Product Review: Horseware Ireland Rambo Dry Rug Supreme

The Horseware Ireland Rambo Dry Rug Supreme. Photo by Kate Samuels.

Ah, fall. The wonderful time of year where it’s pretty darn cold when you wake up in the morning, but by noon you’ve shed three layers and you’re sweating in a T-shirt. Horses are all confused because they’re growing the beginnings of their winter coats, but the fur doesn’t always match the weather. Then comes the next conundrum: blanketing.

Now that it’s a little chilly, you need to pull out coolers to make sure your horse’s muscles stay warm after a bath. I had a chance to try the Rambo Dry Rug Supreme from Horseware Ireland, and I have to say, it’s a must-have for busy riders with lots of horses, or even the average horse owner trying to sneak in a quick ride before dark after a long work day.

First off, this blanket is incredibly lightweight, and oh-so-soft that I would totally wrap up in it myself. It folds up into practically nothing, which makes it perfect for tucking neatly into a tack truck for travel or otherwise. The neck part actually rolls up and tucks back into a pocket along the front of the blanket as well. Therefore, you can choose to use the neck or not, whichever your preference.

The Horseware Ireland Rambo Dry Rug Supreme. Photo by Kate Samuels.

Why is this cooler superior to others, and what makes it a “Dry Rug”? The secret¬†comes from the material, which has incredibly high wicking properties, and dries your horse in record time. No joke. If you give two horses a bath simultaneously and put a regular cooler on one, and the Rambo Dry Rug Supreme on the other, the latter will be warm and dry with lightening speed. It’s like magic.

The other benefit is that the special microfiber towel material is super absorbing, so you can even layer a second stable blanket on top, and it will not impede the drying process or even get the inside of your stable blanket wet. You can also get this blanket in a lightweight polar fleece if you prefer that material to the microfiber.

The Horseware Ireland Rambo Dry Rug Supreme. Photo by Kate Samuels.

The Rambo Dry Rug Supreme features double closures in front that are adjustable for the size of your horse’s shoulders and velcro closures on the neck piece. The belly surcingles are elastic, so you can adjust them for a comfortable fit for any size girth on different horses. The blanket comes in small, medium, and large, so you don’t have to worry about specific sizing, and can share it amongst a few of your horses (because you’ll want to).

This blanket works amazingly well, and is perfect for the fall weather to help cool your horse down quickly while keeping him cozy. You can get it through Horseware Ireland for only $145.