Richland Park CIC3* Cross-Country Course Preview

Fence 14abc Fence 14abc

Jessica Bortner-Harris kindly set in photos of Ian Stark’s Richland Park CIC3* cross-country course, and he’s made some exciting modifications this year to keep riders on their toes. Take a look at last year’s course preview here to get an idea of what’s changed. One of the most notable differences comes at the owl hole combination at fence 19ab. Like last year, there’s a big open, airy corner at 19a, followed by the owl hole at 19b — though it looks like Ian has softened the harsh angle between those two elements this year.

But unlike last year when riders made a sharp left turn out of the owl hole to a massive corner for fence 20, this year they get to gallop into the open field for a nice inviting table instead before going on the final water complex. So with that tricky series of fences adjusted, what will emerge as the bogey element on course this year? Take a look at the photos and leave a comment below. Go Richland!

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