Tuesday News & Notes from Cavalor

Colonel on alert and ready for a spook. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Did you know there are monsters in the leaves? And creatures in the trees? Colonel Mustard would like to make a public service announcement on behalf of all horses that there are indeed! Especially when you have to do dressage and especially when it’s chilly. Anyone else have a bit more horse underneath them in the last few days/weeks?

National Holiday: National Red Mitten Day

Events Opening This Week: Exmoor H.T. Presented by Ocala Ranches (FL, A-3) Stable View Aiken Opener Horse Trials (SC, A-3)

Tuesday News: 

Not even four-star riders are immune from George Morris’ harsh criticism. Erin Sylvester says his clinics are a complete game changer for her riding. She continues that for eventers, whose role is often to ‘get the job done’ on cross country, the finer details like equitation often go to the back burner, but George Morris brings those back into focus. [Eventer Erin Sylvester On Four “Humbling” Lessons Learned From George Morris Clinics]

In its first year, the ’50 Penalty Rule’ for FEI events has caused a lot of waves. It was seen especially this weekend at the Australian International Three-Day Event in Adelaide. The wording may leave a little to be desired. [Debate Rages Over 50penRule at Adelaide Horse Trials]

As competitors we are all responsible for knowing the rules, but how well do you actually know them? No time like the present to make sure you do! [Rule Refresher: Saddlery]

Though I was sad to miss visiting the Ocala Jockey Club this weekend, I so appreciated EQSportsNet for providing a live stream! Riders who are EQSportsNet subscribers can now purchase clips of their performances for $5! Hurry over to the website [EQSportsNet]

Tuesday Video: Winner winner chicken dinner! Hannah Sue Burnett and Harbour Pilot.