#NoStirrupNovember Check In: Jelly Legs Be Gone!

We’re almost half-way through #NoStirrupNovember 2017 and we thought we’d check in and see how you brave souls are holding up. If you’ve been diligent in practice, the post-ride jelly legs of week one should be subsiding. The stirrup-less work is hopefully getting easier and you’re noticing an improvement in your balance and position.

Everyone works through No Stirrup November differently, whether they chuck their irons in a tack box for the month or drop them periodically throughout a ride. You’ve got to do what works best for you and your horse!

My strategy is to cross my stirrups for 10 minutes or so after a good warm-up. Because I have a young horse, I’ve been sticking to short spurts of sitting and posting trot without stirrups. I’ll also drop them during walk breaks and practice keeping my heels down. When I pick my stirrups up again, I notice I’m definitely sitting taller and straighter which helps my horse go better.

So remember, you don’t have to go the whole month without stirrups. Even a little no stirrup work goes a long way!

And so it begins… #NoStirrupNovember #feeltheburn #workout #basics #fundamentals #foundation #torture

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#nostirrupnovember – definitely getting better!!

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#nostirrupnovember for Guinness and @sofiehjohnson this morning! #teamwildwood #ridewild

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Kickin’ the dust up with my favorite guy. #nostirrupnovember #TheGreatTyrone #dressage

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No one is safe from #nostirrupnovember – not even the beginners! #inmyhappyplace #horses #thisisthebeginning #equestrian

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The Western world joins the fun, too!

Keep up the good work!