Friday News & Notes from Kentucky Equine Research

An eventer gone rogue. Photo by Kate Samuels.

An eventer gone rogue. Photo by Kate Samuels.

Ok, so NOW I finally get it. I get the Foxhunting thing. It took me only 29 years and finally having a horse that is genuinely good at it and enjoys it, but now I understand why people are so into it. Yesterday I got the chance to actually shadow the huntsman on a blustery but pleasant day in Virginia, and that was a thrill. I took my red dinosaur, who is embarking on his third career change, and seems to have taken a real shine to hunting. We galloped with hounds swirling around us and jumped all the things!

U.S. Weekend Preview:

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News From Around the Globe:

Congratulations to Taylor Rieck, winner of the 2017 Young Adult Amateur Worth The Trust Scholarship! The Worth the Trust Educational Scholarships are awarded annually to one Adult Amateur and one Young Adult Amateur with the purpose of helping to fund training opportunities like clinics, working student positions and private instruction. Taylor wrote an essay about how she fits her passion for Eventing into her life, and how she hopes to use the scholarship money to go south and train with some four-star riders that she idolizes. [Taylor Rieck Wins Worth the Trust]

The never ending quest to find the perfect XC shirt may finally be at an end. World Equestrian Brands has debuted their Equetech Custom Cross Country shirts that are totally customizable, and you can win one! Simply write a story in 100 words or less why you chose your particular cross country colors and email it to us along with a photo of your colors by March 3! [Show Us Your Cross Country Colors Contest]

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke showed a little horsepower on his first day at work. Confirmed by the Senate on Wednesday, Zinke rode into town with a nine-person police escort to the Interior Department’s downtown headquarters on Tonto, a 13-year-old 17 hand ISH gelding (but he looks like an appy to me…). From five generations of Montanans and an unabashed admirer of Teddy Rosevelt, Zinke knows his way around a cow pony. [Ride to Work, Even in Washington]

When I try to get out of a chair after a long time, my knees don’t un-bend that well, and I wonder why I’M not on Cosequin like my horse. I know, it’s sad at 29 that I’m an old cripple. All I know is, I’m not the only one. Luckily, as usual, SmartPak is here to save the day with supplements for the rider! If you’re an old cripple like me, treat yourself 1/10 as well as you do your horse, and get some Grand Flex + HA Capsules so you can be less of a silly hobbling mess. [SmartPak Product of the Day]

KER Product of the Week – EquiShure

When high concentrations of fructans are found in pasture, or large grain meals are fed, horses ferment these highly fermentable carbohydrate “sugars” in the hindgut, setting the stage for hindgut acidosis and potentially resulting in laminitis and colic.

Developed by Kentucky Equine ResearchEquiShure® is a research-proven time-released buffer that helps moderate gut conditions by preventing the drastic drop in pH associated with high lactate production. Choose EquiShure to help reduce the risk of hindgut acidosis escalating to laminitis in horses grazing high-fructan pastures or receiving significant intakes of starch-laden grains, including those at risk for or with a history of laminitis.

Throughout the month of March only, receive 15% off EquiShure with code GRASS317.