Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Horseback Falls vs. Football Falls

What? OH, you thought I was talking about American football, didn’t you? Like that big game that was on last night? Sorry!

What we call soccer here is a known as football to the rest of the world and, though I generally prefer watching the type of football that is actually played with one’s foot instead of the one that involves smashing people, I must admit it does get a bit too dramatic at times for my taste.

Over the years “flopping” — acting as though you’ve had your leg chopped off or your eye poked out when in fact your opponent has merely breathed on you — which serves to try and get your opponent awarded a yellow or red card (that’s sort of equivalent to a penalty for you heathens) has become a real art form.

Exhibit A:

Give that man an Oscar.

But “getting back on the horse” isn’t an idiom for no reason. Footballers ain’t got nothin’ on equestrians when it comes to falling and here’s the video to prove it: