In Loving Memory of Roxanne Green

Roxanne and Delta Ditto competing in a Training Three-Day in 2008. Photo courtesy of Sara Kozumplik Murphy.

The eventing community lives and breathes like a family, and we are saddened to share the loss of one of our own, Roxanne Green who passed away suddenly on Sunday. Roxanne was the daughter of Edy Rameika, a longtime, avid supporter of eventing. Pulled in by her mom’s love for the sport, Roxanne found herself along for the ride from the beginning.

Edy has been a loyal owner and supporter of Sara Kozumplik Murphy for nearly two decades, and Roxanne shared her mother’s passion for horses. As a young girl, she toted Breyer horses across the country as she traveled to competitions with Sara before growing up to get in the saddle herself. She even shared the ride on some of Sara’s top horses including her four-star partner As You Like It.

Roxanne and As You Like It. Photo courtesy of Sara Kozumplik Murphy.

She evented for years before marrying Nathaniel Green in 2012, with whom she had two young children. Roxanne had just begun riding again as the children started school.

“Everyone can see how beautiful you were on the outside, Roxanne, that’s easy. What is hard to explain to people that weren’t lucky enough to know you is how truly kind, generous, and empathetic you were to everyone,” Sara shared in a tribute to Roxanne.

“Lots of us work hard to be the best version of ourselves. To be the kind of person that treats everyone with an open heart and a helping hand regardless of how frustrating or difficult it might be. You never struggled with that. It would have been impossible for you to be any other way. You are the best version of all of us.

“Watching you grow up and have two beautiful children of your own has been surreal. Seems like five minutes ago you and Nadine were traveling all over the country with me with your Breyer horses in their own little wheelie suitcase. I thought I was so grown up then. Your poor Mum just took on another kid and was kind enough to make it seem like I was steering my own destiny. You know how she is? Can’t help taking care of everyone in her world. Like mother, like daughter.”

Sara Kozumplik Murphy and Edy Rameika. Photo courtesy of Sara.

Edy has been a loyal owner and supporter of Sara’s program for nearly two decades. Together, the two created an owner’s award through the Professional Rider’s Organization (now Event Riders Association of North America) to recognized owners, like Edy, who go above and beyond. The As You Like It Owners Award has been given annually since 2006. 

Owners are the backbone of eventing. Oftentimes, it’s more than a business relationship, as the lines blur and owners become family, and this is the case for Sara. Edy and her family have become Sara’s family, and for her, they are what make it all possible.

“Trying to keep your head above water as an event rider is extremely hard day to day, never mind building a future for yourself. It is impossible to most of the world unless you have owners that are as passionate (or as foolish) as you,” Sara commented. “We owe the existence of our sport to them. Passionate event enthusiasts like Edy are an extremely rare breed, sticking through the shatteringly low times with unwavering support on every level. These people become family.”

Sara and Roxanne. Photo courtesy of Sara Kozumplik Murphy.

“A lot of event owners like Edy support programs behind the scenes, but the main way they build our sport is by supporting our horses. When riders are worrying how to pay the hay bill, they don’t have the time or energy to help others get a leg up. Our owners have a huge impact on the sport as a whole this way, not just the upper levels.”

Roxanne was a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and so much more. Please join us in sending condolences to Edy, Sara and all who love Roxanne Green.