#EventerProblems Vol. 90

This is the hashtag that never ends / Yes it goes on and on my friend / Some eventers started griping on social media / and they’ll continue complaining forever just because / this is the hashtag that never ends …

Here a fresh batch of reader-submitted troubles that only eventers will understand.

Inventive way #341 to remove a fly mask. #eventerproblems #flymask #nicetrytho

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When your horse aspires to be a stripper. Somehow he jumped right out of his bridle PC Alyssa Kelly

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It looks so pretty, right up until I step out of the car at the barn… #cleanboots #eventerproblems #leathersmellssogood

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Well, someone decided to get out of trot sets early today. #eventerproblems #twohearts #quarterhorsemare

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Jump school day and your horse is more interested in napping. #eventerproblems

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❤️ rough morning for Brew! #eventerproblems

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The things you find in the outdoor… #eventerproblems #eventerlife

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#horsegirlstyle #eventerproblems #funbonnets #sparkles

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When your student crashes a jump and crafts a personalized apology with word art #eventerproblems

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This color shirt was better suited to the desert. Happy’s level of pigpen + humidity = this. #eventerproblems

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Yeah, that’s half the beet pulp that I’m wearing there. #feedinginthedark #ibetigetupearlierthanyoudo #eventerproblems

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Chai loves water! he’s not grey any more! #bobnexttoprider #areyoureadyeventing #eventerproblems

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Whoops #eventerproblems #eventing.

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I may not have been riding but I sure got my workout in ❤

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Clear round donut. Got 2 of the 3 phases sorted #eventingjunkie #eventerproblems

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