#EventerSolutions: Making the Most of It

“Sweat scraper — also great for a snowy car!” -Olivia Webb

With winter-related #EventerProblems stacked to the rafters on Instagram, we dedicated an entire post to them a few days ago on EN. But where there are #EventerProblems, there are #EventerSolutions! See how these crafty eventers are making the most of snow, ice and leftover Christmas trees/New Year’s champagne flutes!

Tis the season to fill all the jumps with discarded Christmas trees! #EventerSolutions

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I have never made it a secret how much I hate Winter. But as a horse trainer based in central Illinois there is no escaping it. I don't have the option to move my operation South for the Winter and temperatures can be in the single digits or below 0. I challenged myself this Winter to everyday pick one thing that I enjoyed about the season. It's been a difficult task but I find that it greatly improves my appreciation for the winter and the subtle beauty it contains. Today, the sun was shining and while mostly silent, I could hear a lone cardinal calling in the woods. In spite of single digit temps, this was very peaceful. One Thing. STAY POSITIVE. . . . #winter #illinois #positive #eventersolutions #farmlife #horses

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Stay warm out there, EN! Here are a few more #EventerSolutions that caught our eye this week…



Go Eventing.