Bang Bang Shrimp’s Sunday links from Dubarry


Most people, when they think of Red Hills, think of expert riding, top-class horses, x-c jumps flanked by sports cars and getting smacked in the face by great swaths of Spanish moss. But when I think of Red Hills, all I can think of is Bang Bang Shrimp, a welcome party tradition compliments of sponsor Bonefish Grill. Red Hills, for all its other highly admirable qualities, stands out in my mind because it understands some lost quintessential truth about event riders: that we love fried, tangy, sauce-slathered crustaceans. Did we mention that Krispy Kreme and Barefoot Wine are also sponsors? Yep.

I’m super-envious of all of you people who are down in Tallahassee this weekend, riding and spectating and otherwise enjoying the event’s spectacular hospitality, but at least the rest of us can live vicariously through John and Samantha’s fantastic event coverage. Stay tuned throughout Sunday as they fill us in on the event’s thrilling conclusion. Here’s today’s schedule:

8:00 AM CIC Horse Inspections / Formal Jogs Adjacent to Warm-up Arena A (Open to public)
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (approx.) Stadium Jumping – Horse Trials (Reverse order of standing)
[Live Scores]
On other fronts:

Full Gallop HT: After dressage and stadium jumping today, Lynn Symansky and Donner is sitting in 1st in Intermediate A on a score of 25.2. Kelli Temple is in 2nd on Veelion with a 26.8, followed by Sarah Cousins on Sylvester Z in 3rd with a 32. In Intermediate B, we’ve got Holly Payne on Santino in 1st with a 33.2, trailed by Boyd Martin on Crackerjack with a 34.4 and Momo Laframboise on Dejavu with a 36.4. All levels will round out their weekends on cross-country today, except training, which will show-jump. [Live Scores] [Ride Times 

Southern Pines I: Preliminary and training do stadium today, while novice and beginner novice will be going cross-country. In Junior Young Riders Open Prelim, Sarah Dunkerton is sitting pretty in first and second place on Matapeake and Old Man Moel respectively. Becky Holder leads Open Prelim on Prospero, and Kimberly Keeton leads Prelim Rider on Accolade. [Live Scores] [Website]

Flintridge Horse Trials and CT: Beginner Novice thru Prelim are running cross-country today. [Schedule and Times]

More links:

Mountain Grove, Mo., protests the idea of horse slaughter plant

ESPN: Zenayatta’s foal and good news for fans

“Aerodynamic drafting” may play a role in horses’ racing success, say scientists

A proposed Oregon slaughterhouse would include a “rescue and rejuvenation” program to re-home horses coming into the plant that have riding potential

Thirty-two miniature horses have been surrendered by their owner and are now in the care of two animal welfare groups in Massachusetts

British event rider Polly Williamson’s horses are being sold, as she continues her rehabilitation following a fall

Good luck to everyone who’s out competing, and Go Eventing.


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