Friday Video and UK Notes from World Equestrian Brands: Eventing Goes Mainstream

It’s coming.

What is actually happening? A couple of weeks ago I was still planning in late-evening rides to escape the heat; now, I’m suddenly wearing so many coats I can’t actually use my arms, and I’ve replaced all food with mouthfuls of horse hair. It’s officially #THATTIMEOFYEAR again, folks, and I’m not very happy about it. We’ve got four weeks left of the eventing season here in the UK, and I plan to eke out every last drop of excitement from all of them. Even if that means standing in a field for hours, watching a BE100 and weeping. No shame in my game.

UK Weekend Preview:

Events Opening this Weekend:

Nothing. There is nothing left this season that isn’t already open for entries. This is a horrifying thought. All that looms ahead of us is…dressage. And showjumping. Dust off your diamantes, chums. It’s all about to get weird.

Events Balloting this Weekend:

  • 28th: Norton Disney (2) – BE80-N, with BE100RF – [EnterLincolnshire (October 19-21)

Friday Video: Eventing Goes Mainstream

I know that this is the second consecutive Friday on which I’m delivering you a Ros Canter video, but I’m not even a little bit ready to stop celebrating our fabulous World Champion yet. Even better, this week’s video sees the tiny triumph head to BBC headquarters, where she was welcomed onto the popular BBC Breakfast programme. I know we all want to see more of our sport on mainstream media, so we owe it to ourselves to like and share these clips like mad when we do get them — with any luck, it’ll lead to more coverage of what is, as we all know, the best and most compelling sport in the world. Anyway, this time around, enjoy a dolled-up Ros being her unassuming and delightful self, and doing her bit for the sport we all love so much. You go, Ros Canter.