Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Brave Husband Tim Price Critiques Jonelle’s Dressage

Super brave Tim Price critiques wife Jonelle's ERM Leg 3 Dressage Test…

The incredibly brave Tim Price joins Hannah White – Adventurer to deliver his "constructive criticism" of wife Jonelle Price Event Rider's ERM Leg 3 test from Eventing Arville today.Is he mad or very very brave? Are the Price's still married? Will Tim have a very quiet long ride home in the lorry? We'll let you decide – we're not sure we can watch! 🙈BBCSport

Posted by Event Rider Masters on Saturday, June 23, 2018

There are many different kinds of brave. Galloping at and jumping over solid obstacles is one; critiquing your wife right in front of her is another. Tim Price, apparently, is both kinds of brave and particularly so considering his wife, Jonelle Price, is coming off back-to-back four-star wins.

These married Kiwi event riders are proof that couples who compete together, can still stay together — though Tim may have a long, quiet ride home after this. Watch (and cringe a little) as Tim critiques his wife’s CIC3* dressage test from this weekend’s Event Rider Masters at Arville in Belgium.