Red Hills International? There’s an App for That!

The future is now! Red Hills International Horse Trials has released its very own app, containing all the important info that you get in your competitor packet and then, if you’re like me, immediately proceed to lose. Including but not limited to …

  • Maps: Access CrossCountry App course maps for the CIC3*, CIC2* and CIC1* courses and see where you are on the track in real time. Click on the fence number for a photo and, for the CIC3*, commentary from designer Mike Etherington-Smith. A venue map is also included, so you never again have to wander about looking for the restrooms when you were supposed to be on your horse five minutes ago.

  • Schedule: For competitors and spectators alike, Red Hills is a flurry of activity. The Schedule feature helps you keep track of what is going on when and remind you which day to wear your fancy hat.

  • Ride Times and Live Scoring: The app keeps it all in one place, and that place is at your fingertips! Extra handy if you have seven horses to ride like Will Coleman.

Other features include a listing of vendors and exhibitors on-site, which you can visit to earn points and climb the leaderboard, as well as links to social and Eventing 101 info for non-horsey spectators who are enjoying themselves but maybe not 100% sure what is going on.

Download the Red Hills app for iOS

Download the Red Hills app for Android

Don’t forget to download the EN app while you’re at it for all the latest coverage of Red Hills 2018!

Download the EN app for iOS

Download the EN app for Android