Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

Our sweet, one-eyed pony. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Last week we said goodbye to one in our herd. She was a rescued pony with one eye and visibly crooked legs, but a big heart. She acted like a “shadow” of my retired event horse, following him around everywhere even when he was a complete jerk. Even when it’s done in kindness, helping your horse over the rainbow bridge is painful. Hug your pony today.

Events Opening This Week: Grand Oaks H.T.

Holiday: National Cookie Day

Tuesday News: 

Matt Brown’s thoughtful series continues with Chronicle of the Horse this week as he discusses the teams that make dreams possible. In a sport with animals, the outcome can sometimes be slightly out of our control, and he makes a strong argument for why riders should instead shift the focus to their team that helps determine much of the journey. [A Case For Not Focusing On Your Goals: Part 4, Teams]

The USEA has rolled out a beautiful new website! If you missed the announcement last week, their new virtual digs were revealed on Friday. The site has a fresh new look and is much more streamlined to navigate IMO. For example, horse and rider search? Now it’s on the homepage. Check it out! [USEA Launches New and Improved Website]

The United States was built on the backs of horses. Jimmy Wofford explores the many ways they forged our history in a new series with Practical Horseman. Don’t miss this piece! [Hoofprints Through History Part 2: Orphans Preferred]

Hot on Horse Nation: HN Christmas Carols: What Shoe Is This?

Tuesday Video: