Introducing: Horse Nation



Once upon a time, John had a crazy idea dream. His dream was that he could share all the things that make EN great–its sense of community, its behind-the-scenes reporting, its sheer ridiculousness–with an even broader audience. An audience that encompassed many different horse sports and wrapped around the globe. His dream was of a site that united horse people everywhere, where we could all laugh and learn and be neurotic together.  

But John was already on the verge of a nervous breakdown very busy. Then he met Wylie, a down-on-her-luck eventer who kept pestering him for a job. John told Wylie about his dream and Wylie said, “I can help turn your dream into reality.” John said, “OK.” Then John and Wylie told SmartPak about their dream and SmartPak said, “We believe in your dream. We believe in it so much we’re going to give you this check.” And that made John and Wylie very happy, indeed.

Today, Eventing Nation, we are ready to share our dream with you.  Officially introducing: Horse Nation, a site that we hope will become a hub for equestrian news, commentary, seriousness, hilariousness and–most of all–community. And while it’s definitely still a work in progress, we expect that HN will grow into a site that you visit just as habitually and compulsively as you do EN.

Check out Horse Nation today at, and check up on us often as we add new writers and new features. Thank you for supporting EN, and we look forward to giving you many, many reasons to support HN as well.


Horse Nation: Because we’re all in this together


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