Tuesday Video from SpectraVet: Just a Boy and His Pony (Being Awesome!)

Whether you were lucky enough to ride as a child or you caught the bug later in life, we all understand that magical feeling horses can give us. Maybe it’s when we get night check snuggles, or when we finally nail that dressage movement we’ve been schooling, or in the case of this 12-year-old, when you tackle a big table during a cross country school.

Daphne Soares tipped us to her superstar son, Pox, who is preparing for his recognized eventing debut. From Daphne: “My 12 year old son is getting ready for his first recognized BN and tackled his a scary table last week while cross country schooling. He was quite concerned but his instructor Megan Kepferle gave him the confidence to attack it. The outcome was awesome as you can see. But the best part came when we saw his GoPro video. You have to turn the audio on :) I think it’s adorable (but I’m his mother so I’m biased).”

The cute grey he’s on is a unique mix of Lipizzan and Standardbred who Daphne has trained since he was three. “My son used to ride him around on his own when he (my son) was four. ‘Ronin’ is the sweetest animal ever and they are the closest of friends, often sleeping together in sun in the paddock (it’s true! I got pictures!). It’s amazing to see my child jumping Ronin around in cross country, so grown up looking. They are only a year apart!” Daphne said.
Take my advice and turn up the volume at the end for a Tuesday mood booster. Go eventing.

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