Thursday News & Notes from Nupafeed

The Diesel Boy is really enjoying his holiday! Photo by Molly Sue Kinnamon.

I spent all of yesterday driving my horse several hours down the road to Virginia Tech so that he could see an ophthalmologist, and I always really enjoy when new people meet my horse. Can we have his medical history? Sure, I’ve owned him twelve years, how far back do you want to go? Is he going to behave to have his eye inspected? Nope. Do you think we should sedate him? Yes, and please, give him the maximum, trust me, he’s the opposite of a cheap date. No, seriously, he’s like a really good cross country horse, which means he’s literally the most stubborn horse alive and no amount of sedation will convince him to do something he doesn’t like. Good luck!

National Holiday: National Bouillabaisse Day

News From Around the Globe:

Selena O’Hanlon won Fair Hill CCI3*, but it turns out that she didn’t win the free flight from Dutta Corp. In the most confusing news of the week, it seems that the flight we all thought went to the winner of the CCI3* is in fact reserved for the highest placed American rider in the division, and as Selena is Canadian, she did not win it. The “grant” is awarded by the USEF, and Dutta Corp does not make the selection criteria, unfortunately. However, Selena’s owners and supporters will be pitching in to ship her and Woody to Badminton next spring regardless. [Confusion Over Fair Hill CCI3* Winner]

Winter is for honing your skills with circle exercises! In this excerpt from the full educational video, Gina Miles demonstrates an exercise for maintaining line and balance over four small jumps on a circle. There are five levels to the excercise that Miles demonstrates on her own horse. You can access the full video by signing in at [Eventing Training Circle Exercises with Gina Miles]

Has Charlotte DuJardin found “Mrs Valegro” in Mount St John Freestyle? I mean her name alone must bring some sort of good luck for that particular part of her job, right? She gave an exhibition at Olympia this week with Emma Blundell’s super exciting nine-year-old mare that simply raised goosebumps for everyone watching. This mare is truly something amazing, and Charlotte thinks that she’s her mount for the 2018 WEG. [6 Reasons Mount St John Freestyle is the Next Valegro]

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Congrats to Jordan Gandy, our day three winner of EN’s 12 Days of Christmas giveaways! Jordan will receive a prize pack from World Equestrian Brands, including a Mattes Ear BonnetHamag Number Holder and bag of Equilibrium Crunch-Its. Tune in to EN later today for your next chance to win a prize from one of EN’s awesome sponsors.

Mount St John Freestyle earlier this year: