Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: In-Barn Rider Fitness

How are those New Year’s fitness resolutions going? We know — the barn can be something of a time-suck, making it tough to squeeze in regular trips to the gym. So how about squeezing the gym into your barn time?

Since the New Year, FEI TV has released a couple Health & Fitness videos, both featuring exercises you can do with props you most likely already have at the barn.

In the first video, Ali and Mari demonstrate a few exercises for improving your stamina, balance and suppleness to move with their horse.

In the latest video, the gals are back with five quick and easy warm-ups that will get you ready to ride.

Also be sure to check out the new Feb. 11 & 18, 2019 issue of The Chronicle of the Horse, the magazine’s inaugural Health & Fitness Issue. The cover story features German eventing legend Bettina Hoy, who at the age of 56 says she’s fitter than ever thanks to a new embrace of CrossFit principles. In the article she shares some in-the-barn exercises, like a “farmer’s carry” with water buckets and a weighted bridge with feed sacks, that are the epitome of functional fitness.

That lady sure has a lot of energy!

We see that some of you out there are already using your barn as a gym — keep up the good work:

Get fit. Go Eventing!

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