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This is how cutting down three christmas trees made me feel.

This is how cutting down three christmas trees made me feel.

You guys, little known fact? Cutting down Christmas trees is hella hard. I remember doing it with my dad as a small kid and thinking it was super fun, but in fact he was the one doing the cutting and I literally did nothing except maybe contribute to picking the tree. But actually cutting it down means you basically have to get down in the dirt and lie/kneel there for whatever amount of time it takes you to hack through the stump with a rubbery cheap push saw that’s provided at the Christmas Tree Farm, which happens to be in the middle of nowhere. I’ve never realized how unfit I am before this moment.

News From Around the Globe:

 Helena “Lana” DuPont Wright as the winner of the 2015 USEF Lifetime Achievement Award. Lana, of Chesapeake, Md., has done it all, from being the first woman ever to compete on an Olympic Eventing team, to winning a medal at the World Championships more than 20 years later. Lana is best known for breaking the glass ceiling for women in Eventing, competing at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics with her Maryland bred Mr Wister in appalling conditions, and proving that women could hold up to the rigors of the sport just as well as men. [Lana DuPont Lifetime Achievement Award]

Now that he’s a big winner at Olympia, we have to know more about dressage superstar Uthiopia. The 14-year-old stallion belongs to Carl Hester and Sasha Stewart, and while he wasn’t immediately considered Olympic level quality at four years old, Carl took a chance on him based on a feel. Sasha competed Uti for a short while, before handing over the reins to Carl, and the rest is history. [You Need to Know More About Uthiopia]

Ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t just for people. You too can subject your horse to the same shame! [Horse Nation]

Great news guys: buying gifts for horse girls is really very simple! We’re not complex creatures, and we like almost the same things year-round. Horse things, duh. We also like duct tape, ginormous bags of carrots, and luxurious hand creme. What we don’t like is gifts for our horse that you don’t understand fully. Read more to learn the ways. [Horse Girl Gift Giving]

What is life without a classic Baker Blanket, really? One of the all time greats in horse fashion, the Baker Blanket is basically a necessity at this point. The triple weave of this blanket helps your horse stay cozy but without the bulk of some of the big turnouts, and the brand is known for its durability. [SmartPak Product of the Day]

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