Best of 2017 Video Countdown #10: Bada$$ Badminton

Each day between now and the New Year we’re counting down the most popular videos shared on EN in 2017. The #10 spot goes to “Bada$$ Badminton,” which garnered 3,563 views when it was posted on October 13, 2017. Enjoy, again!¬†

Fifty years ago, people were made of tough stuff. Like, actually cobbled together with steel panels and rusty nails and more than a dash of insanity sort of tough stuff. Case in point? This vintage Badminton video from 1968, which is part of the extensive British Path√© film archives. It’s a glorious time capsule of weighted saddlepads, frolicking royals, massive timber, and skull caps that actually look like they offer about as much protection as a beanie made of cheese. Also, no body protectors. Health and safety, schmealth and safety.

Almost makes this year’s Badminton course look jumpable, right?