling at Queeny Park with Camie Stockhausen, and both of our horses were bucking and running off. We called it the second running of the Kentucky Derby, but we kept getting back on. That’s when Ellen (Sadler) walked over to my dad and asked if she could train us.”

Ben and Bridget began trailering over to Ellen’s farm for lessons and quickly learned to love eventing, traveling to a few events to compete at Starter level and getting their sea legs out on cross country. Eventually, Ellen found a new horse for Ben to continue on after his first pony, Covergirl Angel, showed that cross country was not her favorite phase.

After just a few weeks with the new horse, also an Appendix named Rylee, Ben cruised around Heritage Park to finish in third in the Pre-Beginner Novice division, just ahead of his sister and “Mikey.”

Now, the Noonan kids are making plans for the 2016 season, anticipating a move up with their horses and keeping their goals for the future in mind.

“I have a pony who I’ve been asked to catch ride at the A shows this winter,” Ben said. “So I’m lucky to have that opportunity. I really want to move up to Beginner Novice next year — I’ve been doing starter for a year and a half now and would like to be able to move out of that.”

Ben and Covergirl Angel at Queeny Park. Photo by Kick On Photo.

Ben and Covergirl Angel at Queeny Park. Photo by Kick On Photo.

“Mikey will work on dressage all winter,” Bridget said. “We want to be able to finish up at Novice by the end of next season. We’ve also started looking at OTTBs to train — Ben and I want to eventually compete on horses we have trained, like Meghan O’Donoghue.”

What about the concept of “sibling rivalry”? Does this exist with such a close knit pair?

Ben laughs when I ask him this and says there is a lot of rivalry, but that it’s different. “It’s more telling people how good the other one is,” he said. “We always push each other and critique each other so much that we almost can’t be in the same arena.”

“Ben always beats me in the dressage,” Bridget said ruefully. “So that’s where the rivalry is. I will be working on dressage for two months before a show and Ben will be doing it two weeks before and he’ll still beat me.”

At the end of the day, though, it’s not about who comes out on top — a lesson Ellen has firmly instilled in Ben and Bridget. “One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from Ellen is that winning isn’t everything,” Bridget said. “The point of it is to really appreciate your horse.”

“It’s more about the experience than winning,” Ben added. “Ellen teaches you to be patient with your horse and that practice makes perfect. She will spend the whole day with you, walking courses multiple times, and all she asks for is a ‘thank you’ at the end.”

Bridget and Mikey having a blast at Queeny Park. Photo by Kick On Photo.

Bridget and Mikey having a blast at Queeny Park. Photo by Kick On Photo.

And, as with any aspiring eventer, there are always role models to emulate.

“I really like Michael Jung,” Ben said (smart kid). “Also, when I was eight, I was watching videos of Rolex, not even knowing that this was the top level of the sport or who anyone was, and I saw William Fox-Pitt and I thought, ‘Oh, I want to look like him.’ And then I found out who he was!”

Bridget seconded the William Fox-Pitt notion and also named Area IV amateur Jana Lyle as a role model. “She helped us with our dressage at Dunnabeck and she was just amazing,” she said. “The way she takes care of her horse and how she still smiles no matter what her result is — it’s really inspiring.”

Both siblings have big plans, each wanting to eventually compete at Rolex but aware of the road that lies ahead of them. In a conversation with Ben and Bridget, though, you find it easy to picture them, a few years older, representing hard work and dedication in the Rolex Arena in Kentucky.

When it comes down to it, it is kids like these who are the grassroots of the sport and the lifeline of eventing. These kids, who hang posters on their walls of William Fox-Pitt and Michael Jung, who model themselves after those who came before them. These kids, who get up each day with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve that goal. These kids, who remind us all of where we came from and how infinitely possible everything can be when you’re willing to work.

Kick on, Noonan kids. We’ll all be cheering for you.

Shane Rose Takes Home Historic Adelaide CCI4* Win

Shane Rose and CP Qualified. Photo by Stephen Mowbray Photography. Shane Rose and CP Qualified. Photo by Stephen Mowbray Photography.

It was a day to remember for Shane Rose, who is ticking the boxes on his quest to represent Australia at Rio next year. He certainly gave the selectors plenty to sit up and pay attention to in the final phase of the Adelaide CCI4*, jumping clear aboard Virgil and lowering one rail with CP Qualified to take first and second overall.

Shane did have a fence in hand with CP Qualified, who led through the entire weekend, and needed to use that during his round. Nonetheless, his final score of 49.3 was enough to clinch the win (over himself) and the only score in the 40s to end the weekend. CP Qualified is a 12-year-old Holsteiner gelding owned by Felicity and Elizabeth Wischer — this is his third CCI4* start, second placing within the top 8 or better, and his first win at the level.

Virgil, a 10-year-old gelding owned by Michelle Hasibar and Brett Jones, finishes up his first CCI4* start on a final score of 50.8 after seeing much success at the three-star level prior to his move up. It’s apparent now that Shane has a couple of different tools in his arsenal as he continues his Olympic campaign.

“I knew Clarke would be really hard to beat and we have about six Aussie guys that are here that I knew would be up there,” Shane said after his win. “I think both horses have performed very well and it would have been great to jump clear on Qualified but to run first and second in this field is what I was hoping I could do.”

Shane Rose takes his lap aboard Virgil with CP Qualified in tow. Photo courtesy of Julie Wilson / FEI.

Shane Rose takes his lap aboard Virgil with CP Qualified in tow. Photo courtesy of Julie Wilson / FEI.

“Before the event I said I would be pretty disappointed if I didn’t finish in the top four. I have very competitive horses and I felt if I did a good job that we’d be close. Coming down here I openly said here that this is where I wanted to qualify and get selected for Rio.”

Holding on to third place following show jumping is Clark Johnstone and Balmoral Sensation, an 11-year-old New Zealand Warmblood owned by the Johnstone Family, who also made his debut at the CCI4* level this weekend. Clark is also on the Olympic radar and will head to the UK in the spring to continue his quest to be named to the New Zealand team.

Clark Johnstone and Balmoral Sensation. Photo courtesy of Julie Wilson / FEI.

Clark Johnstone and Balmoral Sensation. Photo courtesy of Julie Wilson / FEI.

Sonja Johnson, a sheep farmer by day, moved up from 15th into fourth on cross country day and didn’t let go of that placing in the final phase, jumping double clear Parkiarrup Illicit Liason to finish on a three day score of 59.4. This horse evidently had an overreach coming in to the event, which put Sonja on the fence on competing him.

“He really had a poor preparation, as I have only been able to ride him for a few days,” she said. She certainly pulled it together for the weekend though and will be another one for the selectors to keep their eyes on as the next season begins.

It’s been a great weekend of eventing from Down Under, and we’d like to thank the FEI as well as the Adelaide press office for keeping us up to speed on the happenings — almost as good as being there ourselves!

We’d also like to take a moment to wish Kiwi photographer Libby Law all the best as she suffered a rollerblading accident and landed herself in the hospital before this event. We’re sad to not see her beautiful photos coming from Adelaide, but we hope to see her back in action soon!

Adelaide Links: Website, Scores, EN’s Coverage

Beat the Winter Blues with These Working Student Positions

This could be you! After your barn duties are done, of course. This could be you! After your barn duties are done, of course.

It’s the time of year when eventers who live in a climate where terrible things like snow and sub-freezing temperatures are a regular occurrence are packing their tack trunks and heading south for the winter.

It’s basically the beginning of a new season with the Florida circuit coming up, and many eventers are now looking for working students to help them out. Check out these listings and see if one may be a good fit for you!

Riders and trainers, if you have a listing you’d like to add please email Happy job hunting!

Aoife Clark (UK): A full time, permanent position has come up for an experienced groom to start as soon as possible. There is a comfortable on-site flat, fun and friendly established team to work with and a good package for the right person, but experience is a must. We have an exciting year ahead and some lovely horses aiming at the biggest three-days so lots of opportunities for the right person. Email at or call on 07884166069 for more details.

Daniel Clasing (PA/SC): In search of a new working student to join the team in Aiken starting in December and lasting through March. Position includes lessons and board for one horse, must provide your own housing. Responsibilities include barn chores, grooming and some riding ina 15+ horse barn. Learn all aspects of training from green broke to upper level event horses. For more information, email

Dana Cooke (NC): Kingfisher Park Equestrian is looking for a working student to start in December. We are looking for someone who is hard working, wants to learn and be a part of a successful team! This is an exciting opportunity to work with and learn from upper level Canadian event rider Dana Cooke at a world class equestrian facility! Contact to apply!

Phyllis Dawson (VA): Phyllis Dawson is looking for a long-term working student at Windchase beginning in early 2016. Receive daily lessons, full board for your horse, experience riding multiple horses, housing, and shipping to competitions, a package with a value of over $3000 per month – in return for barn work and horse care. You will be part of a top quality Eventing stable, train with an Olympic rider, and learning how to run a successful business. Plenty of riding opportunities and daily instruction, and top class facilities. Check out our Web site: We are in the heart of the Area II Eventing community. Bring your horse, ride and compete – or if you don’t have a horse take lessons on ours. We are looking for dedicated students who can commit to at least six months. Contact Phyllis at

Christa Gandolfo (FL): GET Equestrian is looking for a working student to start immediately through April (6 month minimum with option to stay longer). This position is for a hard working individual with a great attitude and personality who wants to learn from top Advanced and Three Star event rider, Christa Gandolfo. This is a rare opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise from Christa on running a top facility, starting young horses, and riding through the upper levels. Riding duties included depending on skill level. The position will offer board for one horse, full training including 5 lessons a week, and coaching at events. Housing will also be provided, making this a position you do not want to pass up. If this opportunity interests you please contact Christa at for further details.

Phillipa Humphreys (FL): Philippa Humphreys Eventing is looking for a working student to head south January through March. Small select group of horses in a professional setting. Terms and conditions negotiable, email for more info and available opportunities.

Leah Lang-Gluscic (FL): Working student position December 1 – May 1 in Ocala, FL. Responsibilities include tacking, feeding, mucking, riding, and possibly competing young horses for the right person. In exchange you get accommodations, a stall, two lessons a week, and coaching at events. Must be 18 and have your own vehicle. Would very much like to help someone achieve a major goal, great opportunity for someone going after young riders, an FEI event, or a qualification. Come learn the ins and outs of prepping a horse for Rolex! It’s a lot of work, but well worth it for the ambitious eventer! Email resume to

Liz Lund (FL): Have one position available for a full or part time working student in Ocala, FL. Fun and warm job! Learn what it’s like to run a small competition and sales program. Training stalls available as well. Contact Liz for more information!

Clark Montgomery (England): We are looking for a working student to join our team to help with riding and stable chores in our busy competition yard in England. Riding ability is priority. Salary and opportunity are flexible dependent on previous experience. Prefer a season commitment but could be shorter term if someone from the states is interested. Please PM me with questions or interest. [Clark Montgomery on Facebook]

Below are some additional recent listings from EN’s classifieds site Sport Horse Nation:

Tiffani Loudon-Meetze: Eventing working student opportunity with Tiffani Loudon-Meetze. Looking for a long term, highly motivated, hard working person wanting to improve their riding skills as well as gain knowledge in horse care and management. Lovely, low key facility with brand new apartment. We are located north of Columbia SC and 1 hr. from Aiken. We offer housing, board for 1 horse, weekly lessons & transport to shows. Opportunities to ride and have lessons on other horses too. Duties include feeding, turning in and out, stall cleaning, grooming, tack cleaning etc.. 5-6 days per week. If interested please send a brief resume with references to

Samantha St. Jacques (PA): St Jacques Equestrian has a position opening for a working student. We are located in Allentown, PA in the Lehigh Valley on a beautiful full service training facility. We are looking for a working student that is motivated, positive and hard working with a keen desire to improve. Please contact Samantha with resume, references and for more information. 561-601-3048

Benita Strini, Plain Dealing Farm (VA): Immediate opening for motivated, hard working individual at premier Eventing facility in Scottsville, VA. Position involves, but is not limited to, daily care of horses including mucking, feeding, turn-out, tacking/untacking, maintaining neat and tide stable as well as some riding. Position also includes traveling to away shows and FEI competitions as well as wintering in South Carolina. Board for one horse included as well as use of the fantastic facilities. Great opportunity for someone looking to gain knowledge and experience grooming and working with a great team of dedicated, horse loving, individuals. Salary DOA, benefits include housing, insurance and vacation time. Position is full time, grooming experience ideal, and riding experience a must.

Saturday Video: Michael Jung Casually Dresses as Luigi at Stuttgart

Casual, guys. Just keeping it casual. What happens when Stuttgart decides to hold a costume class? Michael Jung dresses up as Luigi, naturally. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, just Michael Jung showing us all how much he loves Mario and Luigi and how well he can pull off green!

What I really want to know is how he pulled off a near-perfect leg with what had to be pretty slick denim overalls on. If only I could pull off a show jump ride in overalls, my life would be complete.

Many thanks to YouTube user webstallions for the laugh this afternoon!

Shane Rose and CP Qualified Maintain Adelaide Lead after Wild Cross Country

Shane Rose and CP Qualified. Photo courtesy of Stephen Mowbray Photography. Shane Rose and CP Qualified. Photo courtesy of Stephen Mowbray Photography.

It was a nutty day of cross country yesterday for the CCI4* riders at Adelaide. Shane Rose had two rides in the CCI4*, CP Qualified and Virgil, and he piloted them both around clear with just a shade of time to now stand in both first and second heading into the finale.

Shane holds the only sub-50 score on the board, settling in with a 45.3 and a rail in hand over himself as Virgil, a four-star first-timer, is currently on a score of 50.8. Clarke Johnstone and Balmoral Sensation round out the top three on a two-phase score of 54.1. Things are certainly not insanely tight at the top of the leaderboard, but we know that show jumping at Adelaide tends to be influential.

“Virgil’s been ready for (this level for) a while, he’s a super horse, an amazing jumping machine,” Shane said. “He could win medals as a showjumping horse probably. He has a great gallop and today he was up on his time the whole way around.”

“With CP Qualified, I just need to touch up on a few things, I need to get my preparation for the (dressage) test a bit better,” he continued. Virgil just needs time to get stronger, he’s a big lump of a horse with super power.”

“I’ve got two exceptional horses so I’m very privileged. There’s a lot that could go wrong between now and tomorrow and then in the next nine months leading into Rio but so far everything is on track so we just need to make sure we keep going that way.”

Clark Johnstone and Balmoral Sensation. Photo by Julie Wilson / FEI.

Clark Johnstone and Balmoral Sensation. Photo by Julie Wilson / FEI.

It was a truly a day where anything could happen, and as it happened Christine Bates and Adelaide Hill clipped an irrigation line on one of the galloping paths on course:

Christine was the 18th rider out on course, so she came a bit more than halfway through the order of go. This added some delay to the final few riders, but it seems the grounds crew was swift and efficient with their work to get order restored and re-string the galloping lane to avoid the flooded part of the course.

Fence 5AB, AIS Stickpile to Brush Corner.

Fence 5AB, AIS Stickpile to Brush Corner.

In all, we saw 24 completions of the cross country, an 80% completion rate with 21 of those (88%) coming home sans jump penalties. There were three rider falls, including poor Emily Gray, who fell from Jocular Vision at the first fence. If we’re going to pick a fence that was most problematic, it would be fence 5, which caused several refusals and one retirement.

Alice Dundson and Fernhill Present are well on their way to completing the sixth CCI4* on the international calendar — and this all comes after Alice was evidently admitted to the hospital for a suspected stomach bug or food poisoning!

It’s going to be an exciting finale to the final CCI4* of the 2015 season, and you can watch it all go down live on FEI TV beginning at 11:35 p.m. EST. Can Shane Rose pull off the victory on one of his two horses? He came seventh here in 2013 with CP Qualified and he’s got a keen first-timer who may be ready to step up and shine. We’ll find out later on tonight!


Friday Videos from World Equestrian Brands: Andrew Hoy, Sam Griffiths Preview Adelaide XC

The FEI channel has posted some rider walkthroughs of several important questions on Mike Etherington-Smith’s cross country course at Adelaide.

It’s very educational to see the perspective of people who have ridden courses such as these time and time again — their insight on how the question will ride is interesting even to those of us who ride at the lower levels.

Check out these walkthroughs with Andrew Hoy, Shane Rose and Sam Griffiths and then tune in to FEI TV if you’re a subscriber to watch cross country beginning at 6:20 p.m. EST.

And just for fun, here’s a cool course animation of what the riders can expect to see on course:

Thursday Videos from Zoetis: Catching Up with Adelaide Riders

The FEI is on the ground covering the final CCI4* of the year in Adelaide and they took some time to catch up with a few of the riders who will be competing this weekend.

Interviews with last year’s winner Jessica Manson as well as other big names such as Shane Rose and Stuart Tinney are featured in these videos, and we also get to hear from British rider Alice Dunsdon on her quest to complete all six CCI4* events on the same horse.

Enjoy and we look forward to bringing you more reports from Adelaide as the CCI4* dressage begins.

Your Adelaide CCI4* Fact Sheet, Presented by EquiRatings

Graphic and statistics courtesy of EquiRatings. Graphic and statistics courtesy of EquiRatings.

The final CCI4* of the season begins its dressage competition tomorrow, and we’re eagerly anticipating one last weekend of big-time eventing action before we really get into the winter lull.

Our good friends over at EquiRatings made up this handy fact sheet in preparation for Adelaide and it’s a great comparison for the number nerds out there.

It’s interesting to note that Adelaide has the highest completion percentage of all six CCI4* but also the lowest percentage to go clear without jump or time penalties across country. The average dressage score is also higher than the average, with just one under-40 dressage test coming in 2013.

We are excited to see how true to these averages this year’s field stays — or if we’ll see someone buck the trends. The CCI2* dressage completed today and the CCI4* will begin their tests tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned for more from Adelaide, and thanks to EquiRatings for putting together this great fact sheet.

France’s Sidney Dufresne and Looping de Buissy Win Stuttgart Indoor Eventing

Sidney Dufresne and Looping de Buissy celebrate their winning round. Photo courtesy of Stuttgart German Masters. Sidney Dufresne and Looping de Buissy celebrate their winning round. Photo courtesy of Stuttgart German Masters.

It was an exciting night of competition for the indoor eventing portion of the Stuttgart German Masters. Many top riders were on hand to vie for the top prize, but it was a French rider who emerged victorious.

Sidney Dufresne and Looping de Buissy took home the win thanks to a quick, clear round in 79.10 seconds — barely squeaking out faster than defending champion Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST, who made it around in 79.13 for second place.

Looping de Buissy is a 16-year-old Anglo-Arab gelding owned by Yves Dufresne who has competed through the CCI4* level with Sidney. Sidney is an accomplished rider himself with many years of experience at the three- and four-star levels. This pair was quick and catty through a course that — on par with indoor eventing — featured tricky, tight turns and favored the quick-footed horse.

Gif image via Clip My Horse.

Gif image via Clip My Horse.

Michael Jung and fischerRocana were one of the last pairs to go, and it appeared that they may have had the win in the bag after Rocana left up a pair of oxers set on a bending line that nearly every pair had down. Receiving some of the biggest cheers of the night (second, it seemed, only to Ingrid Klimke), Michael’s time was just barely slower than Sidney’s but nonetheless good for second.

GIF images via Clip My Horse.TV.

GIF images via Clip My Horse.TV.

Sidney and Michael’s sub-80 second times were the only of their kind, with third place rider Mark Todd finishing in a time of 83.45. Andreas Ostholt and Pennsylvania finished in fourth with a time of 83.83.

Jordan Linstedt and Palm Beach. Photo courtesy of Stuttgart German Masters.

Jordan Linstedt and Palm Beach. Photo courtesy of Stuttgart German Masters.

The USA’s own Jordan Linstedt stopped in at Stuttgart during her jaunt to Germany this month and piloted Palm Beach around for a clear round. I apologize, as I incorrectly reported the name of the horse Jordan rode in my preview — it appears the wrong horse was listed on the entries at first. Jordan evidently had only ridden Palm Beach twice before this competition, so the grin on her face upon finishing was no surprise.

GIF images via Clip My Horse.TV.

GIF images via Clip My Horse.TV.

There were a handful of refusals on course and Brazil’s Ruy Fonseca retired Lasita on course after two, but overall the course seemed to ride fairly well. There were a few risk takers who tried to go for speed over accuracy, resulting in rails down and more than a few hairy distances. For the most part, though, everyone got home safely and without too many gasp-inducing moments.

GIF images via Clip My Horse.TV.

GIF images via Clip My Horse.TV.

The indoor eventing is always such a different atmosphere from what you’d see at a traditional event. The crowd reminds me more of a rowdy reining crowd than an eventing crowd, cheering with each cleared jump and holding up signs for their favorite riders.

The music selection was also a riot — mostly a selection of popular EDM tunes but a cheeky choice of “Surfin’ USA” for Jordan Linstedt’s ride. Well played, Germany. Well played.

Hats off to Sidney, our big winner from this year’s indoor eventing challenge, and congratulations to all horses and riders on a successful and entertaining evening!

Stuttgart German Masters Indoor Eventing: [Scores]

Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Adelaide CCI4* Preview

Photo courtesy of FEI. Photo courtesy of FEI.

It’s almost time for dressage to begin at Adelaide, where 34 horses and riders will contest the second leg of the FEI Classics Series. The FEI has done a great preview of the event, which kicked off with the first horse inspection today, and we’ll be looking for more updates from Australia as the action continues through the weekend.

We’ll also be following along with Great Britain’s Alice Dundson, who is attempting to become the first rider to complete all six CCI4* worldwide events aboard the same horse with a completion at Adelaide.

“After I completed Luhmühlen with Hilly, my third four-star, I wondered if anyone had done all six with the same horse, and if not why not,” Alice said. “Wouldn’t it be great if we were the first to do it! Adelaide will be four-star number five, with Badminton a history-making sixth next year.”

If you haven’t already, be sure to catch up on Alice’s blogs for Horse & Hound leading up to her trip to Australia. In the meantime, stay tuned for much more from Adelaide!

Adelaide: [Website] [Entries] [Schedule] [Dressage Ride Times] [@aus3de]

#ClippingChronicles: EN’s Got Those Clippin’ Skills

We asked you last week to show us your clipping skills as we venture into the cold weather season when our horses begin to get all fuzzy and, as a result, sweaty. Clipping is a necessary chore for many horses who stay in full work during the winter, so what better time to get creative than now?

We’ve begun to get some great submissions for our #ClippingChronicles (thanks to Alica MacDonald for allowing us to use her hashtag!), so without further ado here is the first edition of the clipping crazies. Don’t forget to submit yours to us by emailing or tagging us on Instagram using @goeventing.

Alica MacDonald gets creative with her leftover clippings.

Alica MacDonald gets creative with her leftover clippings.

Alica MacDonald gets creative with her leftover clippings.

Alica MacDonald gets creative with her leftover clippings.

Teaching the youngest to clip with a tolerant pony is always a fun experience! Photo submitted by EN reader Mickey.

Teaching the youngest to clip with a tolerant pony is always a fun experience! Photo submitted by EN reader Mickey.

Amanda Gustin and her first time trying a clip design.

Amanda Gustin and her first time trying a clip design.

Para Equestrian Michael Saliba shows off his Canadian pride with this clip job.

Para Equestrian Michael Saliba shows off his Canadian pride with this clip job.

Star Studded Line-up Scheduled for German Masters Indoor Eventing Today

Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST. Photo by Julia Rau. Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST. Photo by Julia Rau.

The Stuttgart German Masters is a marquee event on the German equine calendar each year, and many eventers are drawn to the Indoor Eventing competition that always features many big European names. This year’s entry list is no different, and we even have a surprise American entry this year: Jordan Linstedt!

Six nations will be represented in the Indoor Eventing, which will be streamed live via ClipMyHorse TV at 9:45 p.m. local / 3:45 p.m. EST.

Jordan Linstedt has been on a horse shopping trip to Germany for the past few days and now appears on the entry list aboard a horse named Perigeaux. We can’t wait to see how she does in this evening’s competition.

Also among the entries are Michael Jung with fishcerRocana FST and Lennox, Ingrid Klimke with Parmenides, Mark Todd and NZB Country Vision, and many others representing Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, France, New Zealand and the USA.

Michael Jung will be defending the title he won at Stuttgart in 2014 aboard fischerRocana, and he’ll certainly be one to beat this evening. We’ll be watching as the exciting action kicks off!

Stuttgart German Masters: [Entries] [ClipMyHorse TV]

Preview the Adelaide CCI4* Cross Country Course

We’re gearing up for the final CCI4* of the year, the only one held in the southern hemisphere, as the Adelaide International event commenced with the first horse inspection today.

Course designer Mike Etherington-Smith has given us some excellent analysis of each fence as well as some advice on where riders can save valuable time and how the crowds in such a unique setting will affect the course. Many thanks to our friends at Cross Country App for providing this great preview, and we can’t wait to see the course in action.

We’ll be bringing you much more from Adelaide this weekend, so stay tuned for the latest news from Down Under!

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Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: Skinny Skillz

We’re loving this video from Amy Bowers and her horse, Piper, who show us all how it’s done when it comes to skinny jumps. She teaches lessons and clinics all across the United States while continuing to further her own education, currently focusing on learning the ropes of eventing.

Many thanks to our friends over on Horse Nation for finding this video! Would you try some of the skinny combinations that Piper so skillfully tackles in this video?

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Get Your Balance Back With a MOJO Wristband + Halter Patch

My MOJO is now a daily part of my wardrobe. My MOJO is now a daily part of my wardrobe.

We had a very popular response to our last giveaway from our awesome sponsor, MOJO, and so we thought it was high time to do another giveaway for those MOJO fans out there. Many riders have now started wearing MOJO wristbands, which can help with balance, focus, pain relief, calming, enhanced endurance and increased stamina thanks to natural hologram technology.

Colleen Rutledge is one such rider who has used MOJO and had great results from it. Check out her testimonial:

“Overall, the conclusion that we’ve come to is that it ’rounds the edges of whatever is bothersome.’ Bracelets — I’ve found a huge reduction in my leg cramps, and so has my mother. I even took it off for a few days, and the cramps started to reoccur. My groom has had a reduction in her back spasms since wearing the bracelet. It’s also been helping with my chronic ache in the hip that I broke a couple of years ago.

“Horse patches — It’s making a huge improvement in my horse’s trailering habits. He arrives to the shows more relaxed and stays more relaxed for a longer time. We’ve found that he’s better if we leave them on for the longest period possible.”

If you’re unfamiliar with MOJO, you can check out our product review here and see what all the buzz is about. In the meantime, we’re giving away a wristband plus a halter (or collar) patch for your horse or dog. You have until Friday to enter, so use the Rafflecopter widget below to submit your entry, and look for the winner in Saturday’s Links post!

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Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Tag Along to Ocala with Wallace Eventing

Tredstep Ireland rider Elisa Wallace and her husband Timothy Harfield recently began a new video blog series chronicling Elisa’s eventing career. This series gives us a behind the scenes look at an eventing (and eventing mustang!) operation, and the latest episode features more day to day routines including the road to Ocala.

We look forward to seeing more updates from Wallace Eventing and thank them again for the great and well-produced vlogs!


Zatopek B Thrives with Hope Walden at River Glen

Hope Walden and Zatopek B at Hagyard Midsouth. Photo by JJ Sillman. Hope Walden and Zatopek B at Hagyard Midsouth. Photo by JJ Sillman.

Former Jon Holling ride Zatopek B is enjoying his time with young rider Hope Walden, and they’ve just completed their first Intermediate together with a win at River Glen this weekend.

Hope took over the ride on Zatopek B earlier this year and has had much success so far, most recently winning their Open Prelim division at Hagyard Midsouth. This weekend, the pair moved up from 10th to take home first thanks to one of three double clear show jumping rounds and a quick, clear cross country. They end their weekend in Tennessee on a final score of 42.1.

In second in the Open Intermediate are Jessica Shull and Calysta MWF, who were also movers on the board and jumped up from fifth. The show jumping looks to have been particularly tough, with many pairs accumulating multiple jump penalties.

Placing third, also in their first Intermediate together, are Chelsea Kolman and Dauntless Courage. You may remember Chelsea for her unique approach to calming a formerly anxious Dauntless Courage in this touching story. This pair has really put the pieces together this year and moved from eighth into third after a double clear cross country, one of just two in the division.

We also had another Intermediate division this weekend on the West Coast at Fresno County Horse Park. Alexis Helffrich and London Town took home the win in the Open Intermediate there on a final score of 37.3.

In second for the Fresno Intermediate are Kiersti Wylie and Justice for All, their first Intermediate together after having much success at the Preliminary level. Rounding out the top three is Alexis Helffrich with her second ride, Leonado SE, who finished on a 44.6.

It’s going to be sad to go without our score roundups as we move into the full swing of the off-season, but we’re anxiously awaiting updates from Florida and Aiken as many riders gear up for the January circuit.

Congratulations to all riders this weekend!

River Glen Fall H.T.  [Website] [Live Scores]

Fresno County Horse Park H.T.  [Website] [Live Scores]



3 Tricks You Can Teach Your Horse This Off Season

While we’re on the topic of off-season training and entertainment, I thought it would be fun to try to teach my horse some new “skills.” I actually took a groundwork lesson with our resident horsemanship trainer a few weeks ago and got a lot out of it, and it got me thinking about other things I can do to bond with my horse.

I’ve always wanted to know a “real” way to teach my horse to smile, so to speak, so a YouTube search yielded none other than Elisa Wallace on how to teach this ultra important trick:

Needless to say, I’ll be trying this as soon as I can get to the barn. My horse is supremely food motivated, so I feel like making a list of things to teach him is not out of the realm of possibility.

There’s another trick that some horses seem to do well with: bowing. While I must give a disclaimer here that you need to be safe while attempting these tricks, learning from others who have experience is a good way to do it. Here is Megan Tucholski teaching us how to bow a horse:

It’s really funny to type in “How to teach your horse to…” on YouTube and see the ideas that come up. Clearly, teaching your horse to rear or do other obviously dangerous things are not on my list. I even looked up teaching your horse to count, but then realized that this teaches your horse to paw constantly so, we’ll just skip that one for now.

One cute trick, though, is teaching your horse to hug you. Granted, they probably won’t attach the same amount of affection to the gesture, but we can pretend, right?

If you have any other tips or tricks (safe ones, please!) to share, please comment below and let the winter bonding begin!



FEI Confirms Great Meadow Nations Cup CICO3* Date

Jennie Brannigan and Cambalda. Photo by Jenni Autry. Jennie Brannigan and Cambalda. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Big news, EN! The FEI has released the dates for the 2016 Nations Cup Eventing Series, and Great Meadow in the Plains, Va. will be hosting a leg on July 8-10. This is the first Nations Cup leg ever to be held in the U.S., so this is huge news for the sport here in the States.

A Nations Cup leg in the U.S. was originally approved by the FEI in June, and Great Meadow had previously promised a whole slew of international caliber events to be added to its calendar. Thanks to the combined efforts of the organizing committee at Great Meadow and Great Meadow Foundation President Rob Banner, the dream is now becoming a reality.

“If we do win the bid for the Nations Cup, the event will only get bigger,” organizing committee co-chair Darrin Mollett told EN earlier this year. “It’s always rewarding to be a part of these things when they’re just starting out, and we’d love for people to be involved. We’re a small committee, and we want people with ideas. If you’re excited about eventing and the direction the sport is going, then please join us and be a part of it.”

“We’ve proved that we can certainly draw a big crowd, and a lot of people realized at the WEG Prep Trials that we can handle the larger task as well,” Rob Banner said in March. “We’ll get together the very best committee we possibly can to not only navigate the organization of a Nations Cup but also work with the FEI to secure a date.”

Nations Cup Schedule

Now that the bid has officially come to fruition, the hard work continues to prepare the venue to host riders from multiple nationalities who will be traveling in for the event. Rob has also worked with Washington Dulles International Airport to secure a new vetport which would assist international riders with getting their horses into the country.

Additionally, another new location has been introduced: Vairano, Milano, which replaces the Montelibretti leg.

We’ll continue to bring you more news on the preparations for the first ever Nations Cup leg in the U.S. and we’d like to congratulate and thank those behind the Great Meadow effort for giving U.S. eventing a big boost.

[FEI Nations Cup Eventing Series 2016]

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