Update on Boyd & Otis [Updated]

Boyd & Otis at Rolex this year, photo by Erika Berntsen

We’ve all been hoping for good news about Boyd and Otis after their unfortunate withdrawal at the Olympic jogs earlier today, and I think we can tentatively offer some comfort to all the fans out there. It seems that Otis is not seriously injured, and is just suffering from a bit of soreness related to the slippery and hard footing from yesterday’s cross country.

The Chronicle has quoted Boyd as saying:

“As the first out yesterday I was a bit worried about slipping, and maybe we over studded a little bit. I think he’s got a bit of a sprained ankle. We thought he was improving this morning, and he looked OK on the way down [to the jogs], but on that hard ground on the way back he was pretty sore. It was in Otis’ best interest to withdraw him.”


UPDATE From Boyd’s Blog (2:30pm): 

“At first we thought that he might have twisted his ankle on the steep hills yesterday, but Kevin Keane looked at him later today and it looks like he has some kind of infection in his leg. That is pretty good news to us because it does not look like a serious injury and Otis will be okay after a rest. [Read More]
Go Boyd and Otis.



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