#EventerProblems Vol. 132: Arctic Eventing

After looking at the frozen forecast a couple days ago, I tried to sell a couple eventing buddies on an impromptu trip south for the week. “Let’s just throw our horses on the trailer and go!” I pitched, hoping they would mistake the desperation in my voice for enthusiasm. “Let’s blow this popsicle stand!”

Lisa rolled her eyes at me as usual, but I could tell Katherine was taking the bait. Time to hash out details: Aiken or Ocala? We checked the forecasts for both, and that’s when our half-baked but promising plan came to a screeching halt:

New plan: Mexico? I hear Cancun is nice this time of year, and beach gallops are great conditioning.

Baby, it’s cold outside, even way down south. Here’s to all of you out there in the Eventing Nation who are bundling up and braving the chill!



Hoping for warmer days ☀️ #eventerproblems @dappirridgeeventing

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Feeding the horses when it's zero degrees like… #eskimo #eventerproblems

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Go Eventing.