Eventing Nation Snow

[Jessie Hargrave & Mellie Mascaerelli]

The sun is starting to shine here in central Virginia and I can only imagine the weather is much improved at the Virginia Horse Trials from this morning.  Thanks to a reshuffling of the schedule it looks like the riders were able to avoid the worst of the weather.  The conditions are much worse in New Jersey for the ESDCTA Horse Trials with an inch of snow on the ground.  The organizers decided to run the event but this afternoon they elected to cancel cross-country on Sunday, making the event a combined test.  Thanks to everyone who sent in EN photos and we hope everyone is staying as warm as possible out there today.

[via Sharon White]


[via Richard Gamble]
[via Diane Zrimsek]

Go eventing.



  • Dana says:

    No John, YOU don’t have an EN following at VHT. Makes me laugh. Awesome awesome. Hope all have great rides, that is an awesome venue/awesome organizers. I miss it so much, last time I went to recognized Fall HT at VHT was 2007, we got our best rec score ever and had a blast. What a environment. GOOD LUCK and God speed.

  • Anonymous says:

    Snow in October is just WRONG!

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