New 2014 Dressage Tests Now Available Online

The USEA posted the new 2014 dressage tests on its website last night. There are 14 new tests in all ranging from Beginner Novice through Advanced. Some of the links on the USEA website are currently linking to the wrong tests, so we’ll get the correct tests uploaded here just as soon as they’re available on the USEA website. Click below for PDFs of the tests. Weigh in, EN! What do you like? What don’t you like? Which tests will you be working on this winter in preparation for the spring season?

Beginner Novice: Test A | Test B

Novice: Test A | Test B

Training: Test A | Test BTraining Three-Day

Preliminary: Test A | Test B | Preliminary Three-Day

Intermediate: Test A | Test B

Advanced: Test A | Test B

Update: All the correct tests now seem to be uploaded, except for Novice 3-Day.



  • Lindsay Berreth says:

    And prelim goes in a standard arena now for test b!

  • Maggie Deatrick says:

    Intermediate A is really, really messed up. Unless I teach my horse how to teleport, then not sure how I will perform this test. And does this mean that there is no new Intermediate B, and no new Advanced tests?

    • Maggie Deatrick says:

      And Intermediate B with the two Advanced tests are now up as well. Only one tiny change in the Intermediate B, and for Advanced, they just made A into B and vice versa. No changes. Sorry USEF, but this seems pretty lazy to me.

  • InstigatorKate says:

    Did ANYONE proof-read these tests before release?? Intermediate A goes C track left, K-E shoulder-in left, E circle RIGHT 10m???? And numerous other issues. Multiple tests with multiple issues. That’s embarrassing USEA!

  • Alicia Haines Davis says:

    Wow, they altered how you change rein in Novice A…don’t go changing my world all at once USEA. Really? Maybe I’m missing the vital importance of this, but it feels silly.

  • Helen Brew says:

    What is happening in Intermediate A?!

  • Alex says:

    The Intermediate A test is ridiculous… it seems like they don’t know where the letters in a dressage arena are. Also, there are 2 left shoulder-ins and no right shoulder-ins. And it’s impossible to turn right after a left shoulder-in. Poor proofreading skills, USEF.

  • jlh78 says:

    A little embarrassed for USEA right now

    • jlh78 says:

      Seriously guys, prelim A has the same movement on it twice! 5 and 15 are the same, MXK trot lengthening x 2…ugh.

      • Jackie Smith says:

        Well training A has 2 trot lengthenings and for those nice steady eddy types who haven’t developed a trot lengthening yet or may never will; that really puts them at a disadvantage

  • Jackie Smith says:

    %$@^&#&*%@ The Training Level tests look virtually the same except that they combined the last 2 movements in Training A into one score. As a rider and a judge, at this level, I would much prefer trot lengthenings to be after the canter work as the horses are a little more in gear and tend to be a little more able to actually show a lengthening. I’m not wild about the stretch circle being right before or after the trot lengthenings either. And I can’t believe that Test B still has the 15m circles starting at X. Very few riders know how to ride them the correct size and shape and I hate to say this, but some judges aren’t so good at it either. OMG another 4 years of judging 10 – 12 meter eggs ;(

    • Julie Poveromo says:

      Agree. I hate riding both of these tests! Why couldn’t they make some constructive changes with input from the judges who have to score them?! What’s the point of coming out with new versions every 4 years if there are virtually no changes?

  • Adam Diehl says:

    I have always felt that Training A was unbalanced in its testing of the two canter leads and the current version seems to be a step in the wrong direction. I’ve also never cared for the placement of the trot lengthenings at the start of the test and the stretch circle right after the second lengthening. Here’s how I would have written it…

    1-2) As written.
    3) B Turn left working trot. E Turn right working trot.
    4) B Circle right 15 meters working trot.
    5) E Turn left working trot, B Turn right working trot.
    6) A Stretch-circle right. A working trot.
    7-11) As written
    12) A Working trot.
    13) KXM lengthen trot. M working trot.
    14) H Working canter left-lead.
    15) E Circle left 15 meters.
    16) F-M lengthen canter.
    17) C Working trot.
    18) HXF lengthen trot. F working trot.
    19) A Down center line. X Halt, salute.

    Probably would never fly because it would take longer to run but this seems a much more fair and balanced test for horses at this level.

    • Rachel F. says:

      Atleast you have ridden test A, i have done numerous events at training this year, and one at the end of last.. i have only ridden test A once. Every event I have been to this year it has been test B. And what makes it worse is the one time I rode test A i got like a 28!! haha.. and I hate how they made NO changes to test B, that test is just awful!

  • Whitney Winn Digney says:

    the training 3 day test – only one of the leg yields has a coefficient??? really?

  • USEA says:

    The USEA is really disappointed to see that these have been published despite an email conversation this morning with Jenni Autry stating that edits were still being made and the tests were still in the process of being published and moved around. These were not officially released yet, and were on the website only for the ease of those officials and staff double-checking the tests.

    It’s disheartening to see that these tests were ‘released’ by Eventing Nation despite the USEA’s warning that the process of uploading them was not complete – and that an official release would occur in a few days on the USEA website. Unfortunately, EN’s desire to be the ‘first to break the news’ resulted in relaying incorrect information to riders who were looking forward to reading the tests that they will be riding for the next few years.

    • jlh78 says:

      I saw the EN article way after I saw the new tests on the USEA site.

      • DSW says:

        Ditto. Once you post something online it’s out there. Nice try USEA for pointing fingers for your mistakes! Way to keep it classy ;)

      • Maggie Deatrick says:

        I saw the dressage tests yesterday on the USEA website…well before EN posted them this morning. I was already checking the USEA website every day for them, since I knew they were coming. Don’t put them up if they aren’t final…the masses will find them.

    • DSW says:

      Reading this comment by USEA again really irks me. If USEA posted them on their website then USEA PUBLISHED THEM, not EN! There are other means to circulate draft materials besides posting them on your public website if that was in fact the intent of posting them on the website! Also, the way these are written are far from a state that they were ready to even be reviewed, never mind officially released in a few days! They are an embarrassment! What is disheartening is USEA trying to lay the guilt trip on EN when they made a major mistake and don’t have the integrity to own it. Shame on you USEA.

    • roxysoxy says:

      Instead of griping on a public thread about how you guys screwed up, how about you go to the USEF and ask that they actually CHANGE the tests instead of recycling the old ones for another four years? It’s incredibly irritating that you won’t even stand up for us to USEF and make them do their job correctly.

    • Eventing Fan says:

      Go Jenni. Another example of stellar reporting. However, this comment will be removed as they keep this site sanitized to try to give her credibility.

  • ETF says:

    The USEF writes the tests, not the USEA … So the USEF had some edits, what’s the big deal? Luckily, unless you need 3 months to learn a test, it really doesn’t matter if there were changes made a few hours after they were posted. Sometimes things just shouldn’t necessarily be e-blasted to the masses so quickly…

  • InstigatorKate says:

    I agree!! And if you look at the other tests, they all have it correct. The letters should appear in the order you ride past them. If I was thinking between B and M, I’d be preparing to transition just after B, but the way the test is worded, you’d be too late.

  • Ashley Allen says:

    I saw that…I’m guessing they just switched the letters but that doesn’t make any sense!!

  • Alicia Haines Davis says:

    I see what you’re saying…my guess is that they mean between F and B going left and between M and B going right. A bit ridiculous that no one caught this before going live!

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