Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: Galway Downs in Slowmo

Watching horses perform in realtime, everything happens so fast that it’s hard to comprehend the countless turning cogs that ultimately produce a successful jump — or even just something as simple as a smooth transition from canter to trot on the flat.

The more experienced and educated your eye, the better your ability to deconstruct that blur of motion into an assembly line of actions that culminate in a specific result. But even the best eye in the world can’t physically slow down time in order to get a better look. A high-speed camera, however, can.

Ernest Woodward, a farrier in California, recently put together a video featuring high-speed footage from Galway Downs spliced together with film from other disciplines. Seeing the action slowed wayyyy down somehow makes it even more dramatic to watch! Thanks for sharing, Ernest!

Go Eventing.