Team Ireland Stays Sober, Wins FEI Nations Cup Final

The team that drinks together wins together. Photo by Leslie Wylie. The team that drinks together wins together. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Not to engage in cultural stereotyping or anything, but let’s be real here: the Irish have a reputation when it comes to drinking. So when Team Ireland (Jonty Evans, Joseph Murphy, Cathal Daniels and Padraig McCarthy) found themselves at the top of yesterday’s FEI Nations Cup Final leaderboard with New Zealand nipping at their heels, lurking just 0.3 points behind, one of the questions that came up at the post cross-country press conference naturally had to do with that night’s celebration plans.

Their response: “We’ll certainly have a small celebration tonight but the main celebration will be tomorrow.”

While it might have played to the second-placed Land Rover Team USA’s advantage had the Irish been just a little hungover, they kept their eye on the ball and turned in a very solid performance today to clinch the win.

Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Photo by Leslie Wylie.

When I spotted the team afterward, sashes and helmets still on with well-deserved beers in hand afterward, I just had to ask…

The weekend’s final team standings: Ireland (1st with 174.9 points), United States (2nd with 197.0) and New Zealand (198.9)

Cheers to you, Ireland! Go Eventing.

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